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Angels Blood

by Gerard Bond

All three books in one! Join Wollfen and his group as they find themselves caught in the middle of an invasion by an unknown enemy laying waste to their beloved lands. Can he hold his team together in the face...

Essence E-book

by Mack Pitts

By 2213 the earth was completely controlled by Biologically Enhanced Mechanically Improved Humans (BEMIH). All remaining pure humanoids, the NTH, had been forced to Transvergence or relocation off Earth's boundaries....

Anecdotes from an Unfamiliar Realm

by Rachel McGrew

A collection of four short stories, filled with adventures, suspense, and lessons we all must learn in our time. The Assassination: Lyra Sobusk, a young, precocious, intergalactic assassin learns the meaning...


by William McGee

Exiles is the story of a young mutant named Will. It is set in the year 2044 and humanity hates and fears mutants. The two have lived a shaky peace separated from one another, but now the mutants are being threatened...

Tempus Fugit

by Michael Braunton

What do a security guard, a T.V. reporter, an overly-intelligent internet geek, a 19th century lord, a bee and a giant beanstalk all have in common? They're all in this novel. Worlds are colliding, Timelines...

A Guide to Pond Faeries

by Simon Hutchinson

A fully illustrated magical guidebook to the curious world of the Pond Faery. This is a must-have magical guide detailing the life-history and habits of these elusive creatures.

Three Windows

by Jonathan Waite

Three medium-length stories (not long enough for novels, too long for shorts) covering MR Jamesian horror, dystopian fantasy and "soft" science fiction.

Battle to Save the Golden Age of the Demons

by Miss Barbara Boot

This is the original 2009 handwritten version. This is the story of the heroic battle which took place on the dawn of the fourteenth century. It was meant to end the terrible darkness which had fallen over the...

One Month to Live

by Eloise De Sousa

"Five years I had waited for this day to come. Five years. At last, my mother was going to die!" A story of a journey through different trials to find out if life can be turned into something you want it to...

The Godhead Trilogy: Towing Jehovah, Blameless in Abaddon, and The Eternal Footman

by James Morrow

The complete Godhead Trilogy from James Morrow, including Towing Jehovah, Blameless in Abaddon, and The Eternal Footman.

TOWING JEHOVAH: God is dead, and Anthony Van Horne must tow the corpse to the Arctic...

The Ultimate Weapon

by John W. Campbell

The star Mira was unpredictably variable. Sometimes it was blazing, brilliant and hot. Other times it was oddly dim, cool, shedding little warmth on its many planets. Gresth Gkae, leader of the Mirans, was seeking...


by Chad Oliver

Collins floated through the jet blackness with every sense alert. He heard the low hum of voices welling up out of the emptiness ahead of him and the oxygen in the still air tasted sweet to him as he drank it...

The Stars, My Brothers

by Edmond Hamilton

He was afraid-not of the present or the future, but of the past. He was afraid of the thing tagged Reed Kieran, that stiff blind voiceless thing wheeling its slow orbit around the Moon, companion to dead worlds...

The Starcomber

by Alfred Bester

Take two parts of Beelzebub, two of Israfel, one of Monte Cristo, one of Cyrano, mix violently, season with mystery and you have Mr. Solon Aquila. He is tall, gaunt, sprightly in manner, bitter in expression,...

The Conditioned Captain

by Fletcher Pratt

Out of the corner of his eye, Paulsson caught the flash from the window of Business Tower, ducked, dodged, whipped out his own sidearm and fired, all in one motion. The deadly missile exploded in the midst of...

Man Down

by Jack Williamson

The cruise of the space yacht Royal Mother, out from Altair II and back again, had been arranged to kill some sixty years of time. Sixty years on that woman-governed planet-until the matriarch got ready to round...

The Fourth Golden Age of Science Fiction Megapack: Clifford D. Simak

by Clifford D. Simak

The "Golden Age of Science Fiction" Megapacks are designed to introduce readers to classic science fiction writers who might otherwise be forgotten. This volume assembles 2 novels and 4 shorter works -- almost...

Black Denim Lit #5: No Sleep Till Deadtown: [Jun, 2014]

by Michael Haynes, Sean Monaghan & Christopher T Garry

The June, 2014 issue edited by Christopher T Garry features never before seen short stories from eight new authors. They create narratives that are variously dark, cynical, inspiring, disturbing, longing and...

Battle of Amsterdam

by Rob Hackney

Otis Wilmington, an arms dealer based in South America, has been commissioned by Ombudsman and the big three alliances to locate an orbital superiority platform under construction in deep space. Apple Zenith,...


by John James

In the second century AD, a Greek nobleman is travelling and living abroad in Germany while carrying on an affair with a military man's wife. When discovered, he takes an emergency business trip to save his...