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The Embedding

by Ian Watson

Ian Watson's brilliant debut novel was one of the most significant publications in British sf in the 1970s. Intellectually bracing and grippingly written, it is the story of three experiments in linguistics,...

The Fallen Moon: Mana Book 2

by Ian Watson

The second and concluding volume of Ian Watson's extraordinary epic, The Book of Mana. Kaleva is Earth's first and only interstellar colony, discovered by Lucky Sariola who was transported there by an Ukko,...

The Book of the River: Black Current Book 1

by Ian Watson

The river cuts right across the known world, from the impassable Far Precipices to the sea. The people on one bank are cut off from those on the other, for the black current has the power to stop them crossing....

In the Country of Tattooed Men

by Garry Kilworth

In the Country of Tattooed Men the nights feel hollow and are full of sounds of the jungle: danger is everywhere. Tattoos hide all from the prying eyes of the world. On Murderer's Walk the cards are dealt for...


by Garry Kilworth

Quasi-SF post-apocalyptic novel of Britain after the rich have abandoned the world to the poor. This humorous fable charts the odyssey of down-and-out Guppy and his companions - the "abandonati" - who are looking...

A Theatre of Timesmiths

by Garry Kilworth

Trapped behind walls of towering ice, First City was a prison from which no one ever escaped. The Trysts ruled with an iron fist: violent death was a common sight on the streets.

Morag MacKenzie was a mind-prostitute...

The Peace Machine

by Bob Shaw

Lucas Hutchman is the Ground Zero Man

The man who has his finger on the button, the man who can destroy the world - or save it, the man whose own life suddenly has no value, unless he can make the governments...

Fire Pattern

by Bob Shaw

When Ray Jerome, a crotchety journalist on the Whiteford Examiner, is asked to investigate a case of spontaneous human combustion, his first reation is to ridicule the idea - but he is not able to back out of...

Orbitsville Departure: Orbitsville Book 2

by Bob Shaw

Two hundred years ago mankind found Orbitsville, a vast sphere whose habitable inner surface comprised living space equivalent to five billion Earths. The resulting migration was enthusiastic - and nearly total....

Tomorrow Lies in Ambush

by Bob Shaw

Thirteen fantastical tales, including What Time Do You Call This? - a wildly ironic story about a bank robber who shuttles to an alternate universe and runs into himself. Communication - a modest plan by a shaman...

Ship of Strangers

by Bob Shaw

The chronicle of adventures of the survey ship Sarafand as it journeys through space exploring and mapping newly-discovered planets.

The mission brings them into contact with man startling life-forms and menacing...

A Wreath of Stars

by Bob Shaw

Thornton's Planet is an anti-neutrino planet detected on its approach to Earth. It can be seen only through the newly developed magniluct lenses and its arrival causes a wave of panic.

When its course carries...

Wholly Smokes

by John Sladek

Wholly Smokes was the last book completed by one of the most original, brilliant and under-rated American writers of the 20th century. Like so many of John Sladek's earlier books, this is almost impossible to...


by John Sladek

Maps is the definitive collection of John Sladek's uncollected work put together by his friend, fellow writer and critic David Langford who also provides an introduction. It includes all the solo stories - science...

The Reproductive System

by John Sladek

Wompler's Walking Babies once put Millford, Utah, on the map. But they aren't selling like they used to. In fact, they aren't selling at all and the only alternative to winding the company up is to tap the government...

Step to the Stars

by Philip E. High

Waking Nightmare! He awoke, stretched and scratched the top of his head with his right hand. It hurt, must have a pimple there or something. Only a few seconds later his forehead tingled, and he brushed at it...

Fugitive from Time

by Philip E. High

He thought he knew himself, his strength, weaknesses and limitations. A frightening encounter with two muggers, however, changed everything. He had knowledge which he had no conscious memory of learning. He...

Come, Hunt an Earthman

by Philip E. High

If you're a humanthe deadliest game. You may consider yourselves experienced huntersYou have hunted on many planetsBut here things are different. For there are no mindless monsters or charging carnivores, but...

These Savage Futurians

by Philip E. High

Don't think new thoughts, don't improve anything, don't wander over the next hillthese were the commandments for the men and women of the experimental village - one of those careful nurtured settlements established...

Invader on My Back

by Philip E. High

In the far future, the world has fallen to chaos with the criminal elements controlling the cities and vast police forces ruling the unknown wilderness beyond. Only one man, unknowingly, holds the key to the...