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Sinners of Erspia

by Barrington J. Bayley

The Sinners of Erspia are the inhabitants of a bizarre world, ruled and guided by the hands of Ormazd and Ahriman, twin gods of good and evil. Histrina, a child of Ormazd, is taken by the evil hordes to a camp...

The Zen Gun

by Barrington J. Bayley

Pout, the chimera, half-man, half-ape, was incorporated into one of the plants or vice versa. He was jammed into a squatting position, while the stems, entering at his buttocks, merged with his legs, his arms...

Revolt of the Galaxy: Family d'Alembert Book 10

by E.E.'Doc' Smith & Stephen Goldin

The awesome forces of the Empire of Earth have destroyed most of the evil conspiracy's fleet, including the ship bearing the ice-blooded Lady A, when the Family d'Alembert uncover a plot on the planet Newforest,...

The Omicron Invasion: Family d'Alembert Book 9

by E.E.'Doc' Smith & Stephen Goldin

Devastated by alien invasion, one of the Empire's far-flung planets - Omicron - is the destination for an astonishing mission. For the first time in many years, top SOTE agents Yvette Babol and Jules d'Alembert...

Eclipsing Binaries: Family d'Alembert Book 8

by E.E.'Doc' Smith & Stephen Goldin

The evil conspiracy of Lady A takes a new and mysterious turn when Grand Duke Zander von Wilmenhorst - the secret Head of SOTE - is implicated in a deadly plot against the Empire. And an enemy is impersonating...

Planet of Treachery: Family d'Alembert Book 7

by Stephen Goldin & E.E.'Doc' Smith

Classic space opera adventure, Book #7 in the "Family D'Alembert" series. For centuries, the planet Gastonia has been a planet of exile, an escape-proof prison world for the worst sorts of traitors. But now,...

The Key to Venudine: Keys to the Dimensions Book 3

by Kenneth Bulmer

Rodro's men were pushing past, were blundering with reeking weapons into the room to kill and take the princess away.

Lai half stretched up from the princess's restraining arms. The room was empty of other...


by Terry Carr

Millennia in the future, Earth has become a backwater planet, ignored by others in the galaxy. Its one jewel is Cirque - the city on the Abyss, a city of love and harmony, with inspiring religious rites.


A World of Difference

by Edmund Cooper

This collection contains one long novella, "The Firebird", which some critics regard this as Edmund Cooper's finest work. Two stories were written especially for the collection and the remaining stories were...

Who Needs Men?

by Edmund Cooper


Rura Alexandra, Madam Exterminator, had recently graduated into a 25th century world where men had become biologically less important, where...

The Tenth Planet

by Edmund Cooper

The Dag Hammarskjold takes off from Woomera, Australia for the new human settlement on Mars.

Planet Earth is being eaten away by uncontrollable pollution, starvation and disease. Its life expectancy is nil....

Collision with Chronos

by Barrington J. Bayley

The alien ruins that dotted Earth's landscape were an enigma.

Archaeologist Rond Heshke dismissed as a ridiculous hoax the photographic evidence which suggested that the ruins disobeyed the laws of time. The...


by Keith Roberts

Most people think witches are old and ugly - but ANITA isn't.

ANITA doesn't cackle and hiss as she works dark curses, either. Oh, she casts witch's spells and incantations, but not the usual kind.

ANITA's main...

Trample an Empire Down

by Mack Reynolds


They had a Guaranteed Annual Income and an automated world where no one had to work - but there was nothing to do!

When Morris and his friends ran out of beer, there was only one alternative...

The Chariots of Ra: Keys to the Dimensions Book 7

by Kenneth Bulmer

The chariots came on at great speed and there was no mistaking their purpose. Tulley wondered if they were using this place as a base . . . Then an arrow plunked into the parapet of his chariot. Oolou lashed...

The Hunters of Jundagai: Keys to the Dimensions Book 6

by Kenneth Bulmer

Cy Yancey dreamt of being a big game hunter adventuring in Africa. Little did he know that stepping into an alleyway outside his rifle club would lead him to the most important hunt in his life, a hunt that...

The Ships of Durostorum: Keys to the Dimensions Book 5

by Kenneth Bulmer

WANTED: ONE ENGINEER FOR MANAGERIAL POSITION IN IRUNIUM. WAGES HIGH. DEATH BENEFITS SUDDEN. "I am the Contessa Perdita di Montevarchi. Here in Irunium the only law is my will. "I shall seek out another engineer....

The Wizards of Senchuria: Keys to the Dimensions Book 4

by Kenneth Bulmer

Scobie Redfern was just a nice good-looking American young man who had never heard of such things as Portals, parallel worlds, and Trugs. So when someone materialized in his apartment with the Trugs in hot pursuit,...

In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave

by Garry Kilworth

To escape his life in England, John Trencher volunteers to teach schoolchildren on a tropical island. But paradise has its darker, less innocent side, and a web of violence, taboo and sexuality soon begins to...

The Key to Irunium: Keys to the Dimensions Book 2

by Kenneth Bulmer

INTO THIN AIR ?A porteur? Never heard of it.? Robert Prestin was just an ordinary aviation journalist who had never heard of such things as porteurs, nor of other dimensions that supplied jewels to the Earth,...