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Child of Fortune

by Norman Spinrad

In the exotic interstellar civilization of the Second Starfaring Age youthful wanderers are known as Children of Fortune. This is the tale of one such wanderer who seeks her destiny on an odyssey of self-discovery...

The Prodigal Sun

by Philip E. High

Power-Greedy. Men wished to rule the world, but one man stood in their way. Peter Duncan came from the planet Mattrain - but who was he? Was he human? If so, whence came his vastly superior intellect and technical...

Symbol of Terra: The Dumarest Saga Book 30

by E. C. Tubb

Clues from Angado, clues from the lady Govinda, all leading Dumarest on in his search for the lost Planet Earth. But first they lead him to a collector of ancient wisdom called Tama Chenault. But Chenault is...

Mortal Remains

by Christopher Evans

The Solar System is ours. Biotechnology has provided the Settled Worlds with a riot of habitable environments; sentient craft ply the routes between the planets; the souls of the dead live on in the Noosphere...

Islands of Space

by John W. Campbell

Arcot, Wade, Morey, and their computer, Fuller, put together a ship which will travel faster than light they gave us what may have been the first space-warp drive. The concept was simple, to make it plausible...

X-Treme Possibilities: A Paranoid Rummage Through the X-Files

by Paul Cornell, Martin Day & Keith Topper

'Open your mind to extreme possibilities'

Scully's desire to be recognised as 'a medical doctor' ooze mouthfuls of difficult dialogue and the tendency for characters not to make it through the pre-titles sequence...

The Doctor Who Discontinuity Guide

by Paul Cornell, Martin Day & Keith Topper

When it was originally published the Discontinuity Guide was the first attempt to bring together all of the various fictional information seen in BBC TV's DOCTOR WHO and then present it in a coherent narrative....

A Spell of Empire

by Allan J. Scott

In the north, the Nibelung Empire covering Scandinavia and Northern Europe. In the south, the Tyrrhennian Empire, decadent child of once mighty Rome. In between, Volker Seefried, musician and sorceror's apprentice,...

The Space-Time Juggler: Empire Book 2

by John Brunner

In the long twilight if a galactic empire the old king is dying. He has little choice but to name his callow young son as heir and his wanton daughter as regent. It seems the long decline is destined to continue....


by Patricia Fanthorpe

"Elpowa" industries the mammoth electro-engineering combine controlling half the galaxy, discovered the Threshold... a scientific gateway to the fourth dimension. The industry and culture of a thousand planets...


by Patricia Fanthorpe

It was a proud moment in the earth's history, when twenty-four dedicated volunteers set off, on that bright summer morning in 1993, to conquer the vastnesses of inter-stellar space. They did not hope to accomplish...


by Tricia Sullivan

The gun straps to the inside of my leg with Velcro. It's not the absolute zenith of fashion to do this anymore but girls who wear theirs with leather straps and buckles aren't serious: with Velcro you can get...

The Royal Changeling

by John Whitbourn

Invading England after Charles II's death the Duke of Monmouth comes face-to-face with an old friend - Theophilus Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe in common with only a handful of others knows Monmouth's background fully...

Negative Minus

by Patricia Fanthorpe

A space liner is a brilliantly designed machine. It is not the kind of thing that disappears without good reason. The Q 97 bound for Alpha Centauri vanished with disquieting suddenness. Stelgen and his crew...


by Tricia Sullivan

It is the year 2166. Eighty years have passed since the Gene Wars devastated the Earth decimating the human population and giving rise to myriad new life-forms. Now among the dolphins of Australia Jenae Kim...

Someone to Watch Over Me

by Tricia Sullivan

When Sabina picks up Adrien battered and bleeding outside Zagreb station she knows only that she is drawn to this stranger and to the sense of danger he represents. She has no idea that she is also touching...

Radar Alert

by Patricia Fanthorpe

Unless life itself is a pathetic cosmic accident, man cannot be the only intelligence in the universe. It is unlikely that man is the highest intelligence. Compared to other planetary systems, our solar system...

Dark Continuum

by Patricia Fanthorpe

Beyond the eccentric orbits of Pluto and Neptune lies a vast, empty wilderness. There is nothing but the silence of space between the fringes of the Solar System and our nearest stellar neighbour, Proxima Centauri....

Beyond Time

by Patricia Fanthorpe

If a man from the mid-1920s had picked up today's paper he would have mistaken it for a science fiction magazine. In the same way, if a man from the mid-1960s could be confronted with a national daily from thirty...

Through The Barrier

by Patricia Fanthorpe

The engines died first, then the ship. Hope died. Men lived on. Then men died one by one... Accidents... quarrels... illness... age. One man remained. One man sat in the quietness of the drifting ship and wondered...