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Annihilation Factor

by Barrington J. Bayley

From the Garlowe Clusters in the north to the Veils of Darkness in the south, the Star Kingdom sprawled over roughly a fifth of the galaxy. So huge was this realm that those who tussled for power over it seemed...

The Rod of Light: The Soul of the Robot Book 2

by Barrington J. Bayley

Robot evolution has advanced to the point that intelligent robots have liberated themselves from servitude, defending themselves from servitude, defending themselves against the humans who work to exterminate...

The Star Virus

by Barrington J. Bayley


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The Insider

by Christopher Evans

What happens to a man whose entire personality undergoes a sudden and profound change? Stephen Marsh is a successful management consultant, happily married and with a daughter at university. Then one day he...

Queen of the States

by Josephine Saxton

This book is about Magdalen, a woman who is on her own planet, out to lunch and on her own trip. She moves through time and space, from a private mental hospital to an alien spaceship where she is interrogated...

The Ultimate Weapon

by John W. Campbell

The star Mira was unpredictably variable. Sometimes it was blazing, brilliant and hot. Other times it was oddly dim, cool, shedding little warmth on its many planets. Gresth Gkae, leader of the Mirans, was seeking...

The Black Star Passes: Arcot, Wade and Morey Book 1

by John W. Campbell

THREE AGAINST THE STARS! A sky pirate armed with superior weapons of his own invention... First contact with an alien race dangerous enough to threaten the safety of two planets... The arrival of an unseen dark...

The Shift Key

by John Brunner

When the sleepy town of Weyharrow is enveloped by a mysterious fog, the inhabitants find themselves behaving in strange and dangerous ways. Dr Steven Glaze, a young probationary GP, prescribes a most unorthodox...


by John Brunner

The interstellar Bridge System was the greatest invention in the long history of cosmic humanity. Spread through dozens of planets, men and their societies had drifted apart in isolation until the Bridge came...

The Shockwave Rider

by John Brunner

He was the most dangerous fugitive alive, but he didn't exist! Nickie Haflinger had lived a score of lifetimes . . . but technically he didn't exist. He was a fugitive from Tarnover, the high-powered government...

Web of Everywhere

by John Brunner

He was 'The Visitor' . . . in a society revolutionised and troubled by a transportation device that let you walk through a door and be anywhere in the world - instantly. He was 'The Visitor' . . . at a time...

Total Eclipse

by John Brunner

Nineteen light years from Earth, on Sigma Draconis, an international space team stumbles upon the first evidence of another highly advanced civilization in the universe. Tragically, however, the Draconians are...

The Stardroppers

by John Brunner

A stardropper got its name from the belief that the user was eavesdropping on the stars. But that was only a guess . . . nobody really knew what the instrument did. The instrument itself made no sense scientifically....


by John Brunner

A Pandora's box of evil Freitas had commanded the engineers of his vast, world-wide empire to build him a device that could ransack the past. Now all the riches of the ages were his for the taking. But mere...

Catch a Falling Star

by John Brunner

A hundred thousand years from now, it was discovered that a star was approaching the world on a collision course. Its discoverer, Creohan, figured there might be time to save the world if he could arouse everyone...

Bedlam Planet

by John Brunner

Everything about the planet revolving about Sigma Draconis seemed to indicate that here was a world that could be made into a second Earth. It was fertile and lacked native inhabitants and dangerous beasts....

Born Under Mars

by John Brunner

When mankind colonized the stars, they travelled out from Earth in two directions - to Centaurus and its Southern Hemisphere neighbours and to Ursa Major and the constellations around Polaris. And strange to...

The Squares of the City

by John Brunner

Ciudad de Vados was the pride of Latin America - a gleaming city of the future where only ten years before there had been barren rock and wasteland. But Vados had problems. When Boyd Hakluyt was called in, his...

The Repairmen of Cyclops

by John Brunner

The Corps Galactica, the Galaxy's police force, had pledged itself to a policy of non-interference with the backward Zarathustra Refugee Planets. Langenschmidt, the Corps chief on the planet Cyclops, was content...

The Martian Sphinx

by John Brunner

By the twenty-first century the world was drowning in its own population. A solution had to be found quickly - and it was, in 'gravi-power'. Wonderful, unending source of power - only the scientists knew that...