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The Book of the Stars

by Ian Watson

Trapped by the evil Edrick in a locked room, Yaleen is cold-bloodedly murdered. But it is not the end of Yaleen's story, for she is given a second life - a reincarnation on Earth as a 'cherub'. Soon she encounters...

The Roof of Voyaging

by Garry Kilworth

When Kupe, one of the great Polynesian voyagers, chases a huge octopus across the ocean, he discovers the strange and mysterious Land of Mists and rescues a man and a woman from the wild sea. He carries them...

A Midsummer's Nightmare

by Garry Kilworth

Sherwood Forest, home of Oberon, Titania, Puck, Cobweb, Peaseblossom and the rest of the mob, has been whittled away by urban development. It's time to move on, the fairies decide. Sid, their captive, a kindly...

Gemini God

by Garry Kilworth

The human race is in decline, is withdrawing into protective city shells. Could contact with civilised aliens revive the probing curiosity once the hallmark of human achievement? Are there any such beings in...

Split Second

by Garry Kilworth

When a young boy, Richard, goes too close to a Wiederhaus Repeater ("greatest archaeological break-through ever. Expose any prehistoric remains to it and it creates, briefly, complete hologrammatic images of...

The Night of Kadar

by Garry Kilworth

After roving through space for centuries, a starship unburdens its cargo of human embryos on a harsh new world. They quickly grow to maturity in the ship's artificial womb. A lifetime of Earth memories is programmed...

In Solitary

by Garry Kilworth

Earth has been under alien domination by strange winged creatures for centuries. They keep the population severely limited and isolated; humans may only meet at occasional matings. The account of the resistance...

A Better Mantrap

by Bob Shaw

A brilliant collection of original stories. A predatory alien accidentally teleported to Earth A mad scientist and his imprisoned ghost A space traveller returns to face an accusation of murder

Cosmic Kaleidoscope

by Bob Shaw

The second collection of short stories from the prize-winning author of Orbitsville. Nine stories demonstrate Shaw's superb imaginative range and cynically humorous approach to the world of the future. Skirmish...

One Million Tomorrows

by Bob Shaw

The Price of Eternal Life In the 22nd Century, no one had to die of old age: an immortality drug was available to all. Its only drawback was the side-effect that ended a man's sex drive, so most men waited till...

The Palace of Eternity

by Bob Shaw

Shrouded by its shell of drifting lunar fragments, the planet Mnemosyne is a refuge for creative artists and poets, a place isolated from the desperate, losing struggle of the humans against the Syccans. But...

The Two Timers

by Bob Shaw

Defying time, Jack Breton crosses into a parallel world to regain Kate - the wife who, nine years earlier, was found raped and strangled in a lonely park. But, in the alternate time-stream Kate is married to...


by Bob Shaw

Rob Hasson was an Air Patrolman, one of the best, until the day someone jumped him in mid-air and sent him hurtling into a fall that should have killed him. Now his mind, still tormented by memories of the shrieking...

The Shadow of Heaven

by Bob Shaw

Those who tried never returned and those who didn't, always wondered what they were missing by not attempting the perilous journey to 'Heaven' The official designation of the giant anti-gravity floating disc...

Night Walk

by Bob Shaw

For 'refusing to co-operate' the Emm Luther Special Police took out Earth agent Sam Tallon's eyes and imprisoned him on a dark and eerie swamp from which nobody ever escaped. But then Tallon invented a way of...

The Ragged Astronauts

by Bob Shaw

Land and Overland - twin worlds a few thousand miles apart. On Land, humanity faces a threat to its very survival - an airborne species, the ptertha, has declared war on humankind, and is actively hunting for...

Who Goes Here?

by Bob Shaw

Shot at by aliens, eaten up by monsters, frozen up, burned up and shipped all over the galaxy war was one game Private Peace didn't want to play. So why had he joined the Space Legion? Warren Peace had joined...


by Bob Shaw

Racing from the certain vengeance of Earth's tyrant ruler, space captain Vance Garamond flees the Solar System. And discovers the almost unimaginably vast spherical structure soon to become famous as 'Orbitsville'...

Alien Accounts

by John Sladek

John Sladek explains the theme of the darkly comic stories in this wonderful collection: "The aliens here are human. This book contains no giant flying snails or telepathic octopods, no Ganymedean cat-women...

The Steam-Driven Boy

by John Sladek

John Sladek's first short story collection. Sladek wrote some of the best science fiction stories of the 20th-century and his parodies of famous s/f authors are uproariously "right-on". His talent went under-appreciated...