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The Kill Stealer: An Adventure Loosely Based on the Quantified Self Movement

by Dean Paul Dominguez

On his birthday of all days, 13 year old Divi Rogallo gains unspeakable powers through the power of level jumping after slaying a gargantuan, dozen-headed Terrabird already bloodied and weakened by the army...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book VIII Eclavarda

by Stephen Christiansen

Worvyn Wyrmbleeder, a mighty dwarven warrior, seeks to prove himself and goes out in search of adventure. Instead, he finds himself caught in a web of intrigue, plots and conspiracies beyond his wildest imagination....

The Legend of Lithra - Book One

by Tyler Rhea

The ebook version of the Legend of Lithra, written by Tyler Rhea. This is the story of Selane, a young boy chosen by fate to assist Lithra, an aging enchanter in the quest to recover a powerful sword stolen...

The Replicate

by Parker Godfrey

Thirty years in the future, the United States Special Forces changes its policy to only allow clones on their Black Ops teams. Highly intelligent, logical, strong, and above all disciplined, the clones never...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book III Maldev

by Stephen Christiansen

As Maldev and Istobarra journey forth to investigate new dark elf activity, Maldev reminisces about his past. The highly chaotic dark elf explains his background and Istobarra finds that there is more to him...


by Patrick M. Ohana

From "A String Theory" to "A Perfect Day for Strings," a collection of nine short stories about strings, and an imperfect homage to J. D. Salinger's "Nine Stories".

Orbbelgguren Series: Book IV Transitions

by Stephen Christiansen

Maldev continues his back story. He tells about allies and enemies and Medri realizes how it has all affected the world she now lives in. As the Tempest takes both Medri and Maldev back to where they started,...


by Ted Gresham

Richard Cleveland isn't a happy man. His marriage is falling apart and there's nothing he can do to stop it. On a late fall evening he takes a drive, just to clear his head and think a while. When he arrived...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book VII Qu'ellar B'Nossta

by Stephen Christiansen

Tizzin and Jhanyl, a set dark elf twins, find themselves pitted against each other from one plot after another and yet the only allies they have are each other. Their only hope of survival is to trust each other....

Orbbelgguren Series: Book VI Qu'ellar Elggat

by Stephen Christiansen

Isilme, Charnag, and Drekkn expand their household and their influence. However, they find that they have been playing up to the plans that they were set up to do from the very start. When everything starts...

Escape the Greene - Sequel to Beyond the Greene

by Givon Wayne

This sequel to the book "Beyond The Green" picks up 20 years into the future. Travel along with Dave and Abby as they encounter dangerous creatures and controlling governments. The future of the human race is...

Vronial: Book I of the Endowed

by Clever Reynolds

Vronial: Book I of the Endowed, offers an entertaining universe that contains fantasy greatness while providing suspenseful drama, action and a quick thickening plot. Born into a world where gods endow humans,...

The Alal: Book III of the Virago 4 Series

by JW Luff

When Jake first arrived on Virago 4, he found a world that had been destroyed by war 30 centuries ago. Before his first tour ended he'd discovered what had caused the planet's destruction. On his next trip he...

Stronghold Rising: A Sholan Alliance Novel

by Lisanne Norman

The catlike aliens return--in the sixth exciting novel in Lisanne Norman's best-selling Sholan Alliance series.... Delicate negotiations for an alliance are underway with the Primes, a previously unknown faction...

The Good Heart: A Chronicle of Solo

by Eben Prentzler

Being a prince of the Valley should be the dream of every boy. That is what Prince Kasi believed before his life was turned upside down by forces beyond his control. The Pride-Keeper prince never could imagine...

Assisting Resistance

by Elizabeth Miller

An average Young Lady finds herself back in her home town with a new job, an awesome boss and now the love of her life. But is she getting herself into something more then she can handle by falling in love with...

The Dregnaught

by John William Meredith

A wise old man with a much older friend takes over a captured alien spaceship and they set out on a mission to find new worlds and restore peace on worlds that were victims of the ship's former owners. In the...

The Chosen

by J.E. Runnion

Author J.E. Runnion invites you to begin the first book of a trilogy series filled with action, suspense, and full of surprises involving a group of men Chosen to fight evil in this tale of adventure. JD is...

Sky Fire

by Benjamin McNair

Aspiring pilot, Aero Talon receives a map drawn up by his deceased father detailing the location of a legendary plane that has claimed the lives of everyone who has searched for it, including Aero's father....

Yldrath's Baffling Quest

by Stefan B Sigfried

Three must find an heir to a dying king: Yldrath, a mythical figure with great powers; Podrg, a close friend of the king; Stelldan, a kitchen boy elevated by circumstances to his position. Their weapons: necklaces...