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The Birthing

by Robert Stetson

This is the story of Professor Edgar Pelion who creates a replicator. Edgar gets more than he bargains for when he realizes that people under hypnosis speaking languages, accurately recounting things are not...

The Crucible

by Robert Stetson

The President, the Cabinet and the Congress merge to form the Council of 12 known as the Galactic Empire. Follow the classic journey of the Spencer family and discover the elusive Crucible. This epic adventure...

The Cure

by Robert Stetson

According to the United States Government, the events depicted in this book never actually ever happened. A wife dies of cancer while her husband, a physician watches helplessly. He creates a machine that can...

Red Dwarf

by Robert Stetson

This is the story of a Space Cadet named Clay Stone who completed his academy training and is assigned to Space Center as the first Starship Captain to embark on a stellar mission to a red dwarf star called...

DemonCradle: Keys to the Cradle and the Blade of the Redeemer

by Dudley Clarence Sturgis IV

DemonCradle: Keys to the Cradle and the Blade of the Redeemer kicks off the series when Zeanith Fairwind CloudCatcher the fourth is thrust into a cataclysm of fantastical events. Thrown into a world behind the...

The Return of House Bleudthoryn

by Christopher Wittkugle

Johhny Hiro is awake from his coma and finds that the galaxy no longer makes sense. His family is scattered, his body is broken and the Scoryn Republic has declared war on both House Napoli and House Argus....

Saga Terra: Odysseus

by J. Michael Gallen

For eons, two superpowers, the Holy Kingdom of Asgard and the Empire of Niflheim, have fought bitter wars that nearly destroyed the world of Terra. Now the islands of Britannia are to become their latest battleground,...

The Last Scion of Scoryn

by Christopher Wittkugle

The galaxy has changed over the past fifteen years. The Solon Impyre has fallen, replaced by a more feudal governing body known as the Octave. Johnny Hiro has left behind his life in House Napoli and lives on...

Squirrels & Puppies: Dark Morality Tales

by Russell A. Mebane

A collection of short stories involving some puppies, a couple squirrels, a kitty, a cyborg, some aliens, and some Black people. There are other people in the stories, too. Together they'll be exploring moral...

Cult of the Comet

by Gary L Morton

Cult of the Comet is a full-length novel (122,000 words). It takes place in a dark future and features a fallen astronaut turned gritty private eye, and a cult leader on a mission to grab interstellar travel....

The Aquarius Code

by Andrew May

When a group of tourists disappears on a visit to Stonehenge, the police suspect a publicity stunt. But Professor Henry Vaughan, head of Gnostic Theology at Oxford University, knows better. A crack has appeared...

Lost Shadows

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Lost Shadows is a psychological thriller /fantasy Not only had Adam lost his parents in a car crash, but he'd also forgotten who he was. Pamela is haunted by the patient who was murdered by her father. Barbara...

The Way of Things Part Six - The Prisoners

by Paula George

At last the Evil Power that created the Darkness, makes himself known. Spiriting away all the fighting men and women of Alvalard, he thinks that those who are left will soon be overcome. But he has reckoned...


by Rainer Jude

These ten short stories play on ideas which have defined our humanity for thousands of years - existence, love, knowledge, wisdom, fear, faith, addiction, inhumanity, individuality, desire, betrayal and the...

Of Sound Mind

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Jorja always knew she was different. But it wasn't until she discovered her telekinetic ability that she realised just how different she was.Living with her frail mother and an obsessive, cruel and hated aunt,...

The Avalon Trilogy (Omnibus Edition)

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

The Avalon Trilogy is the omnibus edition of The Star Realm, Invasion and Secrets Of The Ice. It tracks the epic fantasy adventure of five children in the magical lands of Avalon. It is filled with enchantment,...

The Way of Things Part Five - The Return

by Paula George

Finding himself surprisingly alive following his death at the Liberty Tree, Dafydd Peacemaker thinks that he has finished with adventures. But it seems that the adventures have not finished with him. The Guardian...

At an Uncertain Hour

by Nyki Blatchley

As two armies stand poised for the final battle of a millennium-long war, the immortal, charismatic leader known only as the Traveller reflects on what led him, long ago, to begin this war of liberation. Amid...

Facing the Truth

by Dan Berison

This story tells the tale of a man caught up in something he did not understand.

The Way of Things Part Three - The Peacemaker

by Paula George

When James heir to the throne of Alvalard, falls to an assassin's arrow, Dafydd Peacemaker finds he has hard times ahead. The old enemy, Mordart raises and Dafydd leads a disastrous attempt to stop him, almost...