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Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

by Alan Dean Foster

The first human-alien contact. The last word in galactic warfare. The story you must read–before Transformers rockets to the big screen!

A mammoth robotic being, clearly of alien origin, has been found beneath...

The Watcher

by Joshua Pantalleresco, Florence Chan & Kristen Denbow

On the top of a tower, guarded by dragons, the Watcher gazes out into the horizon. While the rest of his tribe work and toil, he questions what is beyond the walls. Determined to find out, he escapes his captors...

Jack Glass

by Adam Roberts


Jack Glass is the murderer. We know this from the start. Yet as this extraordinary novel tells the story of three murders committed by Glass the reader will be surprised...

Aric Chronicles: The Birth of a Hero

by Joshua Edwards

Two sets of twins are born, and among the demi gods there are whispers about one of these four children being prophesied to be the saviors of the universe. As they grow up, Joshua, a young boy of the sets of...

The Mark of the Angels

by Mehrzad Van Gieson

Xhaiden. A demon assassin who's betrayal has just been discovered. He is blackmailed into hunting down one last target before his death. Harth. A poor street thief who struggles to care for his sick grandfather....


by Madilyn Sausville

It's the year 50 million and the solar system is dying. The Sun is turning into a supernova and its taking all of the planets with it. Mercury and Venus have already been consumed by the expanding Sun and Earth...

Assault on an Empress

by Cecil Cory

For a birthday present, the daughter of the Ambassador to Zaldar was allowed to travel to a gala reception by Emperor Ghariet of the Hallsworth Empire. She carried with her a document solidifying an agreement...

Novilistricka Factors

by Garrison Clifford Gibson

Patrick Voevoda and his professional xenopological research companion investigate the disappearance of an alien race in a formerly prosperous district of the galaxy where his friend Lush is snatched and grabbed...

Mind Travelers

by J. Vincent Leroux

A tasteful Sci-Fi action adventure novel that deals with life and death, reincarnation, out of body experiences and futuristic interior design while playfully positing hi-tech inventions and lifestyle of the...

Zelerod's Doom

Sime~Gen #8

by Jacqueline Lichtenberg & Jean Lorrah

The monumental social experiment begun in FIRST CHANNEL and continued in CHANNEL'S DESTINY culminates centuries later in ZELEROD'S DOOM. Klyd Farris and Risa Tigue forge an alliance to reorganize both the Sime...

The Frozen Codex

by Fraser McCrorie

A desperate kingdom, on the brink of destruction... ...must trust it's salvation in a warrior from the north. A great force is stirring in the Kingdom of Aer and Hraki intends to find the source of the whispered...

Kindling Ashes: Firesouls Book I

by Laura Harris

Sixteen years ago, the strongest of the dragons who once flew free over the kingdom of Auland escaped extinction the only way they knew how; releasing their souls to reside in unaware humans. With a debilitating...

The Rose Knight

by Anaiya Sophia

In the Beginning... Out of the heavens came She, the Holy Sophia, the Mother of all Creation. Forsaking Her divinity, She falls to Earth and some things that should not be forgotten became lost. Awaiting Her...

Marie Kelly

by Audra Vagle

Marie Kelly has just lost her parents. She's only eighteen, and in 18th century London, she won't be able to make it on her own, especially with her younger sister to care for. With help from her kindhearted...

Temporal Cross Currents

by Garrison Clifford Gibson

A Martian philosopher, Patrick Voevoda, encounters the E-factor embodied in aliens and humans alike. An event horizon of concentrated wickedness engulfs the will to power promoting non-objectivity for all the...

Zombie: A Shocking Tale of the Undead

by Scott Kenemore

When rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak, he is reborn as a highly intelligent (yet somewhat amnesiac) member of the living dead. With society crumbling...

Zombie, Illinois: A Novel

by Scott Kenemore

The sequel to the bestselling Zombie, Ohio, this explosive supernatural thriller from Scott Kenemore tells the story of three Chicagoans who have been thrown together by a bizarre, interconnected series of events...

Wake-Up Call

by Joaquin De Torres & Joseph De, Dr. Torres

One hundred mental patients are brutally massacred in the frigid cold of a Russian forest as they wait for a mysterious light coming down from the night sky. Their deaths are never spoken of again.

More than...

Unborn Tomorrow

by Dallas McCord Reynolds

Unfortunately, there was only one thing he could bring back from the wonderful future... and though he didn't want to... nevertheless he did....

Ultima Thule

by Dallas McCord Reynolds

Dallas McCord "Mack" Reynolds was an American science fiction writer. His pen names included Dallas Ross, Mark Mallory, Clark Collins, Dallas Rose, Guy McCord, Maxine Reynolds, Bob Belmont, and Todd Harding....