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Worlds for the Taking

by Kenneth Bulmer

Terran Corps scattered their ships outward into the glittering galaxies. Solterra's prime objective: orbital reconstruction of the far-flung planets. They had tightened up Solterra's galaxy and had made mankind...

The Million Year Hunt

by Kenneth Bulmer

...He heard a shout, distant and ringing, "No, Carson! Not that door!" Something green writhed in through that door. Something gaseous, billowing, filling the chamber faster and faster, something that caught...

The Fatal Fire

by Kenneth Bulmer

Mytilene, he told them, is a pleasure world. Or, rather, I should say worlds. You can fly from any planet t any other in the atmosphere. "The whole ball, which is much larger than Jupiter, is held together by...

Earth's Long Shadow

by Kenneth Bulmer

Visa for an enigma. When John Carter came to the Horakah Cluster, it was in the guise of an interstellar salesman. If anyone there suspected he was more than that, it would mean his instant execution. But Carter's...

City Under the Sea

by Kenneth Bulmer

Jeremy Dodge knew the Earth would face starvation if it were not for the new science of "aquaculture". With the world's population numbering many billions, only the extra food being cultivated on the bottom...

Tea From an Empty Cup

by Pat Cadigan

How can you drink tea from an empty cup? That ancient Zen riddle holds the key to a baffling mystery; a young man found with his throat slashed while locked alone in a virtual reality parlor. The secret of this...


by Pat Cadigan

Warning: Personalities for Sale. All the World's a role. In a world of brainsuckers and bodysnatchers, you can't take anything for granted. Not even your own identity. When Marva, a struggling Method actress,...

Alqua Dreams

by Rachel Pollack

The corpse people of Planet Keela believe that life is an illusion. Earthman Jaimi Cooper finds their practices bizarre but is attracted by a beautiful tribeswoman. Cooper's task on the planet Keela: offer the...

The Power of Time

by Josephine Saxton

14 science fiction shorts covering topics such as the rebuilding of Manhattan in the heart of Leicestershire, seeking help from an angel, enlivening Utopia by taking a demon lover, changing rivals into animals....

Group Feast

by Josephine Saxton

Cora Caley - A woman of fantastic beauty and wealth. A woman who had been denied nothing. Now her most incredible enterprise had been completed. She had transformed acres of Australia' hot and arid desert into...

The Hieros Gamos of Sam and An Smith

by Josephine Saxton

During the day a blazing and merciless sun beat down on "the boy" and at night a friendless and cold darkness enveloped him. It was a bleak and lonely countryside over which he had been wandering for ten years....

The Caltraps of Time

by David I. Masson

An apocalyptic battle at the edge of the unknownthe deadly fascination of voracious magmaa world where the weather expresses itself as mood. Theses are only some of the themes tackled with superb scientific...


by D. G. Compton

The Attrition. It was a bloodless, bureaucratic word, chosen to hide the appalling reality of the plague that had changed the face of civilisation. Now Dr Harriet Ryder-Kahn, born four years into the Attrition,...

Scudder's Game

by D. G. Compton

Have a Happy Golden Straub Day! The message floated in the sky for all to read; citizens chanted it to each other, motorists tooted it on their car horns as they drove the uncongested freeways. Earth had become...


by D. G. Compton

Into a future where a depleted fuel supply had the world spiralling down into grinding poverty and constant war came . . . Moondrift. Mysterious white flakes of alien matter that was the perfect fuel - clean...

The Silent Multitude

by D. G. Compton

In the near future, the super-modern city of Gloucester has been transformed - completely redesigned and rebuilt to the principles of 'scientific city planning'. This gleaming city is threatened with extinction...

The Quality of Mercy

by D. G. Compton

The time: 1979 The place: a top-secret US Air Force base in the Cotswolds The actors: carefully selected, healthy-living personnel The missions: long-range reconnaissance flights The problem: is there any connection...


by D. G. Compton

Rod was a television reporter with the ultimate gimmick. Thanks to the marvels of microsurgery, TV cameras were implanted in his eyes. He could broadcast people's actions without them even knowing it. But when...

No Direction Home

by Norman Spinrad

A collection of short stories from the acclaimed author of 'Bug Jack Barron'. Includes "No Direction Home" which depicts a drug dystopia, and "Sierra Maestra." A violent rock group with maniacal music boils...

Greenhouse Summer

by Norman Spinrad

The world of the future is in a lot of trouble. Pollution, overpopulation, and ecological disasters have left the rich nations still rich, and the poor nations dying. Still, for international businesses it is...