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The Weird Orient: Nine Mystic Tales

by Henry Iliowizi

Trained as a rabbi, Henry Iliowizi traveled the world teaching before settling down, first in the United States and later in England. Throughout his career as an educator, Iliowizi loved learning about the folk...

Love After Marriage: And Other Stories of the Heart

by Caroline Lee Hentz

A prominent and somewhat controversial literary figure during her lifetime, Caroline Lee Hentz was an American educator and writer who began producing impressive stories and plays when barely in her teens. After...

Ripeness is All

by Jesse Roarke

Although set in a dystopian future, Jesse Roarke's short story "Ripeness is All" takes its title from a line in Shakespeare's King Lear, and there is a sense of a kind of timeless tragedy that rises to the surface...

Double or Nothing

by Jack Sharkey

The classic science-fiction short stories of Jack Sharkey are set apart by their quirky, irreverent tone. In the amusing tale "Double or Nothing," wacky inventor Archie and his long-suffering investor Burt stumble...

The Dope on Mars

by Jack Sharkey

In this classic short story from the golden age of science fiction, a down-on-his-luck writer is sent to Mars to get the inside scoop on the Red Planet. In the diary he keeps to document his first impressions,...

Old Friends Are the Best

by Jack Sharkey

Humankind's excursion to the moon in the mid-twentieth century was hailed as a major technological achievement. In the version of events that unfolds in Jack Sharkey's tale "Old Friends Are the Best," a souvenir...

Minor Detail

by Jack Sharkey

Science fiction master Jack Sharkey spent several formative years working at the technology-oriented Sandia Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which at the time was the United States' top repository for nuclear...

Dust of New York

by Konrad Bercovici

Though born in Romania, writer Konrad Bercovici first gained prominence as a journalist and essayist chronicling life in New York City. This charming collection of stories, observations, and vignettes blurs...

The Last Christmas Tree: An Idyl of Immortality

by James Lane Allen

This fascinating fable from Kentucky-born author James Lane Allen imagines a distant future in which the earth has plunged into frozen darkness, extinguishing life as we know it. Only a few stalwart holdouts...

Piper in the Woods

by Philip K. Dick

Earth doctor Henry Harris is tasked with the responsibility of examining the men who return from missions across the galaxy. Travelers returning from Asteroid Y-3 begin to exhibit strange psychosomatic symptoms...

The Lifted Veil

by George Eliot

Working under the nom de plume George Eliot, gifted writer Mary Anne Evans made a name for herself as one of the foremost innovators in the realm of realistic fiction. In The Lifted Veil, however, she takes...

Tom and Maggie Tulliver

by George Eliot

This adaptation of George Eliot's beloved novel The Mill on the Floss will engage and delight readers young and old alike. The story focuses on the lives of a pair of siblings, Tom and Maggie Tulliver, who grow...

The Haunters and the Haunted: Ghost Stories and Tales of Supernatural

by Various & Ernest Rhys

Settle in for a series of spooky tales that will delight even the most discerning reader. This collection of ghost stories from literary luminaries is the perfect choice for curling up in front of a roaring...

Legends That Every Child Should Know: A Selection of the Great Legends of All Times for Young People

by Hamilton Wright Mabie

Introduce a young reader in your life to the unparalleled thrill of legends and folk tales with this globe-spanning collection from Hamilton Wright Mabie. With tales from the Middle Ages to the 19th century,...

Myths and Legends of Our Own Land: Complete

by Charles M. Skinner

When one thinks of classic fairy tales and folklore, it's usually the enchanted forests of Europe that spring to mind. But in Charles M. Skinner's Myths and Legends of Our Own Land, the author proves that scrappy...

The Romance of the Milky Way: And Other Studies & Stories

by Lafcadio Hearn

This volume of engrossing essays and odds and ends from the always-interesting writer and amateur social scientist Lafcadio Hearn encompasses a number of topics, including various folk stories from Japan and...

Love Stories

by Mary Roberts Rinehart

For fans who love classic romance fiction, but are tired of the sappy dialogue and saccharine sentiments that characterize many works in the genre, Mary Roberts Rinehart's collection Love Stories strikes just...

Affinities: And Other Stories

by Mary Roberts Rinehard

Immerse yourself in the glamor, glitz and turbulence of the period leading up to the 1920s with this satisfying collection of tales from author Mary Roberts Rinehard. Veering from romance to mystery and back...

Widow's Tale: And Other Stories

by Margaret Oliphant

Born in Scotland and later a transplant to London, Margaret Oliphant was an accomplished and popular writer whose body of work includes historical novels, romances, and supernatural fiction. Despite the wide-ranging...

Nonsense Novels

by Stephen Leacock

In this collection of hilarious literary satires, Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock jaunts from genre to genre, gleefully skewering mysteries, ghost stories, detective novels, and virtually every other type...