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Nick West Adventures: The Quest for Atlantis

by Jerry Fogarty

Join Nick West and his friends in their second action-packed adventure as they travel the world in search of the Lost City of Atlantis. They must find the clues, follow them, and escape near death experiences....

Fizzy Cherry Cola

by Gerrard Wilson

'A Tale of Mystery and Imagination'. Another extraordinary tale by Gerrard Wilson. Plus two bonus features.

The Fog

by Gerrard Wilson

The Fog: an extraordinary short story by Gerrard Wilson - plus two bonus features.

Aliens Landed in Ballykilduff  and Other Strange Stories

by Gerrard Wilson

Aliens landed in Ballykilduff and other strange stories, a selection of short stories by Gerrard Wilson. Contents: Aliens Landed in Ballykilduff - The Story. Aliens Landed in Ballykilduff - The Poem. Bolf. Twenty-Three....

Sleeping Chaos

by D. Erick Bryan

The town of Circumstance considers their homeless population to be a nuisance. Creating the solution will take its toll, and make an unwitting sponsor its next victim. While in an indefinite sleep Al will have...

Worlds Away (The Interstellar Age Book 3)

by Valmore Daniels

For a thousand years the Kulsat Armada has ravaged the galaxy searching for the lost legacy of an extinct race of technologically advanced beings. They destroy anyone who gets in their way. Now they have turned...

Salisby Dalisby in Alien Encounters and Alien Worlds: Times Before the Galaxies


Salisby Dalisby for many millennia had been living a very peaceful happy life with only his Sanctiant families. This is a world of magical orders that had been the norm for all of the Sanctiant families for...

Mahogany Trinrose

Sime~Gen #4

by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

The ancient and dangerous secret of the Sime~Gen Mutation threatens to topple the ruling dynasty of the House of Zeor. How much torment can one teen girl take before the fate of the world doesn't matter to her...

Robot Uprisings

by Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams

Humans beware. As the robotic revolution continues to creep into our lives, it brings with it an impending sense of doom. What horrifying scenarios might unfold if our technology were to go awry? From self-aware...

A Balanced Apocalypse

by Bradley W. Rito

After thousands of years, the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse have broken and God's evil twin has awoken from his slumber. As a result, the spirits of the four elementalists that helped God seal his brother away...

City of the Iron Fish

by Simon Ings

Simon Ings has written a surreal adventure probing the very fabric of existence, tearing it open to reveal a sometimes horrifying world within. It is a work that will delight any fan of China Mieville.


D.G. Compton SF Gateway Omnibus: Synthajoy, The Steel Crocodile, Ascendancies

by D.G. Compton

D.G. Compton is best known for his prescient 1974 novel, THE CONTINUOUS KATHERINE MORTENHOE, which predicted the 21st century's obsessions with media voyeurism and 'reality television'. It was filmed as DEATH...


by Kevin Lomas

It started on a nice day, the happiest of most people's lives. And then it turned bad. Then it got worse. No one had any idea how bad it could get. Religion and cults warned us, and now it is happening. 'Evil'...

Project Thirian

by Kevin Lomas

It's wonderful redesigning a planet all of your very own with the profits it could bring in, and just in time, too, as fortune would have it, but satisfaction is short-lived as 'lightning' strikes twice ...

Lilium Saffron Dewbell: Part 3: You Cannot Bottle a Goddess

by Kevin Lomas

Part 3 - You Cannot Bottle a Goddess - Ebook. Lilium continues her amazing and dangerous adventures and soon discovers that friends are not always friends, because she is a valuable commodity. Priceless even....

Lilium Saffron Dewbell: Part Two: Out There

by Kevin Lomas

Part Two - Out There ... and Lilium, disgusted with her gods, at last ventures out into the universe/s on her own. But what is the point of being told you are becoming a goddess, and potentially dangerous, too,...

Pandora - Evolution Gone Wrong

by Miss Christie Nortje

On 21/12/2012 a deadly ancient virus, we now know as 'Pandora' escapes from deep beneath the earth crust. After a minor earthquake hits. Lying dormant for centuries this ancient killer once responsible for the...

Dr. Heidenhoff's Process

by Edward Bellamy

This early novel from the author of the socialist utopian tale Looking Backwards is another classic of the nineteenth-century science fiction and fantasy genre. The 'process' in the book's title refers to a...

A Traveler from Altruria: Romance

by William Dean Howells

This novel from popular nineteenth-century American author William Dean Howells features a visitor from a mysterious distant island known as Altruria. The contrast between the utopian island community and conditions...

Looking Backwards: From 2000 to 1887

by Edward Bellamy

One of the best-selling books of its era, Looking Backwards presents a science-fiction-influenced twist on standard political philosophy. In the novel, protagonist Julian West finds himself transported to twenty-first...