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Iron of the Innocent: The Dark Judge

by Daniel Bastion

Dreydan Ruin, a young warrior coming of age, a private in the Solorn Army, has met the enemy in unexpected battle. With shield broken and unable to reach his sword, he falls into destiny pursued by unknown,...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book I Istobarra Commencement

by Stephen Christiansen

Medri Jabbress Olis'inth, a female dark elf necromancer, finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and conspiracies. In her journey through the underworld she uncovers more and more of a grand plot while discovering...

Stranded II: Return to Plusar

by Arthur Wyllie

While in orbit around Ganymede, the Explorer XV is attacked by an alien satellite and sustains considerable damage. Major Gibbons is forced to land on Ganymede and try to effect repairs. Back on Mars, General...


by Arthur Wyllie

This is book one of the Stranded Trilogy. This is the story of three astronauts, two military and one female civilian geologist who get stranded on Jupiter's largest moon. There they must fight to survive the...

Kognition: First Fragment

by Brandon Chinn

In the fall of 2074, twelfth-year Lisa Perdita is content with doing little more than playing the Global Multiplayer Game Kognition and focusing on her schoolwork. She is also known as the player persona Njorun,...

Burning, Hell

by J. F. Dwight

At first Sam and Flora aren't even afraid. They live in a future so deep it may as well be the past. They greet neighbors in the marketplace. And the town enjoys a respite from winter. But the warm spell turns...

The Witch's Wand

by Sheila R Medlam

The land of Arias has always been filled with peace and prosperity until the day the black sword of Volor shatters the land, bringing with it devastation, poverty, war and famine.   Now, after twenty years...

Raging Storm: Spiritual Discord, 2

by Brandy Nacole

Kayson's greatest enemy, the hell hounds, thrive on Earth and hunt not only the fallen but the blood children created by their Master. After being chased and confronted by one of those very creatures, Kayson's...

The War After Time: Arrival

by Sean McDonald

On a cool afternoon in November 1864 James Murphy is killed during the Battle of Franklin. Death is not the end for Murphy. He awakens in a strange room with dozens of other men and discovers that all of the...

Making Monsters

by Gary L Morton

About Making Monsters These stories fit into the sci-fi horror category. The characters, settings, styles and forces of evil vary. Aliens, vampires, zombies, monsters, cannibals and serial killers all make an...

Fabulous Furry World

by Gary Morton

In a future society Jack is on the run from teddybots and robot evangelists ... that want to rob him of his false immortality and humanity. The tale Fabulous Furry World is the first of twenty-four tales from...

Pinnacle City

by Gary L Morton

About this book: It is a sci-fi novel, 89,000 words in length. Future detective Jack Michaels investigates a series of bizarre killings at Pinnacle City in the Sky. The book is a novel of action and humor in...

Dark Star II

by Robert Stetson

Read the continuing adventures of Beryl Stone. Dark Star uses psychological methods, trickery and technology to evoke justice while maintaining his secret identity.

Dark Star I

by Robert Stetson

Dark Star is the invisible angel of justice, fighting the Homeworld Security Agency in the name of truth, justice and in the old home-world way. The Earth is ruled by a dictatorship by a One-world government...

Red Dwarf IV

by Robert Stetson

Read the continuing adventures of Beryl Stone. This is the continuing story of a Starship Captain who embarks on a stellar mission to Lalande in the constellation Ursa Major 8.4 light years away. The Earth is...

The Crucible II

by Robert Stetson

When the consolidation of the Euro fails to stabilize the local economy, the Council of 12 known announces the Blue Chip Credit to be the global cashless currency. Mining on the Moon and Mars destroys the value...

The Crucible III

by Robert Stetson

Engage the ruling fist of the Galactic Empire in a fierce battle alongside the Spencer Family. This final epic battle among the stars engages the Fog Pirates and the Council of 12. Share with us, the surprising...

Red Dwarf III

by Robert Stetson

Number three of the Red Dwarf novels. Read the continuing adventures of Clay Stone. This is the continuing story of a Starship Captain who embarks on a stellar mission to Lyuten 726-8, a twin star system of...

Guardians: Souls

by Tiffany Sankey

In this book, you will get a look into the lives of five vastly similar yet different females, all who must face, and pass, a test designated to them. One, the eldest, must make the choice between what she wants...


by Michael Galloway

An inventor must use his wits and a box of electronic dragonflies to defeat a rival bent on revenge. To cheat death, a scientist uploads his mind online. Will his ideas endure or will they take everybody with...