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Starr, of the Desert

by B. M. Bower

In the aftermath of their father's death, two orphans set out for the wild desert lands of New Mexico with a plan to eke out a living on a goat ranch. Soon after arriving at their destination, the pair strikes...

The Uphill Climb

by B. M. Bower

Beloved Western author B. M. Bower is back with another classic yarn of the Old West. Much like her best-known works, The Uphill Climb showcases the inner lives of the cowhands and ranchers who made the region...

Rim o' the World

by B. M. Bower

B. M. Bower's novel Rim o' the World introduces readers to a rough-and-tumble group of range riders who scrape out a living in the foreboding and unwelcoming region known as Black Rim Country. Packed with suspense,...

The Short Cut

by Jackson Gregory

Diehard fans of classic Westerns, take heart: if you need to spice up your reading list, look no further than Jackson Gregory's The Short Cut. This story has something for everyone: the thrill of blossoming...

The Angel of the Gila: A Tale of Arizona

by Cora Marsland

How much can a single individual do to change the essential nature of a town? The young heroine of Cora Marsland's The Angel of the Gila does everything she can to bring health, happiness, and strong values...

Good Indian

by B. M. Bower

Wild-at-heart cowboy Grant Imsen has never taken a liking to big city life or civilization as a whole, for that matter. But when he meets Evadna Ramsey, a genteel visitor from New Jersey, everything changes...

The Long Shadow

by B. M. Bower

B. M. Bower was one of the most prolific and popular writers in the early days of the Western genre, and stories like The Long Shadow explain the author's abiding popularity. From heartrending descriptions of...

The Phantom Herd

by B. M. Bower

Many of B. M. Bower's Western novels were adapted for the silver screen, an experience she puts to hilarious use in the entertaining novel The Phantom Herd. In it, Bower skewers the filmmaking process, depicting...

The Way of a Man

by Emerson Hough

Emerson Hough was a fascinating figure and prolific author of classic Western novels. Engrossed by the idea of the Wild West, the young law school graduate from the Midwest pulled up stakes and made his way...

The Trail of the White Mule

by B. M. Bower

Equal parts daring and prone to disaster, B.M. Bower's beloved hero with a heart of gold, Casey Ryan, is at it again in The Trail of the White Mule. Whether he's veering through traffic at high speed in the...

Jean of the Lazy A

by B. M. Bower

A man is found shot dead in the kitchen of the Lazy A ranch, and in an absence of other evidence, ranch owner Aleck Douglas is convicted of the crime. His daughter Jean is absolutely certain that he is innocent...

The Trapper's Daughter: A Story of the Rocky Mountains

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

Though born in France, writer Gustave Aimard had a frontier spirit, and his travels in northern Mexico proved to be a life-changing experience. In The Trapper's Daughter, Aimard combines all of the elements...

The Lookout Man

by B. M. Bower

Fans of B. M. Bower's fast-paced Western novels will love The Lookout Man. Set in Northern California when the region was still teetering between civilization and Old West devilry, the novel tells the tale of...

The Bells of San Juan

by Jackson Gregory

A seemingly bucolic town in California is poised on the brink of a hopeful new era, but behind-the-scenes drama and intrigue threaten to hamper the community's prospects. Will the Bells of San Juan ever ring...

Philip Steele of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police

by James Oliver Curwood

Though he grew up in the lap of luxury, adventurous aristocrat Philip Steele is driven to do more with his life than dedicate it to hedonistic leisure. Looking for a way to serve his country, he conceals his...

The Thunder Bird

by B. M. Bower

What happens when the hardscrabble cowboys of the Wild West are introduced to the latest in twentieth-century technology? In some cases, they take to the sky as the daring pilots who are preparing the country...

Lone Pine: The Story of a Lost Mine

by R. B. Townshend

Against the backdrop of the wild and lawless Old West, author R. B. Townshend spins an exciting yarn about a quest to locate a long-lost mine that, according to legend, is home to untold riches. Along the way,...

Casey Ryan

by B. M. Bower

Though she made her name as one of the first female authors to achieve widespread popularity as a writer of Westerns, B. M. Bower's later work broached the fascinating subject of the way that new technologies...

The Pirates of the Prairies: Adventures in the American Desert

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

Born under harsh circumstances, author Gustave Aimard began his lifelong travels at the tender age of nine, when he first set sail on a fishing rig. Eventually, Aimard found himself in Mexico, where his experiences...

The Trail-Hunter: A Tale of the Far West

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

In the nineteenth century, the border region between Texas and Mexico was a dangerous region populated by warring tribes, lawless cowboys, and profit-crazed government agents. In The Trail-Hunter, author Gustave...