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Star Trek: Typhon Pact #3: Rough Beasts of Empire

by David R. George III

Still on Romulus in pursuit of his goal of reunifying the Vulcans and Romulans, Spock finds himself in the middle of a massive power struggle. In the wake of the assassination of the Praetor and the Senate,...

Star Trek: Typhon Pact #2: Seize the Fire

by Michael A. Martin


Shortly after revealing its union with the Federation’s newest adversary—a coalition of galactic powers known as the Typhon Pact—the Gorn Hegemony suffers an ecological disaster that destroys...

Star Trek: Invincible Book Two

by David Mack & Keith R. A. DeCandido


Long believed to be just a Nalori myth, the shii has turned out to he devastatingly real! The monster -- seemingly invulnerable, undeniably powerful, and completely rutbless --...

Dawnbreaker: Legends of the Duskwalker, Book Three

by Jay Posey

Wren is living in Greenstone under the temporary care of Charles and Mol, and the protection of Chapel. Unable to determine the fate of his mother and those he left behind in Morningside, Wren believes there...


by David Walton

Ryan Oronzi is a paranoid, neurotic, and brilliant physicist who has developed a quantum military technology that could make soldiers nearly invincible in the field.  The technology, however, gives power to...

The Magic Phone

by Gary Welch & Wesley Lowe

The Magic Phone is a story of a young girl "Abigail" who lives in a quaint little town on the south shore of Long Island. She's given a phone with powers that you've never imagined from a device that so many...


by Tatsuaki Ishiguro

Told in the manner of scientific reports, this collection of science fiction stories explores the allegorical overtones about the precariousness of species.

Biogenesis and Other Stories collects five stories...

Broken Symmetries

by Paul Preus

"Paul Preuss has done a fine thing. He has written a magnificent book in BROKEN SYMMETRIES. I admire his knowledge and artistry." -Roger Zelazny

BROKEN SYMMETRIES introduces theoretical physicist Peter Slater...

Jump Reactor: Book One, The Jump Reactor Series

by Sales Allen Michael

A thirty-something-year-old mutant learns of his heroic mandate from an advanced alien race and begins to take orders from COAPs -Computer Oriented Angelic Personifications. Advanced alien beings have slated...

Secret Passages

by Paul Preus

"Mr. Le Carre, meet Dr. Feynman! ... [T]his one really makes the earth move." -Ursula K. Le Guin Returning to the characters and setting of his widely admired novel, BROKEN SYMMETRIES, SECRET PASSAGES is the...


by Paul Preus

"A terrific novel, I heartily recommend it." -Orson Scott Card After a solar flare accident in orbit, Travis is a hero: the first astronaut to bail out of a spacecraft and live. NASA, however, had advised against...

Human Error

by Paul Preus

"[W]onderful, enlightened, and convincing beyond any reasonable expectations of what a science fiction novel should be." -Greg Bear Compugen has become a giant player in the tech field overnight by making genetically...

Beyond the Veil of Stars

by Robert Reed

A NEW YORK TIMES notable book from Hugo Award-winning author Robert Reed.

The son of a UFO researcher, Agent Cornell Novak is the perfect candidate for a secret government project, where humans go through "portals"...

The Time Trap

by Henry Kuttner

1939 Retro-Hugo Awards Best Novella nominee

A titan of the genre, Henry Kuttner, weaves a spellbinding tale of a time-traveling archaeologist in one of the most fantastic adventures ever conceived.

"[A] pomegranate...

The Goda War

by Deborah Chester & Jay D. Blakeney

From the national bestselling author.


For eons, countless races have feared the godas, planet-sized doomsday machines that could destroy all time and space. But no one has...

Black Milk

by Robert Reed

From Hugo Award-winning author Robert Reed.

With a perfect memory and hyper-acute senses, Ryder is the leader of a group of five children, all highly specialized thanks to the genetic engineering pioneered by...

Beneath the Gated Sky

by Robert Reed

From Hugo Award-winning author Robert Reed.

In BEYOND THE VEIL OF STARS, Porsche and Cornell fell in love as they infiltrated an alien world for the sake of humanity. But Porsche it turns out, is not human,...

Ahead of Time: A Collection of Short Stories

by Henry Kuttner

"[A] pomegranate writer: popping with seeds—full of ideas." —Ray Bradbury

 From one of the most respected of science fiction writers comes a collection of science fiction stories described as "just about...

The Hormone Jungle

by Robert Reed

From Hugo Award-winning author Robert Reed.

Set 2,000 years in the future, THE HORMONE JUNGLE tells the story of hunters and the hunted, fighting on an overcrowded, terraformed Earth, inhabited by trillions...

DB-29 Volume II

by D. K. Caldwell

Dean Bradley, a cancer researcher, stumbles onto the cause of cancer and finds that he has also found the cure for the disease that has plagued the human race for a century. Now he must protect his discovery...