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The Expendables: The Wargames of Zelos: The Expendables Book 3

by Edmund Cooper

Zelos seemed an ideal planet for colonization. Possessing one large continent and numerous archipelagos, it had a climate and vegetation comfortably like that of Earth.

Captain James Conrad and his crew of Expendables...


by Garry Kilworth

On Cloudrock the penalty for imperfection is death: death by the long fall into the void, through the poisonous mists and gases that rise from the deadlands far, far below.

The two tribes who survive on the...

Killer Planet

by Bob Shaw

Remote, mysterious and deadly, Verdia is a world from which no one has ever returned.

But Jan Hazard is convinced his brother could still be alive and Petra knows Jan can't make it alone...on the Killer Planet....

The Ceres Solution

by Bob Shaw

This is the gripping story of the collision between two vastly different human civilisations. One is Earth in the early 21st century, rushing toward self-inflicted nuclear doom. The other is the distant world...

Dagger of the Mind

by Bob Shaw

'The entire head had been stripped of skin, creating a nightmarish sculpture in gelled blood...'

The hideous apparition that confronted John Redpath almost defied description. It was the beginning of a horrific...

Time Out Of Mind

by Richard Cowper

As a young boy, Laurie Linton encountered a strange apparition: a ghostly man who urgently mouthed a message:


Years later, as a member of the UN Narcotics Security Agency, Linton and the beautiful...


by Richard Cowper

From the moment when young Christopher Blackburn is prevailed upon to attend a seance at The Seekers' Temple a series of seemingly inexplicable and increasingly terrifying experiences gradually convinces him...

Pandora's Box

by E.C. Tubb

Written under the working title of "The Spore Menace" in 1954, Pandora's Box was not actually published until 1996. Many of the ideas in this novel are seminal, even prophetic. Tubb was one of the very first...

Temporary Agency

by Rachel Pollack

When Ellen was fourteen, her cousin, Paul, angered a Malignant One, and he turned to Ellen for help. And then, when things had started to get out of hand, when the usual spells and charms didn't work, and when...

Golden Vanity

by Rachel Pollack

Earth was finally entering the galaxy...

The 'Allies' had arrived, sweeping down from the stars to offer a jaded Earth the marvels of the cosmos.

And Earth had gone crazy. Farmers sat back to wait for Vita...

By Furies Possessed

by Ted White

Tad Dameron's assignment was routine enough: escort Bjonn, the alien from Farhome, on the final leg of his journey to Earth - and learn what he could about the alien's culture.

But from the beginning Dameron...


by Ted White & Dave vanArnam

One minute I was in New York . . . walking down Sixth Avenue, a private eye on a two-bit job . . .

Next minute I was in New York . . . a crazy town I almost recognised - but Goebbels was speaking in Union square,...

The Jewels of Elsewhen

by Ted White

You are riding home from work on the subway. There is a jolt - and as you fall against your neighbour you discover - he is a manikin.

You investigate. The entire train is filled with manikins. Are there no...

Star Wolf!

by Ted White

Makstarn was ugly, an outcast in the midst of the beautiful people of his tribe. Where they were tall and slender, he was short and squat. Where they were golden, touched with the beauty of the dawn, he was...

Shades of Darkness

by Richard Cowper

An elegiac ghost story from the acclaimed and visionary author of the Corlay sequence.

Worlds Apart

by Richard Cowper

George Cringe is a middle-aged school-teacher, married with several children. His marriage, while not a failure, is hardly a great success, and he is somewhat drawn towards a fellow teacher, Jennifer Lawton,...

Lurid Dreams

by Charles L. Harness

Out of body, out of time...

Though basically a skeptic, William Reynolds had known out-of-body experiences in the past. But never before had he floated past the boundaries of Baltimore . . . and across the borders...

Lunar Justice

by Charles L. Harness

The powerful Peace Eternal corporation has a solution to Earth's staggering overpopulation problem: a government-supported program of clean, efficient mass murder. Billionaire philanthropist Michael Dore has...

The Catalyst

by Charles L. Harness

At high-pressure chemical plants in the United States and Germany, the race to process a new wonder chemical is on. The stakes are high - and the competition is reckless, desperate and fierce.

Trialine. Wonder...

The Tides of Time

by John Brunner

First there was the end.

After weeks of running from pursuers, Gene and Stacy finally found refuge on an isolated island.

But around them the island changed - and so did they.

Each time they awoke from sleep,...