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Hornblower and the Island

by James Keffer

Even as a prisoner on the remote island of St. Helena, Napoleon Bonaparte is embarrassing the British, and England is now the laughing stock of Europe. The answer is a new Governor: Lord Horatio Hornblower....

The Balkan Network

by Gregory M. Acuna

"In this intriguing thriller, it is March of 1999 and a NATO air armada is ready to strike strategic targets in Belgrade." "But the end of the Cold War has taken its toll on the Balkans. The CIA is unable to...

The Ring of Union

by Miles Snyder

In the 1830s and '40s several families living in the mid-south move northward for a better life and to escape the evils of slavery. Matthew Miller escapes death in Nat Turner's 1831 Slave Rebellion in Virginia....

Close to The Sun

by Donald Michael Platt

Close to the Sun follows the lives of fighter pilots during the Second World War. As a boy, Hank Milroy from Wyoming idealized the gallant exploits of WWI fighter aces. Karl, Fürst von Pfalz-Teuffelreich, aspires...

Pashtun: A Military Thriller

by Ron Lealos

An adrenaline-filled war story that depicts the challenges of military special operations in a dangerous, boulder-filled landscape

The Company has a special secret operation planned for one of their top agents:...

Death In Captivity

by Michael Gilbert

A suspected informer is found dead in a collapsed escape tunnel in a prisoner-of-war camp in Italy. So as to protect the tunnel the prisoners decide to move the body. But then the fascist captors declare the...

The Thirty Days War

by John Harris

Kubaiyah, a RAF airstrip squeezed between a razor-like ridge and a harsh desert plain, must be defended. But with the Nazis poised to conquer the Middle East and Britain stripped of her allies, Kubaiyah could...

A Kind Of Courage

by John Harris

Major Billy Pentecost is commander of a remote desert outpost. His orders are to move out along with a handful of British soldiers. Impatient tribesmen gather outside the fort, eager to reclaim the land of their...

So Far From God

by John Harris

Pierce Slattery, a renegade cavalry officer, brings an astonishing insight and masterful fighting abilities to the aid of a revolution. The army of ill-trained, poorly prepared peasants are fighting for their...

The Lonely Voyage

by John Harris

The story of a boy, Jess Ferigo, who winds up on a charge of poaching along with Pat Fee and Old Boxer. They then sail with him on his journey into manhood. As Jess leaves his boyhood behind, bitter years are...

Take Or Destroy

by John Harris

Lieutenant-Colonel George Hockold must take Rommel's vast fuel reserves stored at the port of Qaba if the Alamein offensive is to succeed. Time is running out, resources are scant and the commando unit Hockold...

Smiling Willie And The Tiger

by John Harris

The Boer War is ending and for three thieves there is the unexpected bonus of stealing an army payroll. But the army chooses an officer to track them down. While the thieves wait to return to the stolen bounty,...

Harkaway's Sixth Column

by John Harris

An explosive action-packed war drama: four British soldiers are cut off behind enemy lines in British Somaliland and when they decide to utilise a secret arms dump and fight a rearguard action, an unlikely alliance...

Flawed Banner

by John Harris

As the Nazi hordes of Germany overrun France, devouring the free world with fascist fervour, a young intelligence officer, James Woodyatt, is shipped across the Channel to find a First World War hero...an old...

Fox from His Lair

by John Harris

A German agent lies in wait for the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France. The Allies prepare a vast armed camp, but there is an enemy within. There is a deadly E-boat attack and the Fox strikes, stealing...

The Sea Shall Not Have Them

by John Harris

Harris' classic war novel of espionage in an extreme situation. Four men cling to a dinghy, praying for rescue before dying, or the enemy finding them. One man is injured; another is carrying a briefcase stuffed...

The Mercenaries

by John Harris

Ira Penaluna, First World War pilot, sees his airline go bankrupt and grabs at the chance to instruct pilots in China. But Ira hasn't reckoned on the beat-up, burnt-out wrecks he is expected to teach his students...

Corporal Cotton's Little War

by John Harris

Storming through Europe, the Nazis are sure to conquer Greece but for one man, Michael Anthony Cotton, a heroic marine who smuggles weapons of war and money to the Greek Resistance. Cotton gets mixed up in a...

Army Of Shadows

by John Harris

It is the winter of 1944. France is under the iron fist of the Nazis. But liberation is just around the corner when the crew of a Lancaster bomber are hit by a Messerschmitt which blazes through the sky in a...

Right Of Reply

by John Harris

Struggle, scandal and mutiny run riot in a 1970s political crisis. An invasion is planned by a convoy of British troop ships sighted off the coast of West Africa. A base is at stake. The British claim sovereignty...