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Drafted: The Mostly True Tales of a Rear Echelon Mother Fu**er

by Andrew Atherton

Married for several years and just shy of twenty-six, philosophy student Andrew Atherton receives his draft notice and suddenly finds himself immersed in a military culture for which he is neither well suited...

Hollow Victory: The Footballer and the General

by Graeme Atkinson

It's 1915 in Melbourne, and Bobby Wilkinson is nineteen years old and a rising star for the famous Collingwood football club. But, half a world away, a war has begun, and Bobby heeds the call of adventure and...

Low Country

by Eric L. Haney

Kennesaw Tanner used to be a shadow operative. Now, he operates on his own.

Tanner is in the coastal swamps of Georgia, hunting for the man who may have killed his friend. But he soon finds himself caught...

Revolutionaries and Rebels: The Story of an American Family's Fight for Freedom

by Jerry R. Barksdale

Be swept into this epic story about a real family and their struggle for liberty and a better life. For 16-year-old Micajah McElroy, life in Wake County, N.C., revolves around managing his inherited plantation...

Uprising: A Novel

by Douglas L. Bland

When impoverished, poorly educated aboriginals find a modern revolutionary leader, their well-armed attack on vulnerable energy installations sends the Armed Forces scrambling and politicians reeling.

Churchill's Secret Agent: A Novel Based on a True Story

by Max and Linda Ciampoli

Based upon Max Hardonniere's own experience as a covert operative during World War II, this is the story of a young man whose acquaintance with Prime Minister Winston Churchill would lead to him being recruited...

Soldier S: The Samarkind Hijack

by David Monnery

In 1994, in the newly independent state of Uzbekistan, a party of mostly British tourists was a day excursion from the fabled city of Samarkand when their bus was hijacked by Muslim fundamentalists. Unknown...

Soldier M: Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan

by Peter Cave

In the 1990s, in the bleak, snow-capped mountains of Kazakhstan, the SAS return to settle a score which goes back almost half a century and to face a new and terrifying enemy � an enemy that is silent, deadly...

Soldier Z: For King and Country

by David Monnery

By early 1944 the tide of the war was flowing steadily against the Germans, but to the Western Allies the need for a speedy victory was becoming more apparent with each new Russian advance and each new hint...

Soldier Y: Days of the Dead

by David Monnery

Guillermo Macias disappeared in 1976, in Argentina�s �Dirty War�. Twenty years later, in 1996, his terminally-ill father was determined that someone should find out what had happened to him and why. He...

Soldier W: Guatemala - Journey Into Evil

by David Monnery

In the Central American republic of Guatemala, government-sponsored torture and mass murder had reduced the Mayan Indian population to a despairing acquiescence, and after five hundred years of struggle it began...

Soldier V: Into Vietnam

by Shaun Clarke

In June 1966, after completing final training for Vietnam on Exercise Traiim Nau in the jungles and swamps of New Guinea, 3 Squadron SAS (Australian Special Air Service) embarked by boat and plane from Australia...

Soldier U: Bandit Country

by Shaun Clarke

July 1989, South Armagh: the cheering mobs stood over the body of a British soldier. He was the ninth to have been killed by the so-called Border Fox, an IRA sniper whose activities had helped to make this area...

Soldier T: War on the Streets

by Peter Cave

Terrorist bombs in town and city streets, an ever-rising tide of crime and a teenage drug problem that was rapidly escalating out of control�this was the ugly face of Great Britain in 1995.

The conventional...

Soldier R: Death on Gibraltar

by Shaun Clarke

In May 1987, a successful SAS ambush resulted in the deaths of eight IRA terrorists in Loughgall. Aware that retaliation was certain, British intelligence went on the alert, and eventually established that the...

Soldier Q: Kidnap the Emperor!

by Jay Garnett

In 1975, the Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, recently deposed in a Communist revolution, was declared dead. In the hands of the brutal army officer Mengistu Haile Mariam, the country descended into chaos...

Soldier P: Night Fighters in France

by Shaun Clarke

In September 1944, following the successful �Anvil� landings of the previous month, the Allies were planning airborne landings in the Orl�ans Gap. In order to �soften� the enemy before the landings,...

Soldier K: Mission to Argentina

by David Monnery

In May 1982, as the British Task Force prepared for the recapture of the Falkland Islands, a lone Sea King helicopter made an apparently forced landing in the southernmost reaches of Chile. Its crew � barely...

Soldier L: The Embassy Siege

by Shaun Clarke

Ever since its formation during World War II, the Special Air Service had operated under conditions of such secrecy that few members of the public even knew of its existence. By the evening of 5 May 1980, all...

Soldier O: The Bosnian Inferno

by David Monnery

In 1993, as civil war continued to rage in Bosnia, a strange story began to emerge. In the isolated mountain town of Zavik, a small army of Serbs, Muslims and Croats had been formed under the command of a renegade...