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Night Over the Solomons: Stories

by Louis L'Amour



They’re freelance pilots and full-time troubleshooters for democracy. They’re men like Steven Cowan, Mike Thorne, and Turk Madden who face danger every day of their...

Slocum #402: Slocum and the Trick Shot Artist

by Jake Logan


With his dying words, a sheriff tells Slocum to find the men who shot him. Though he’s never been too partial to the law, Slocum accepts the mission—and even the deputy’s badge that goes...

Hell Riders

by Marc Henry

Thirty years ago, they came together on a war-torn frontier.

Now, they’ll stand together once more—to honor one of their own...

It’s a thousand miles from snowbound Montana to the Arizona Territory. But...

On the Road to Glory: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner

ON THE ROAD TO GLORY, the fifth volume in the Western Quest Series, follows Aaron Lloyd Turner, his brothers David and Noah, and their brother-in-law, Pinckney Hawkins, through the greatest tragedy in American...

On the Western Trail: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner

ON THE WESTERN TRAIL, the seventh book in the Western Quest Series, follows the rough and tumble life of Aaron Lloyd Turner as the burgeoning cattle business reaches its zenith and gradual decline to something...

From the Listening Hills: Stories

by Louis L'Amour

In peerless fiction spanning five decades and as many continents, Louis L’Amour has proven himself the preeminent storyteller of the American experience. Whether set aboard a ship trapped in enemy seas or...

Dutchman's Flat

by Louis L'Amour



In this land, the place you leave behind might not be there when you get back. At least not the way you knew it. Tack Gentry of the G Bar, Chat Lock of Dutchman’s Flat, and Ward McQueen...

Wag the Dog: A Novel

by Larry Beinhart

Once upon a time there was a mean, dying GOP chairman who had a brilliant scheme to assure that his man would retain the office of president of the United States of America. And the only man who could pull off...

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 1: Frontier Stories

by Louis L'Amour

With more than 120 titles still in print, Louis L'Amour is recognized the world over as one of the most prolific and popular American authors in history. Though he met with phenomenal success in every genre...

Lonesome Animals

by Bruce Holbert

In Lonesome Animals, Arthur Strawl, a tormented former lawman, is called out of retirement to hunt a serial killer with a sense of the macabre who has been leaving elaborately carved bodies of Native Americans...


by Louis L'Amour

“Over the years I have been proud to write about the men and women of the American frontier. But I have written many stories with entirely different settings which I have long wanted to share with my readers....

The Trail to Crazy Man

by Louis L'Amour



“Almost forty years ago, when my fiction was being published exclusively in ‘pulp’ western magazines, I wrote several novel-length stories, which my editors called ‘magazine...

Ride for the Lone Star: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner

Aaron Turner is a tall redheaded fifty-three year old minister and Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas militia. Duty calls him to participate in both the Cherokee and Wichita Wars. He and his family struggle to...

Under Troubled Skies: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner

UNDER TROUBLED SKIES, the third volume in the Western Quest Series, follows Aaron Turner, his family and friends, through the tumultuous years culminating in the War for Texas Independence from Mexico. Aaron,...

On the Camino Real: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner

Aaron Turner was a third generation American. His grandfather, Thomas Turner, first appearing in OUT OF THE WILDERNESS, had come from Ireland to settle in South Carolina. In this second installment in the Western...

The Trailsman #369: Badlands Bloodsport

by Jon Sharpe

Game of death

Fargo is guiding a high-falutin’ expedition across the Dakota Badlands when they come across a Cheyenne buffalo hunt. And that’s a problem—because Hunt Law states that any white men who...

Under the Sweetwater Rim

by Louis L'Amour

Deep in Indian country, Major Mark Devereaux and his men find a grisly scene: a wagon train savagely attacked, with no survivors. One of the wagons originally with the group is missing; in it is a fortune in...

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 6

by Louis L'Amour

One of America’s most beloved storytellers, Louis L’Amour’s vibrant tales of adventure bring the American West to life. Now, in this sixth volume of collected short stories, L’Amour takes us beyond the...

Slocum #401: Slocum and the Devil's Rope

by Jake Logan

Finders Keepers…

With buzzards circling in the sky, young Tom Garvin hopes his search for the lost cattle of the Bar M Ranch has not ended in vain. It turns out the carrion those birds are after isn’t cows...

The Gunsmith #367: The Omaha Palace

by J. R. Roberts


Men from all over are playing their way west to Iowa, hoping to make a fortune in a roll of the dice or in a backroom game of cards. They’re trying to cash in...