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Longarm #387: Longarm and the Panamint Panic

by Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Slocum #384: Slocum and the Terrors of White Pine County

by Jake Logan

John Slocum is in Reno to set the record straight with a horse trader who delt him a dirty old nag. But to get his money's worth, he'll have to trade lead with a pack of murderous mongrels known as the Terrors....

The Trailsman #353: Bitterroot Bullets

by Jon Sharpe

Fourteen-year-old Petey Evans ain't much to look at, but he's got a big head full of dreams-and becoming just like his hero, Skye Fargo, is at the top of the list. Fargo isn't keen on taking on anyone as a pupil,...

The Sundown Man

by Jory Sherman

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

The Fourth Horseman

by Randy Lee Eickhoff

Doc Holliday was thirty-six when he found out he had the same incurable tuberculosis that took his mother's life--and one year to live. The doomed Holliday quickly plunged himself into the hard-drinking, violent...

The Trailsman #349: New Mexico Gun-Down

by Jon Sharpe

Lord have mercy...

When a nun in Santa Fe begs Skye Fargo to guide two young women through the mountains to join her order, he can't rightly refuse. But to do the Lord's work, the Trailsman is going to have...

Death Rattle

by Jory Sherman

Cattle rancher Brad Storm once survived a rattlesnake bite and exacted vengeance on his enemies. Because of that, he's known as Sidewinder. In the employ of a detective agency, Brad represents law and order,...

The Burning Range

by Ralph Compton & Joseph A. West

A plague of killings has descended on Green Meadow, Oklahoma. A villain called the Fat Man wants the town-and the black gold beneath it-and he's willing to wipe out every man, woman, and child to get it. Only...

The Trailsman #386: Nevada Vipers' Nest

by Jon Sharpe


Skye Fargo may have bent the law from time to time, but when a self-appointed pack of Carson City vigilantes aim to stretch his neck for murder, he knows it’s time to light out of town....

Slocum Giant 2010: Slocum Along Rotten Row

by Jake Logan

John Slocum's just met the most dangerous outlaws in Tombstone, Arizona, and they don't carry guns. They're lawyers, subverting the letter of the law to swindle prospectors out of their rightful claims.


The Trailsman #351: Terror Town

by Jon Sharpe

Nestled deep in the Smoky Mountains, Promise is a town where if you step out of line in the slightest, you'll pay to the fullest-or pay with your life. But the Trailsman only pays in pure lead.

Ralph Compton Hard Ride to Wichita

by Marcus Galloway & Ralph Compton

Their friendship started with a schoolyard tussle. Now, the need for revenge is what binds Luke Croft and Red Connover together.


When Luke taught himself how to fire a Colt, he never imagined he’d turn into...

Longarm 385: Longarm Faces a Hangman's Noose

by Tabor Evans

After an ill-advised indiscretion with his landlady, Longarm is forced to defend himself against her jealous husband. But when the gun smoke clears, the woman accuses Longarm of murder. With a hanging judge...

Longarm #386: Longarm in the Lunatic Mountains

by Tabor Evans

Longarm's just been assigned to a mountain of trouble.

Guarding Cynthia Larimer looked like a walk in the park-until they got to the Lunatic Mountains, where her uncle hunts a special kind of prey: man.

Slocum 382: Slocum and the James Gang

by Jake Logan

Jesse James and his gang have a big score, and they want Slocum to come in with them. But this time it's not gold or cash in their sights. This time, they're going to steal their own damned country.

The Fire of Greed

by Bill Yenne

Money to burn…

Bounty hunter Bladen Cole rode into Santa Fe with the bodies of two wanted outlaws who decided to try their luck against his Colt .45. But he’s riding out with an even more profitable venture—the...

The Trailsman #350: High Country Horror

by Jon Sharpe

Over the last year, young women have gone missing from the town of Haven, taken by a hunter who strikes at will, and leaves no trace. But when a search party mistakes the Trailsman for the culprit, he ends up...

How Far the Mountain: A Novel

by Robert K., Jr. Swisher

"How Far The Mountain" is the story of a man, a woman, and a mountain. The woman, from the city, must go to the mountain to discover who she is after her husband's death from cancer. The man, a cowboy, must...


by Pete Dexter

DEADWOOD, DAKOTA TERRITORIES, 1876: Legendary gunman Wild Bill Hickcock and his friend Charlie Utter have come to the Black Hills town of Deadwood fresh from Cheyenne, fleeing an ungrateful populace. Bill, aging...

Handful of Sky

by Tory Cates

In the first of a sweeping Western romance series written by a Rita Award-winning author, a woman tries to make her way into the rodeo world—and lassos the affections of a handsome cowboy.

Romances as enduring...