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Freudian Slip

by Franklin Abel

Though it has fallen out of favor in recent years, Freudian psychoanalysis was all the rage in the mid-twentieth century, and science-fiction scribe Franklin Abel puts it to entertaining use as a plot device...

Sentiment, Inc.

by Poul Anderson

In the future, technological advancements have rendered the heartbreak of unrequited love a thing of the past. One enterprising researcher has discovered a way to zap human brains into a state in which they...

The Valor of Cappen Varra

by Poul Anderson

After establishing a name for himself in the classic science fiction canon, author Poul Anderson tried his hand at historical fantasy. One of his indelible creations in the genre is the character of Cappen Varra....

The Cartels Jungle

by Irving E. Cox

In most ideally conceived Utopias the world as it exists is depicted as a mushrooming horror of maladjustment, cruelty and crime. In this startlingly original short novel that basic premise is granted, but only...


by Poul Anderson

The importance of personal freedom is a key theme that runs throughout the work of science fiction writer Poul Anderson, and it is perhaps most directly explored in the novella Security. The story imagines a...

Duel on Syrtis

by Poul Anderson

What happens when hunters grow weary of pursuing traditional game? In the future imagined by Poul Anderson in the story "Duel on Syrtis," wealthy sportsman Riordan has upped the stakes by traveling across the...

The Sensitive Man

by Poul Anderson

The Sensitive Man is one of science fiction scribe Poul Anderson's novels about the Psychotechnic Institute and its members, many of whom possess extraordinary extrasensory powers. In this installment, prominent...

The Chapter Ends

by Poul Anderson

What will the end of the Earth's lifespan look like? What will happen to the humans left on the planet when it fades into obsolescence? These are just a few of the profound questions at the center of science...

The City of Silver Light

by Ruth Fox

It's an unusually cold winter, but 15 year old Jake is more concerned with the ice forming in his dad's new relationship, the fact that the girl he likes is dating his best friend, and his elderly neighbour...

Frontier Incursion

by Leonie Rogers

For Shanna, joining the Scout Corps had been a dream come true. The Scouts were charged with expanding their knowledge of Frontier, a hostile planet their ancestors had crashlanded on 300 years before. As the...

Bonnie's Story: A Blonde's Guide to Mathematics

by Janis Hill

Meet Bonnie and the new man in her life, Rogan; and discover what happens when hard maths meets a rolled up newspaper. When Bonnie encounters Rogan taking a photograph of the street sign outside her house, she...

Angels Blood

by Gerard Bond

Join Wollfen and his group as they find themselves caught in the middle of an invasion by an unknown enemy laying waste to their beloved lands. Can he hold his team together in the face of overwhelming odds?...

Essence E-book

by Mack Pitts

By 2213 the earth was completely controlled by Biologically Enhanced Mechanically Improved Humans (BEMIH). All remaining pure humanoids, the NTH, had been forced to Transvergence or relocation off Earth's boundaries....

Anecdotes from an Unfamiliar Realm

by Rachel McGrew

A collection of four short stories, filled with adventures, suspense, and lessons we all must learn in our time. The Assassination: Lyra Sobusk, a young, precocious, intergalactic assassin learns the meaning...


by William McGee

Exiles is the story of a young mutant named Will. It is set in the year 2044 and humanity hates and fears mutants. The two have lived a shaky peace separated from one another, but now the mutants are being threatened...

Tempus Fugit

by Michael Braunton

What do a security guard, a T.V. reporter, an overly-intelligent internet geek, a 19th century lord, a bee and a giant beanstalk all have in common? They're all in this novel. Worlds are colliding, Timelines...

A Guide to Pond Faeries

by Simon Hutchinson

A fully illustrated magical guidebook to the curious world of the Pond Faery. This is a must-have magical guide detailing the life-history and habits of these elusive creatures.

Three Windows

by Jonathan Waite

Three medium-length stories (not long enough for novels, too long for shorts) covering MR Jamesian horror, dystopian fantasy and "soft" science fiction.

Battle to Save the Golden Age of the Demons

by Miss Barbara Boot

This is the original 2009 handwritten version. This is the story of the heroic battle which took place on the dawn of the fourteenth century. It was meant to end the terrible darkness which had fallen over the...

One Month to Live

by Eloise De Sousa

"Five years I had waited for this day to come. Five years. At last, my mother was going to die!" A story of a journey through different trials to find out if life can be turned into something you want it to...