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The Trailsman #366: Mountains of No Return

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo signed on to scout for the Army, not run down a bunch of AWOL soldiers. Luther Mace and company weren't made for the military, but for mayhem and murder. And they're riding hard to a place no man...

The Trailsman #365: High Country Greed

by Jon Sharpe

When Fargo comes across two murdered Arapaho, he tracks the killers...and walks right into a trap. Now, he's on the trail of the gang of ruthless gold-hunters heading straight into the Rockies, where both man...

The Gunsmith #364: The Vicar of St. James

by J. Roberts

Deputy Marshal Clint Adams is surprised to hear from Father Joseph, his old friend who was once an armed and dangerous man known as Joe Halloway. Now remade into the first Vicar of St. James, Father Joseph has...

Dead Man's Ranch

by Ralph Compton & Matthew P. Mayo

Brian Middleton left his father's ranch long ago to make his own way. But now, he's returned to claim the land his late father left him-and learns the hard way that if you want to keep something in the wild...

.45-Caliber Cross Fire

by Peter Brandvold

Fugitive Cuno Massey is recruited to hunt down a gang of gunrunners who stole a wagon of weapons, intending to sell them to a Mexican general waging war against Yaqui Indians. To even the odds, Cuno forms an...

The Secret of Lodestar

by Tim Champlin

Three bandits made off with $30,000 in gold and buried it in secret. When the gang leader is released from prison, ex-railroad detective Marc Charvein follows his prey to the hidden treasure--in a ghost town...

The Gunsmith #363: The Death List

by J. Roberts

Deputy Marshal Clint Adams receives an anonymous letter with a numbered list of names--names of people who are going to be killed unless the Gunsmith can find a way to stop the madman. But even if Adams wins...

Slocum #397: Slocum and the Misty Creek Massacre

by Jake Logan

After a drunken night in Dodge City, Slocum realizes he was robbed in a game of poker. And when he find the men responsible, he sets out to beat them at their own game.

Longarm #400: Longarm and the 400 Blows

by Tabor Evans

Longarm comes to Fort Marion to extradite prisoner Anton Gardner, who robbed a military payroll and killed seven men. But when he's set upon by too many enemies to handle, Gardner escapes with Longarm's badge...

Incident at Gunn Point

by Ralph Cotton

Horse trader Will Summers wasn’t looking to be anybody’s hero, let alone stop a bank robbery led by the son of Gunn Point’s most powerful man. He’d rather hit the trail than try to take on the rest of...

The Devil's Staircase

by Randy D. Smith

Action, humor, and adventure rule as Ranger Black Jack Ransom accepts a special assignment from Sam Houston outgoing President of the Texas Republic.

In Ransom's own words all he has to do is: "Kill Rafael,...

Death is the Hunter

by Charles West

When John Chapel was young, his parents were brutalized and murdered by Bevo Rooks and his gang of cutthroats. With a cold, undying tenacity, he tracked the men across Indian Territory, picking them off one...

Damnation Road

by Max McCoy

The Daring And The Doomed. . .

It's the last chance for Jacob Gamble, Rough Rider, outlaw and man of a few principles. Nearing 50 and flat broke, Jacob bends his own rule about robbing trains. But by the time...

The Last Gunfighter:  Montana Gundown

by William W. Johnstone & Johnstone J.A

In William Johnstone's bestselling The Last Gunfighter, Frank Morgan is the last of his kind--until he confronts a young gun who shares his name, skill, and maybe even his blood. . .

Like Father. Like Son. Like...

Scott City

by Randy D. Smith

Scott City is the third of three historical novels depicting the life of fictional plains adventurer, Lane Collier. Collier returns to Kansas to help his step-daughter and son-in-law preserve their ranch against...


by David M. McGowan

Synopsis: Thomas Brash is trying to escape but knows he never will. Pursuing him is the memory of the family he lost to cholera. Perhaps he believes that traveling alone in a wild, dangerous land will end all...

The Fight at Hueco Tanks

by Chris Scott Wilson

The Apaches hated and feared Jim Tanner. They called him El Cazador, The Hunter, because he always returned them to the reservation. Dead or alive.

When Chato, would-be war chief who believed he had been chosen...

Bohanin's Last Days

by Randy D. Smith

As Captain L. J. Bohanin heads for California to enjoy his retirement from the 10th Cavalry he becomes immersed in a mystery involving a beautiful and complex school teacher in Springfield, Colorado. Bohanin,...

Double Mountain Crossing

by Chris Scott Wilson

Morgan Clay had tried his hand at almost everything. When he stumbled on a rich gold vein he thought all his troubles were over, but for him trouble was just beginning.

A Kiowa brave and two boys eager to earn...

Fort Larned

by Randy D. Smith

Fort Larned is the first of three historical novels depicting the life of fictional adventurer, Lane Collier.

From his beginnings as a Civil War army scout and later as a celebrated buffalo hunter, lawman,...