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Women's Work

by Kari Aguila

What would change if women ruled the world? "So, when most of the men were dead, women saw their chance to take over?" Kate searches her son's eyes as he asks this. "Not take over," she says. "Fix things." It...

The Aebeling

by Michael O'Neill

Major (Ret.) Conn MacLeod is no ordinary forty year old - and he has a very long list of achievements to prove it. From his decorated army career, his celebrated status as a world champion in several sports,...

Rich Living

by Michael Cathal

No other planet in the entire Galaxy was at all like Rejuvenal ... it was the only world worth one's whole fortune for a short visit!

The Book

by Michael Shaara

A weird world—cut off from the Universe, it had universal wisdom; facing death at every moment, it had the secret of peace!

Conquest Over Time

by Michael Shaara

"Now this here planet," he said cautiously, "is whacky in a lot of ways. First of all they call it Mert. Just plain Mert. And they live in houses strictly from Dickens, all carriages, no sewers, narrow streets,...

The Eternal Footman

by James, JR. Morrow

The Eternal Footman completes Morrow's darkly comic trilogy about God's untimely demise. With God's skull in orbit, competing with the moon, a plague of "death awareness" spreads across the Western hemisphere....

Rotar and the Silver Book of Knowledge

by I.A. Bisson

Peter, desperate for an antidote after testing a regressive potion on himself, calls on his wife Amanda. "You sound like a bull frog at the bottom of the pit, Peter. Are you broadcasting from the ozone or something?"...

Blue Third - Seven of the Blue Third: Second Edition

by Brad Blake

When you've already saved the Universe, you'd think your adventures would lighten up. Not so for Citlalli and her fellow Seven of the Blue Third friends. The insatiable and unstoppable Weevil Empire is here...

The Unexpected Brightness of Space

by Sarah Wofford

As a child, Nova Orion's space-faring grandfather taught her how to navigate using the stars, tie a hundred kinds of knots and the importance of a well-placed kick. She spends her youth using these skills to...

Within the World of Forever: Second Edition

by John Messmer Jr.

Three people, Amy, Chris, and the Professor, are sent to Antarctica to investigate global warming and then experience strange occurrences. There is no escape, as disaster proceeds toward them. Death awaits,...

Blue Third: Citlalli & the Destroyer: Second Edition

by Brad Blake

Thirteen-Year old Citlalli's parents have promised her to marry a man she secretly calls mean old fart, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. There is no escape... or is there? Citlalli's destiny is about...

Episode #2 - "Turned": Star Chasers (Volume 2)

by Emily Asimov

The epic galaxy-spanning adventure continues! The Order controls all. Under their rule, it is said that no crime goes unpunished for the Order sees all. Commit a crime, forfeit all. Even the far off planetary...

Precursor: Book Four of Foreigner

by C. J. Cherryh

Over three years have passed since the reappearance of the starship Phoenix, which two centuries before left an isolated colony of humans on the world of the volatile atevi. Since that time, humans have lived...

Chanur's Legacy

by C. J. Cherryh

Hiffy Chanur, once a member of her aunt's crew on The Pride of Chanur, is now captain of her own vessel, Chanur's Legacy. It should have been the ideal existence for Hiffy, her fondest dream fulfilled, but instead...

Antitype: A Penguin Special from Dutton

by M. D. Waters

Antitype is the prequel to acclaimed novels, Archetype and Prototype.

Before Emma appears in their lives, two men face four months that will change their lives forever. One has dreams outside Richmond and away...

Children of Scarabaeus

by Sara Creasy

The crib is everywhere . . .

Edie Sha'nim believes she and her bodyguard lover, Finn, could find refuge from the tyranny of the Crib empire by fleeing to the Fringe worlds. But Edie's extraordinary cypherteck...


by Adelais Selwyn

A Viking invasion, a curse set, a legacy begun. In the 11th century a naive band of farmers are called to arms to fight the imminent fret of the invading Vikings. Under prepared and over powered the ragtag gang...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book II Istobarra Rising

by Stephen Christiansen

As Medri makes her way in the world, she makes new allies and new enemies. The world around her changes and she must adapt if she wants to stay alive. Maldev finds his drive and passion in life is challenged...

The World Set Free

by H. G. Wells

The World Set Free is H. G. Wells' prophetic 1914 novel, telling of world war and the advent of nuclear weapons. Although Wells' atomic bombs only have a limited power of explosion, they keep on exploding for...

Island in a Sea of Stars

by Kevin J. Anderson

An adventure from The Saga of Shadows: The Dark Between the Stars

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