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Lawman From Nogales

by Ralph Cotton

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack is hunting Luis and Teto Torres, the notorious leaders of the ruthless Gun Killers Gang. Little does he know that an ambush is waiting for him in the town of Wild Roses. Only the courageous...

Dead River Killer

by Frank Leslie

Bad luck has driven half-breed Yakima Henry and Sheriff Jack Kelly into the town of Dead River during a severe mountain winter-where Yakima must weather a killer who's hell-bent on making the town as dead as...

Slocum #392: Slocum and the Socorro Saloon Sirens

by Jake Logan

Cowboys seeking companionship can always find a woman flaunting her feminine wiles at the Socorro Saloon. But once lured inside, they fall prey to bad men in the employ of Willie Scroggs. Linda Littlepage fears...

.45-Caliber Desperado

by Peter Brandvold

Cuno Massey killed a pack of Deputy U.S. Marshals, but only because they were about to rape the women he was escorting to safety. Thrown into a federal penitentiary, he faces a death sentence-until the beautiful...

Legends and Tales of the American West

by Richard Erdoes

From Davy Crockett, Wild Bill Hickok, and Calamity Jane to Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and Frank and Jesse James, here are more than 130 colorful stories of the pioneers, cowboys, outlaws, gamblers, prospectors,...

The Trailsman #359: Platte River Gauntlet

by Jon Sharpe

When a frontier army fort is ordered to pull up stakes and move, Fargo's scouting skills may not be enough to protect the massive military maneuver.

The Gunsmith 357: The Dead Ringer

by J. R. Roberts

A killer's been impersonating the Gunsmith. Whoever this pistol- packing pretender is, he's about to find out the hard way-the West ain't big enough for two Gunsmiths.

Slocum 391: Slocum Along Corpse River

by Jake Logan

After finding three dead bodies floating in a river, Slocum becomes a prisoner of a mysterious man known as the Emperor. But when Slocum's done with him, the Emperor's new clothes will be courtesy of an undertaker....

Longarm 394: Longarm and the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse

by Tabor Evans

A gang of gorgeous grim reapers has been leaving a trail of bullet- riddled corpses. Longarm needs to bring them in, but they have plans for the lawman. Longarm figures if these wild women are going to try to...

The Trailsman #358: Six-Gun Vendetta

by Jon Sharpe

Back when Skye Fargo still had green on his antlers, legendary mountain man Corey Webster showed him how to survive in the wild. So when four predatory prison breakers butcher the old man like a hog, Fargo loads...

The Lawman: Blood Trails: Blood Trails

by Lyle Brandt

U.S. Marshal Jack Slade puts his honeymoon on hold when a series of slasher murders makes the Wild West a little wilder.

The Stranger From Abilene

by Ralph Compton & Joseph A. West

Rancher Cage Clayton has been hired to track down a man who years ago left a destructive path in his wake. Though he doesn't know what Lissome Terry looks like, Clayton knows his target is in Bighorn Point,...

A Tale Out of Luck: A Novel

by Willie Nelson & Mike Blakely

Retired Texas Ranger Captain Hank Tomlinson intends to spend the rest of his days raising cattle on his Broken Arrow Ranch, and nurturing his frontier town of Luck, Texas. But when the brutal murder and scalping...

Left Hand of the Law

by Charles G. West

After a corrupt deputy kills his family, burns his home, and leaves him with a scar across his face, Ben Cutler settles the score. The townsfolk called it justice, but the judge called it murder-and Cutler is...

The Trailsman #357: Stagecoach Sidewinders

by Jon Sharpe

When Skye Fargo drives off a pack of stagecoach robbers, he ends up in the middle of a battle for business. Because in the boomtown of Oro City, there are two coach companies-and the competition between them...

Payback at Morning Peak

by Gene Hackman

LIFE, NOT DEATH, DROVE JUBAL YOUNG . . . but memories of his ma and pa, and his beautiful, bright sister are all he has left. Memories of the peaceful days before Jubal stumbled home with his .22, his blood...

Skeleton Lode

Sundown Riders #6

by Ralph Compton

Arlo Wells and Dallas Holt are two ex-cowpunchers who've hit a patch of bad luck-until a dying friend tells them of a lost gold mine. They jump at the chance to get the fortune. But Arlo and Dallas aren't the...

The Gunsmith #356: Hunt for the White Wolf

by J. R. Roberts

Clint Adams's friend Jesse Trapp is on his way to Montana to find the great white wolf. But Jesse isn't the only one headed north-and his pursuer is keen on revenge. Luckily, the Gunsmith doesn't let bad things...

Slocum #390: Slocum and the Cow Camp Killers

by Jake Logan

It's not a good idea to get Slocum riled up. When a good friend is brutally murdered by the savage Hudson brothers, he sets out to return the favor-with interest...

Longarm #393: Longarm and the Runaway Nurse

by Tabor Evans

Rogue lawman Eli Pittman used Longarm for target practice. Now the deranged deputy has lit out for Arizona Territory, and Longarm's hell-bent on catching him. But he won't be making the journey alone-the lovely...