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The Varmint Hunter

by John William Meredith

A young boy is orphaned by an alien being and grows up to become the nemesis of that alien's species.

Forty-four Forever

by Patrick M. Ohana

What if your life didn't go on as it's programmed to, restarting at specific times in your past, repeatedly? What would you do after your initial shock subsided somewhat? What would you do after you had done...

Destined: The Encounter

by Lady Cheena

"You insure my safety... I'll insure your answers." An enemy's vow uttered on the battlefield creates a crack in Vicenzo's world that pushes the Spryten warrior to seek the truth - in the arms of his enemy....

Unfinished Business

by Patrick M. Ohana

With time to no end at his disposal-over 60 years repeating endlessly-Louis Sasportas, a man forever obsessed by the Shoah, sets out to avenge the six million Jews that were annihilated along with the progeny...

Dwellers in the Crucible

by Margaret Wander Bonanno


Warrantors of Peace: the Federation's daring experiment to prevent war among its members. each Warrantor, man or woman is hostage for the government of his native world -- and is instantly...

The Wizard's Guardian: Book Three of the Guardian Trilogy

by Adeana Terrill

Mirshalla, and now Miranda and Mynx due to the evil wizards duplication spell, have a lot to worry about: A magical battle finds Miranda trapped on another world with almost no magic and strange "technologies"......

The Wizard's Companion: Book Two of the Guardian Trilogy

by Adeana Terrill

Mirshalla, who just found out her real name is Miranda, couldn't believe she was wandering alone in another dangerous forest, in a shredded dress, and with no shoes. Why was it that she was always thrust into...

The Stone Messiahs : Book Three - The Dream Seekers

by Mr Kit Gleave

In a bid to escape their dying world the Cad a Hoi send out dreaming stones across the galaxy. Some are found by the Taff-Taff while out in space dredging for materials with which to build new realms around...

The Stone Messiahs : Book Two - The Circle

by Mr Kit Gleave

The Terracan, Vicehorn, the Tel bi Ree are all gone, fallen to dust. Only those known as the Four survive the 60 forgotten millennia, thrown across an ocean of time to find the Dreaming Stone and open the path...

Virago 4

by JW Luff

Jake Simms has it all. He flies airplanes and helicopters. He's a deacon at his church, teaches Sunday school, has a loving wife and two wonderful kids. But the kids are in college and his wife is getting downsized...

Salphos: Prince of Delnot

by Sylvia Perez

Impulsive. Forgetful. Violent. Yet plans have been set to discreetly move Prince Salphos to another universe for the sake of humanity. Discreetly, for although beloved by his people, this god of prosperity is...

Betrayal of Trust: Book 1 of Rae's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

In a time where magic is being stolen by a tyrannical king intent on conquering the world a prophecy is discovered. The king will be overthrown by one of his own children. At that he sets out to destroy all...

Respite at Ambert University: Book 3 of Danny's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

With the demise of the Tyrant's kingdom the world is attempting to recover from the damage he brought. Following the trail of his sister, Ravth finds himself in the Kingdom of Lonan. Through word of mouth he...

Deviation to Kolos Academy: Book 3 of Rae's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

Still on the run from Mitra Shakti's soldiers, Rae seeks the help of an alchemist for a change in appearance to help her hide. The change is more than she expected however. In her new form as Tai the alchemist...

The Explorer's Daughter

by John William Meredith

Girl born on Terra and raised on another world in a different universe becomes an expert in communication with new people and other intelligent creatures from different worlds. In the process, she must deal...

Rallying Themes: Book 5 of Danny's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

Lyndie has been freed from her curse. Danny wants to stay with her, but alas he still has to return to his home kingdom to be reunited with his true family. Once in Leldyna he finds himself in the awkward position...

Finally at Leldyna: Book 5 of Rae's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

Princess Rae has finally arrived in Leldyna. She knows her parents will accept her after her long absence, but what about the rest of the populace? Will her past make it impossible for the Leldynian people to...

Castles and Kingdoms: Book 2 of Rae's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

Continued from the first book, Betrayal of Trust, we find the former princess Taiajara's soft life in the castle gone and her being hunted to be killed. Now she has to learn how to survive in a world she never...

Roses and Shadows: Book 1 of Danny's Story

by Kimberly Vogel

To rule well one must rule with an iron fist. The young prince Kala knows that all too well. Yet he loves his father and supports him. But something strange happens and the king's advisor shows him another side...

Rae: The Collection

by Kimberly Vogel

This story begins with Taia's happy life. It soon turns dark though as it is revealed that she isn't the princess. She's adopted, but it was by her kidnapper! Urged on by the advisor reminding the king about...