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The Journal of Nicholas the American

by Leigh Kennedy

College student Nicholas Dal shares the family talent, or curse - he is a tele-empath, a man who experiences the emotions of other people. Too-powerful emotion can induce seizures. To stay sane he must live...

Warlord of Kor

by Terry Carr

Horng sat opposite the tiny, fragile creature who held a microphone, its wires attached to an interpreting machine. He blinked his huge eyes slowly, his stiff mouth fumblingly forming words of a language his...

Voices in the Dark

by Edmund Cooper

At ten-thirty in the morning the skies over London were clear. Then an arrow formation of five bright points became visible. They appeared to be moving at an amazing speed in tight circles. They were spiralling...


by Edmund Cooper

It lay in the grass, tiny and white and burning. He stooped, put out his fingers. And then there was nothing. Nothing but darkness and oblivion. A split second demolition of the world of Richard Avery. From...

The Slaves of Heaven

by Edmund Cooper

'Welcome to Heaven', said the voice. 'The acquisition programme is entirely for females; but the occasional enterprising male does not displease us.' Berry, Chief of his clan, knew his people could survive the...

Seahorse in the Sky

by Edmund Cooper

At first he though it was all part of some crazy nightmare. But it wasn't. Russell Graheme, M.P. was one of a handful of passengers flying from Stockholm to London. One moment flying peacefully in the sky, the...

The Last Continent

by Edmund Cooper

The devastated Earth had only a handful of inhabitants - now even their future was in the balance The Twenty-Second Century had been and gone - and with it, the worst war in the bloody history of mankind: the...

A Far Sunset

by Edmund Cooper

The year is 2032 A.D. The Gloria Mundi, a star ship built and manned by the new United States of Europe, touches down on the planet, Alatair Five. Disaster strikes, leaving only one apparent survivor - an Englishman...

The Expendables: The Venom of Argus

by Edmund Cooper

The Expendables had struck it lucky at last. After grappling with the revolting Death Worms of Kratos, the deadly Rings of Tantalus and the weirdly anachronistic military society of Zelos, their fourth mission...

The Expendables: The Rings of Tantalus

by Edmund Cooper

First they went to Kratos - and faced the Deathworms. Then they went on to Tantalus and tried to fathom the Rings - which could only have been fabricated with the help of highly sophisticated machinery. And...

The Burning Forest: A Land Fit For Heroes 3

by Phillip Mann

In its northern fastness Britannia - despite all the benefits of the Pax Romana, with its technology and brutally rationalist philosophy - has kept its mysterious secrets, hidden deep in the wild forests that...

Escape to the Wild Wood: A Land Fit For Heroes 1

by Phillip Mann

Britannia is a land of forests - it is said a man can walk from the walls of Eboracum to the southern sea without leaving the shade of the greenwood - inhabited by wildcats, wolves and bears, as well as by the...


by Phillip Mann

Blue Genes Ape-like and with one arm replaced by a claw, the not-quite-human Angelo and his beautiful female partner Ariadne are genetically bred rescuers programmed to travel vast distances through space in...

The Fall of the Families

by Phillip Mann

Vengeance of the oppressed Pawl Paxwax was now Master of the eleven human families who rule the galaxy, and free to marry his loved one, the remarkable Laurel Beltane. But Pawl's happiness was to be short-lived....

Master of Paxwax: Part One of the Story of the Gardener

by Phillip Mann

It is the far distant future. Humanity has spread across the galaxy, systematically wiping out, imprisoning and enslaving every species, hostile or not. Now the galaxy is ruled by the Eleven Families, each supreme...

The Book of Ian Watson

by Ian Watson

British Science Fiction award winner Ian Watson graces us here with a brilliant new collection of short stories and essays. Though he dazzles the reader with his footwork in the kaleidoscope intensity of his...

The Butterflies of Memory

by Ian Watson

Ian Watson is one of the finest writers of SF and fantasy stories, and Butterflies of Memory is his 10th collection, a selection of stories that are by turns serious and playful, and always wildly imaginative......

The Coming of Vertumnus: And Other Stories

by Ian Watson

A collection of science-fiction short stories by the author of "Lucky's Harvest". They feature dozens of characters, a new way of travelling between the stars, a strange planet, magical powers, bravura set-pieces,...

Stalin's Teardrops: And Other Stories

by Ian Watson

Ian Watson is one of the most prolific short story writers in contemporary science fiction, with a range and invention that others might envy. In this collection we move from a ghostly occurrence in Catalonia...

The Very Slow Time Machine

by Ian Watson

The Very Slow Time Machine arrives on earth in 1985. Its sole inhabitant is old and mad. Soon it becomes apparent that for him, time is going slowly backward. With every day, he is getting younger and saner....