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Jack of Swords: The Dumarest Saga Book 14

by E.C. Tubb

Earl Dumarest continues his desperate search for his birthplace, and seems to be coming close to the mythical planet Earth. But his attention is temporarily diverted, as he is unexpectedly involved in a hunt...

Eye of the Zodiac: The Dumarest Saga Book 13

by E.C. Tubb

In the course of a continuing quest for his legendary birthplace, Earl Dumarest befriends a young man who says his home world was called Nerth. New Earth, perhaps? Or even the original planet Dumarest seeks?...

Mayenne: The Dumarest Saga Book 9

by E.C. Tubb

Earl Dumarest still seeks the mythical planet Earth . . . still roams alien and violent worlds. With him goes Mayenne, whose songs create joy and passion - or forgetfulness. Together they are cast up on Tormyle,...

Veruchia: The Dumarest Saga Book 8

by E.C. Tubb

Earl Dumarest, trans-galactic soldier of fortune, is still seeking his birthplace, the fabled planet Earth. On the distant, decadent planet Dradea, he meets the mysterious, mutant woman Veruchia. She selected...

The Jester at Scar: The Dumarest Saga Book 5

by E.C. Tubb

Scar: a harsh, inhospitable world with a vicious and shifting population of prospectors, drawn from every corner of the galaxy by rumours of a miraculous golden spore. To this violent planet come two more travellers,...

The Siege of Wonder

by Mark S. Geston

After centuries of fighting wizards, dedicated scientists have found the answer to winning the war: turn magic into science. Reduce it to its final empirical base, to be read and studied. But to gather such...

Out of the Mouth of the Dragon

by Mark S. Geston

Amon VanRoark heard the prophet speaking in the market place of the decaying city. He called men to the wars, to the fabled Meadows where the armies of Good would meet the forces of Evil in one final Armageddon...

The Day Star

by Mark S. Geston

Once, at the height of Earth's fabled history, there was a city called Ferrin. Compared to Ferrin, all the cities of Earth that ever were or would be - from imperial Rome to towering New York before to the city...

The Inner Wheel

by Keith Roberts

Men hammered at phones as the lines burned their hands; distributor caps split, engines flashed into flame as gasoline from torn lines doused their blocks; computers rebelled, barraged their operators with lunatic...

The Furies

by Keith Roberts

America and Russian both explode huge H-bombs simultaneously. The tests go wrong, cracking the seabed, rupturing continents and engulfing cities. The Thames flattens into a flood plain, London is drowned. Now...

Galactic Medal of Honour

by Mack Reynolds

It was the highest and most coveted award of all time. It was given only to the bravest among those defending Earth from the mysterious Kradens. Many had sacrificed their lives for it. The current bearer of...

Satellite City

by Mack Reynolds

The most expensive, the most luxurious resort in the history of man. Where no request, no whim or pleasure, was denied. Where anything was possible for a price. SATELLITE CITY The haven and the playground of...

Commune 2000 AD

by Mack Reynolds

It was the future perfect, the greatest society in human history, with peace and plenty, and total sexual freedom. Utopia paid you the Universal Guaranteed Income, whether you worked or not. Yet something was...

Space Visitor

by Mack Reynolds

It is sometime I the near future. The nations of Earth have drawn closer together - there is even hope of a new era of co-operation and progress will soon begin. These dreams of lasting peace are shattered by...

Perchance to Dream

by Mack Reynolds

It looked remarkably like a sterile, cold metallic coffin. It was the Intuitive Computer, a fantastic invention that would allow a user to assume the identity of any historical figure - Napoleon, Cleopatra,...

After Utopia

by Mack Reynolds

It is the far future. Earth is beautifully planned efficiently run and happily united. It is the world that dreamers have envisioned since the beginning of time - no slums, no crime, no poverty, no disease,...

Ability Quotient

by Mack Reynolds

Wen the Asian Wars were over Major Bert Alshuler had few prospects, until Mid-West University asked him to take part in an 'educational experiment' that would test the effect of certain drugs on his I.Q.

Looking Backward From the Year 2000

by Mack Reynolds

They put him into a hypnotic trance in a sealed room to cure him. Then the house burnt down and he was forgotten Until he awoke forty years later and could not - dared not - believe what he saw . . .

Star Probe

by Joseph Green

One of the oldest dreams of Man, contact with another intelligent species, fulfilled in 2011! But was man ready to accept the opportunity? The New Friends of the Earth, a powerful and activist radical movement...

After Some Tomorrow

by Mack Reynolds

POWER! Perhaps the rarest gift in the world is that ability to read the future, to know what will happen to a person, a group, even a country, and when it will happen! EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION The year is some...