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Kilo Option

by Sean Flannery

Military intelligence analyst Bill Lane, the dauntless hero of Winner Take All, is about to find out. When the national Security Agency assigns him to investigate a mysterious commando raid on Iran's Persian...

Last Come The Children

by David Hagberg

Frank Rader was dead. But suddenly, he recovered.  It was time to celebrate.  A Halloween party in the Rader's rec room would be just right -- cheerful, harmless fun with a group of good friends. Of course,...

Without Honor

Kirk McGarvey #1

by David Hagberg

Former CIA agent Kirk McGarvey is living in Lausanne with his girlfriend when a couple of top operatives from "the Company" show up.  They desperately need his help as the Russians are up to something and...


Kirk McGarvey #3

by David Hagberg

Russia is in turmoil. As liberals struggle to hold power, the hard-liners in the KGB decide to fund themselves. They will hijack a vital US gold shipment. The first step will be to frame Kirk McGarvey for the...

Achilles' Heel

by Sean Flannery

U.S. military intelligence analyst Bill Lane is on the trail of a Romeo-class Russian sub.  The sub was supposed to be harmlessly scuttled at a submarine graveyard, and the mastermind behind its theft, an ex-KGB...


by R. J. Hillhouse

In the 21st Century war and espionage have been transformed. With the CIA on the ropes, the armed forces stretched thin, and the need for special operations capabilities at an all-time high, the United States...


by April Christofferson

When law student Bailey Coleman steps in to save a condominium project from foreclosure, she doesn't realize that she's stumbled into a dangerous web of lies and deceit.  A powerful militia with a legacy of...

The Protocol

by April Christofferson

Jennifer has to prove that Dr. Fielding funded his biotech firm by dealing in illegally obtained human organs - including her husband's -- for transplant into the bodies of people who could pay almost any price...

Corrupts Absolutely

by Alexa Hunt

An action-packed thriller about the NEXT war on terror...

First came "the Slaughter": the Colombian drug cartel launched a massive attack on American soil, assassinating thousands of federal judges and law enforcement...

Hong Kong, China

Willie Hanson #3

by Ralph Arnote

1997: Hong Kong, China.  No longer a prize of British colonialism, Hong Kong will enter a new realm of history as China reclaims what she sees as her most wayward child.  No one knows what this change will...

Evil's Fancy

Willie Hanson #2

by Ralph Arnote

Willy Hanson, cagey entertainment czar who's seen his share of danger, is in the game again. But this time he's not the quarry, but the hunter.  From the glitter of Las Vegas's casinos to the sleaziest dives...

The New Destroyer: Choke Hold

by Warren Murphy & James Mullaney

Pity poor tobacco tycoon Edgar Rawly.  Thanks to lawsuits, government meddling and the inexplicable deaths of many of his best customers, his megabucks industry is gasping its last breath.  That is, until the...

Fallen Idols

Willie Hanson #1

by Ralph Arnote

Willie Hanson, entertainment czar, is on the run.  A gorgeous ex-girl friend--also the ringleader of a drug-smuggling sex-slave operation--has taken out a contract on him.  So has a powerful U.S. Senator. ...

A Rage In Paradise

Willie Hanson #4

by Ralph Arnote

A Rage in Paradise is a gritty look at America's last bastion of safety--the suburbs--where Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average raise their kids and lead lives of tranquility, far from the crime and depravities that the...

Fast Lane

Willie Hanson #5

by Ralph Arnote

Willy Hanson is a gentleman detective, an amateur Sam Spade who would love to solve a little riddle like the Maltese Falcon, but winds up doing matrimonial work.  When Amanda Granger, the pregnant wife of a...

Cold Plague

by Daniel Kalla

Pristine water—hidden for millions of years, untouched by pollution, and possessing natural healing powers—is found miles under Antarctic ice. The scientists who make this astonishing discovery stand to...

Homeland Security

by Alexa Hunt

Former assassin Leah Berglund and Pulitzer-winning reporter Elliott Delgado are back and chasing two suitcase nukes on the loose inside the United States in this gritty, near-future thriller.


Whoever stole...

The Genesis Code

by Christopher Forrest

Michael Crichton meets Dan Brown in this novel of the real secret code hidden in human DNA. Nobel Prize--winning geneticist Joshua Ambergris has made an astounding discovery that will shake the foundations...

A Walk in The Darkness

Ben Kamal & Danielle Barnea #3

by Jon Land

1948: An archaeological team in Turkey is slaughtered after making an earth-shattering discovery.

More than fifty years later, another group of archaeologists, this one made up of Americans, is murdered in the...

Kingdom of the Seven

Blaine McCracken series #7

by Jon Land

Dr. Karen Raymond has made the medical breakthrough of the century, a vaccine that could halt the spread of our most devastating modern plague, AIDS. But when her laboratory is destroyed and her colleagues murdered,...