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by Gemma Files

1875: Seven years after helping hexslinger Chess Pargeter save the world, spiritualist Yancey Colder Kloves and former Pinkerton agent Ed Morrow are finally expecting a baby. But a powerful and deranged new...

In Scarlet Town (Today)

by Gemma Files

1874: It's been six years since the roaming magical state of Hexicas—formerly Hex City, first and only community where hexes can finally live in some sort of cooperative harmony—declared its independence....

Like a Bowl of Fire

by Gemma Files

1869: Two years after playing a literally world-saving part in the events of A Tree of Bones, hexslinger Chess Pargeter roams the weird West with his new partner (and lover) Charlie Alarid, seeking out hexation-bred...

Nothing to Fear

by Eric Walters

“Nothing to Fear” is an episode inspired by The Rule of Three, the opening novel in Eric Walter’s trilogy of the same name about the terrifying challenges faced by an ordinary suburban kid, his family,...

Precarious: Stories of Love, Sex, and Misunderstanding

by Al Riske

In prose that is by turns spare and lyrical, the stories in this collection capture the heady, invincible feeling of late summer as they describe the sharp pinch of doing the right thing and regretting it and...

The Cost of Lunch, Etc.: Short Stories

by Marge Piercy

In this collection of short stories, bestselling author Marge Piercy brings us glimpses into the lives of everyday women moving through and making sense of their daily internal and external worlds. Keeping to...

Red Girl Rat Boy

by Cynthia Flood

A new collection from a noted feminist author and winner of the prestigious Journey Prize for short fiction.

Adventures in the Skin Trade

by Dylan Thomas

A story collection full of a fantastic and whimsical assortment of odd characters only Dylan Thomas could have conceived.

This collection of the poet Dylan Thomas's fiction––and what an extraordinary storyteller...

Marry Me

by Dan Rhodes

Offering a wry, sharp, and unfailingly honest look at marital life (and strife), in 79 (very) short stories. Rhodes's deft use of language spares no emotion and leaves no romantic stone unturned-husbands, wives,...

The End

by F. Ethan Repp

The 1960's, Civil Unrest Reveals. A threatened and bigoted America demands a response. A secret government solution unfolds. Racial unrest is calmed. Unimaginable consequences are revealed 20 years later at...

The Island of the Women and Other Stories

by George Mackay Brown

In these six stories George Mackay Brown leads us back along the sweep of Orkney's past and beyond even that to the remoteness of fable. He reveals the timelessness of the lived moment and the constants of island...

A Time to Keep

by George Mackay Brown

The second collection of stories published by George Mackay Brown, this volume includes 12 stories arising from both ancient and modern life on the island of Orkney.

The Garden

by Claire Lorrimer

A compelling short story from the bestselling Claire Lorrimer

The New Yorker Stories

by Ann Beattie

When Ann Beattie began publishing short stories in The New Yorker in the mid-seventies, she emerged with a voice so original, and so uncannily precise and prescient in its assessment of her characters’ drift...

Admiral Peters

by W. W. Jacobs

Though set on dry land, W. W. Jacob's charming tale "Admiral Peters" is shot through with the salty dialect and rough humor of lifelong sailors. An admiral pays a visit to one of his men, now retired, and amidst...

An Adulteration ACT

by W. W. Jacobs

A well-to-do doctor wakes up to find himself on a ship at sea. How did he get there, and how will he get home? But before those questions can be answered, the crew begins to succumb to a mysterious illness,...

The Lady of the Barge: And Other Stories

by W. W. Jacobs

Many of Jacobs' most popular short stories are included in this wide-ranging collection, including, most notably, the horror tale "The Monkey's Paw." Other stories run the gamut from life on a ship at sea to...

Buff: A Collie: And Other Dog-Stories

by Albert Payson Terhune

Dog lovers, rejoice. Buff: A Collie is another of Albert Payson Terhune's beloved volumes of stories about dogs. They run the gamut from silly to heartwarming, and everything in between. Endlessly entertaining,...

Gods of the North

by Robert E. Howard

Can't get enough of Robert E. Howard's indelible fantasy hero, Conan the Barbarian? Be sure to add this enthralling tale to your must-read list. A prequel of sorts, this story follows a young Conan (still called...

Seed of the Arctic Ice

by H. G. Winter

Pennsylvania-born author Harry Bates penned a number of highly influential science-fiction tales under the pseudonym H.G. Winter. In the suspenseful story "Seed of the Arctic Ice," intrepid adventurer Ken Torrance...