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Among the Silvering Herd

by A.M. Dellamonica & A. M. Dellamonica

For centuries, the island nation of Redcap has been obligated to pay tribute to the powerful nation of Sylvanna. Suffering under the heavy burden of the contract that by rights should be declared illegal, the...

The Rotten Beast

by Mary E. Pearson

A new, original science fiction story by Mary E. Pearson which features characters from and takes place in the near-future world of The Jenna Fox Chronicles.

In "The Rotten Beast," a sixteen-year-old girl named...

The Changed Man

Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card #1

by Orson Scott Card

Eleven chilling tales, including the author's introductions and afterword comments, provoke the dreaded dark side of the reader's imagination.

All One Universe

by Poul Anderson

Poul Anderson himself has put together a retrospective collection of his recent writings, fiction and nonfiction, under the title All One Universe. This is the first major Poul Anderson collection in a decade....

Starlight 3

by Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Since its debut in 1996, Starlight has been recognized as the preeminent original anthology of science fiction and fantasy. Its stories have won the Nebula Award, the Sturgeon Award, and the Tiptree Award. Starlight...


by Robert Reed

The aliens have arrived. And they want to Join. Yes, that means what you think it does.

A Vector Alphabet of Interstellar Travel

by Yoon Ha Lee

Among the universe's civilizations, some conceive of the journey between stars as the sailing of bright ships, and others as tunneling through the crevices of night. Some look upon their far-voyaging as a migratory...

Battle Station

by Ben Bova

Battle Station is a collection of short stories by Ben Bova, the author of more than a hundred works of science fact and fiction.

Earth Hour

by Ken MacLeod

There are ever so many ways to conduct a war. Only a few of them look like war.

Six Months, Three Days

by Charlie Jane Anders

Doug and Judy have both had a secret power all their life. Judy can see every possible future, branching out from each moment like infinite trees. Doug can also see the future, but for him, it's a single, locked-in,...


by Paul Park

After the end of the world, there's still love. And revenge. And a particular Glock Nine. A tale of post-apocalyptic Iceland, told in the manner of the ancient verse Eddas, by acclaimed science fiction author...

Time Considered as a Series of Thermite Burns in No Particular Order

by Damien Broderick

Time travel, changing history, forestalling atrocities: it's not a job for the weak. For one thing, the things people in the future wear


by Ben Bova

Bova offers a new collection of wide-ranging science fiction stories, essays about the onrushing future, and observations about the craft of SF itself.

Our Candidate

by Robert Reed

All politics is local. Even while the world is collapsing.

A Tor.Com original story.

Shtetl Days

by Harry Turtledove

Professional actors Veit Harlan and his wife Kristi are happy citizens of the prosperous, triumphant Reich. It's been over a century since the War of Retribution cleaned up Europe, long enough that now curious...

Silver Linings

by Tim Pratt & Chris A. Jackson

Even ordinarily, cloudmining can be dangerous -- those silver linings are heavy and potentially lethal -- but it's nothing compared being a cloudminer on the run.

The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree

by Michael Swanwick & Eileen Gunn

When the elves come out of the mirrors one Christmas, they send Sasha on a harrowing train trip to get back a brother she never knew she had.

Two Stories

by Ken Scholes & Jay Lake

Charlie is dealing with complicated grief, and even his therabot is out of ideas. But the back-alley grief counsellors might have something to help: it looks like blue asparagus, and it's called Wild Blue Yonder....


by Abbi Mei Otis

Paxton and the neighbor's kid are inseparable—sweethearts, even, and Paxton barely six. He doesn't mind her antennae and clicking mandibles at all.

Lightbringers and Rainmakers

by Felix Gilman

According to his business cards, Harry Ransom is a "professor" and a "lightbringer" and "licensed"... not that business cards mean much in a town called Disorder.