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Lone Star 144

by Wesley Ellis

When a beautiful girl shoots a ruthless Texas land baron in self-defense, Jessie is the only witness. Abducted by the baron's henchmen, Jessie is found to be carrying a fortune in bonds. Now, her life isn't...

Lone Star 126

by Wesley Ellis

The blazing series with more than 8 million copies in print. Jessie and Ki investigate when a trusted Starbuck employee is killed soon after joining the Chicago Civic Reform Council. Their list of suspects starts...

Lone Star 128

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki take a trip to the Rockies to check on Jessie's latest Starbuck investment, a gold mine. But a money-hungry bandit has Jessie kidnapped before they reach their destination. Now Jessie must fight...

Lone Star 120

by Wesley Ellis

Though the Hogan brothers wear badges, the way they manhandle their prisoners and terrorize innocent bystanders proves they're no lawmen--at least, not to Jessie and Ki. And when the Hogans attack Ki and leave...

Lone Star 140

by Wesley Ellis

A cattle-rustling killer is sending deadly messages to ranchers, trying to scare them out of Montana. He makes sure his notes aren't ignored by following up with murder. Jessie and Ki vow to track him down before...

Lone Star 142: Lone Star and the Deadly Vixens

by Wesley Ellis

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Lone Star 118

by Wesley Ellis

Something is killing Jessica Starbuck's logging business in Northern California. The locals think it's the dreaded Mendocino Monster--but the martial arts master Ki knows better. Suddenly, Jessie and Ki are...

Lone Star 130

by Wesley Ellis

The Star Sarah, the pride of Jessica Starbuck's shipping line, is mysteriously torched and abandoned days after leaving port. Jessie and Ki set sail for Havana to find out what happened . . . and become the...

Lone Star 116

by Wesley Ellis

As controlling owner of the Oceana Fish Company, Jessie's gotten used to seeing the money roll in. But now ruthless pirates are turning the once-profitable waters of coastal Seattle into a battleground, and...

Lone Star 131

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie's friends are gunned down by a gang of outlaws, and she won't rest until they're brought to justice--the permanent kind. But she and Ki run into deep trouble tracking the killers from Mexico to Texas:...

Lone Star 138

by Wesley Ellis

Reno Quant is making a fine living at ambushing stagecoaches. He and his men grab the loot and make a getaway before any lawman can even catch a glimpse of them. But when one of Jessie's family dies during a...

Lone Star 145

by Wesley Ellis

When an old friend of Jessie's father invests in a St. Louis steamboat, he asks Jessie to make sure his investment is a sound one. While checking out the boat, Jessie and Ki discover that its investors are being...

Lone Star 132

by Wesley Ellis

A mysterious gold coin engraved with secret characters is slipped into Ki's pocket by a stranger . . . and leads Ki and Jessie into an ambush. A greedy land baron and his hired guns plan to blow up a railroad--and...

Lone Star 105

by Wesley Ellis

A Cry for Help.A letter marked "urgent" summons Jessica to the California high country-a fish-and-game paradise held hostage by the ruthless Tower family. To satisfy his lust for gold, Gordon Tower has unleashed...

The Trailsman #280: Texas Tart

by Jon Sharpe

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Death Rides a Chestnut Mare

Danny Duggin #1

by Ralph Compton

The national bestselling phenomenon

Waylaid by a pack of murdering outlaws, Daniel Strange's lifeless body is left dangling at the end of a rope. Now, a mysterious gunslinger is on the vengeance trail, packing...

The Shadow of a Noose

Danny Duggin #2

by Ralph Compton

Young twins Jed and Tim Strange set out to find their sister, who left home to avenge their father's murder over a year ago. But when they're accused of a murder they didn't commit, they must go on the run to...

Rogue Lawman #5: Border Snakes

by Peter Brandvold

Gideon Hawk follows one rule-justice.

Hawk's been asked to find a merciless gang leader called Knife-Hand. One of his hands has been replaced with a Mojave axe. But Hawk has something mightier in his artillery-a...

Longarm 330: Longarm and the Apache War

by Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The Trailsman #340: Hannibal Rising

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo's taking part in the most dangerous game-a twisted contest of predator and human prey. And the Trailsman knows too well that the hunter can all too easily become the hunted...