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Slocum 349: Slocum and the Big Horn Trail

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Wulf's Tracks

by Dusty Richards

New in the Spur Award-winning Herschel Baker series

When Sheriff Herschel Baker's young cousin, Wulf, turns out to be good with a gun, Baker pins a deputy badge on him. But once the lawmen track down a thief,...

Longarm 376: Longarm and the Innocent Man

by Tabor Evans

It's Longarm against the clock...

Like every man condemned to die, Bird claims he's innocent, but something in Longarm believes him. So he's set out to pin the real killer, although finding the suspected cowhand...

Slocum 373: Slocum and the Woman Sold to the Comanche

by Jake Logan

Slocum learns firsthand that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

When Slocum wins a white woman in a card game, he follows a twisted trail back to her greedy husband. The man wants to end his marriage...

The Trailsman #341: Sierra Six-Guns

by Jon Sharpe

Some ghost towns never die...

The last thing Skye Fargo expects to find in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains is the ramshackle town of Kill Creek. Or the mysterious filly of a woman who tries to warn him away....

The Trailsman #342: Rocky Mountain Revenge

by Jon Sharpe

Fargo's not horsing around

Skye Fargo is helping to broker a deal between a wealthy rancher and the Nez Perce to breed the tribe's Appaloosa horses-only to find himself in unwelcome territory...

The Gunsmith 339: The Lady Doctor's Alibi

by J.R. Roberts

The GUNSMITH gets some sugar...

When Veracruz's male doctor is killed, fingers point at the town's female sawbones, Doctor Sugarman, who stands to inherit his clientele. But the killer could have been the dead...

Slocum 265: Slocum and the Rich Man's Son

by Jake Logan

Along the seamy San Francisco waterfront, Slocum is on the hunt for Michael Porges, whose wealthy father wants him brought back home. But when he rescues Porges from being shanghaied, only to stand helpless...

Lone Star 148

by Wesley Ellis

When Jesse's newest hand, Dustin Gamble, gets rid of a thug who's beaten the Circle Star foreman to a pulp, Jesse rewards him with a seat in the spring roundup. But the steely-eyed stranger's troubled past is...

Slocum #281: Slocum and the Widow Maker

by Jake Logan

Seth Draper plays a dirty real estate game, bullying his way through town and buying up small ranches, adding the acreage to his own. When rancher Ian MacTavish refuses to sell, Draper holds Ian's wife prisoner...

Slocum 246: Slocum and the Cattle King

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Slocum 261: Slocum and the Senorita

by Jake Logan

When Slocum saves a pretty young Mexican girl from a brutal gang, he finds himself on the run from a bunch of serious "pistoleros". But first, he's got some business to settle with a certain seniorita.

Lone Star 147

by Wesley Ellis

They call them The Lone Star Legend. Jessica Starbuck - a magnificent woman of the West, fighting for justice on America's fromtier... Ki - the martial arts master sworn to protect her and the code she lived...

Slocum 235: Slocum and the Miner's Justice

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Slocum 230: Slocum and the Comely Corpse: Slocum and the Comely Corpse

by Jake Logan

Slocum goes to bed with a beautiful woman--and wakes up next to a corpse. Now there's a bounty on his head--and a gang of thieves hot on his trail!

Slocum 274: Valley of Skulls

by Jake Logan

Slocum just got into Denver, but his night on the town takes an unexpected turn when he runs into his old friend Lemuel Parsons. When Lem and the distraught young woman by his side tell Slocum about the violent...

Slocum 233: Slocum and the Lone Star Feud: Slocum and the Lone Star Feud

by Jake Logan

When it comes to justice, Slocum doesn't need proof. He's rounding up a posseof gunslingers to send a nurderer and his heel dogs to their knees.

Slocum 226: Slocum and the Real McCoy: Slocum and the Real McCoy

by Jake Logan

A two-bit outlaw is trying to rob Slocum of the gold he's guarding. But Slocum only has time for one thing--taking care of the pretty young Miss McCoy.

Slocum 247: Dead Man's Spurs

by Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Slocum 266: Slocum and the Blue-Eyed Hostage

by Jake Logan

Slocum signs on to guard a wealthy Camanchero trader for some quick cash--and gets a white squaw in the bargain. The only problem is that the brutal Comanche Chief Black Horn wants her back--and promises slow...