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Stories of God

by Rainer maria Rilke

Rilke's haunting images focus on the difficulty of communion with the ineffable in an age of disbelief, solitude, and profound anxiety. Rainer Maria Rilke felt that the world and all its joys most truly belonged...

The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti

by A. M. Dellamonica & A.M. Dellamonica

Returning to the world of Stormwrack where she set the story "Among the Silvering Herd," A.M. Dellamonica offers a new story that takes us deeper into this fascinating world, the site of her new fantasy...


by Daniel Stacy Barron

HeartBound is a collection of 21 prosaic and poetic vignettes woven into a challenging narrative about how deeply the hearts of human beings are bound up by our familial and cultural conditioning, unconscious...

Out on Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories

by Steve Morris

"We are long overdue a break. Out on Top is a bag of stories where wrongs are often put right. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, characters get their chances to rectify their regrets and tidy up their...

A Vaporous Collection of Moments

by Dominic Macchiaroli

Do you have enormous difficulty with your clothing? My shoes and I are constantly at odds because they regularly kidnap my socks. In my house, all kinds of conspiracies abound. Does your cat think you're stupid?...

Skateboarding on the Appian Way and Other Short Stories

by Dominic Macchiaroli

Sedated and Often Sedation is commonly used in procedures like dentistry, cosmetic surgery, and the grand-daddy of all barbaric and diabolic tortures known to mankind: the dread vasectomy. Other times, sedatives...

My Parakeet was an Anarchist and other short stories

by Dominic Macchiaroli

Unexersized Cats Our cat has to be picked up in stages. He is enlarged in his fatness. His girth spreads over time zones and dimensions. Quantum physics can't describe his bulk. My wife suggests a gentle diet,...

Be Seated: Short Stories for the Smallest Room

by John White

Better than a newspaper. Better than your usual reading material. Better than contemplating your kneecaps. Why be bored? Why be alone in there? This delightful book of short stories is brimming with amazing...


by John Butler

An avid reader of short stories myself, I have enjoyed journeying along with the likes of Mark Twain, O'Henry, Maupassant, Frank O'Connor and others of such ilk. Nearer home, writers like Keith Waterhouse, Bill...

In All Probability: A Collection of Short Stories

by Steve Morris

Hold on. Not so fast. Just when you think it's just another day.... An assassin with a unique technique, an almost-was soccer star and a bitter long-forgotten one-hit-wonder pop star are just a few of the random...

Captain Damnation and Other Strange Tales - Anthology of Short Stories

by Harry Riley

As an unashamed admirer of Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, and Roald Dahl's quirky tales I have added a touch of my own black humour to this collection of short stories. My earliest...

Short Stories - Volume One

by Neal James

How would YOU write to God for clarification on matters of the utmost urgency? Find out how Moses might have done it. Dry your eyes after the tragic story of Liz when she finds the father she never knew, and...

Tattooed Hands

by G.E. Simons

Tattooed Hands collects together 12 stories of love and loss, hope and belief, regret and desire, humanity and humility, in a human soup of what is, what isn't and what can be.

In the Plan

by Kimberly Crouse

Lou works for a powerful mob family,when he goes missing, it's up to Teri to find him. Can Teri, Lou's twin infiltrate the mafia to find out what happened to Lou?

The Most Beautiful Book in the World: 8 Novellas

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt & Alison Anderson

One of Europe's most popular and best-loved authors, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt captivates the reader with his spirited, buoyant style and enchanting stories that move effortlessly from the everyday to the fantastical....

Complete Short Stories

by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, highly acclaimed author of classic novels such as Angel, A Game of Hide and Seek and Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, is also renowned for her powerful, acutely observed stories. Here for the...

By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain

by Joe Hill

Little Gail London and her friend Joel Quarrel are out on a cold and lonely morning at the end of summer, when they make the find of the century: a dead plesiosaur, the size of a two-ton truck, washed up on...

The Jonas Lie Megapack: 14 Classic Novels and Stories

by Jonas Lie

Jonas Lie (pronouced "Lee" in English) is one of the greats of Norwegian literature, together with Henrik Ibsen, Bjornstjerne Bjornson and Alexander Kielland. Although considered a Realist, he also worked with...

Noma Girl

by Elizabeth Fama

Because of a quirk of history during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, present-day America is rigidly divided between people who live and work during the hours of darkness—Smudges—and those known as Rays,...

Tales from the Eternal Caf

by Janet Hamill & Patti Smith

Tales from the Eternal Cafe, author Janet Hamill’s debut short story collection, offers a thrilling, unwinding trail of tales that excite and mystify; drift then deliver a powerful punch that readers will...