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The Gunsmith #366: The Governor's Gun

by J. R. Roberts


Clint Adams is just as skilled at crafting a gun as he is with handling one, and that’s why he’s come to Austin. The lieutenant governor would like him to construct a gun for Governor...

Longarm #403: Longarm and Lucky Lucy

by Tabor Evans


At first glance one might think fortune has smiled on the lovely, redheaded Lucy Horton. But as U.S. Marshal Custis Long soon discovers, she is fleeing a tragic past in Philadelphia—and dodging...

The Hills of Homicide: Stories

by Louis L'Amour



Here is a collection of Louis L’Amour detective stories—vivid tales as memorable and exciting as his beloved frontier fiction....

Death Waits Sundown

by L. Ron Hubbard

When Lynn Taylor's kid brother, Lee, gets framed for stage robbery, cattle rustling and murder, the boy swears his innocence and instead accuses McCloud, head of the vigilante committee responsible for removing...

Durango: A Novel

by Gary Hart

A contemporary novel filled with scandal, controversy, and suspense, set in the small Southwest town of Durango, Colorado.

The Devil's Laughter

by Peter Brandvold

 Lou Prophet loves to keep beautiful women company. But when the invitation comes from Miss Louisa Bonaventure, the Vengeance Queen, he finds himself intimate with hot lead instead of her warm female form....

The Last Narrow Gauge Train Robbery

by Robert K., Jr. Swisher

They could be your next-door neighbors--Bill Masterson, Ronnie Wild, Riley Page and Frank Cummings--ex-hippies now living outwardly responsible and respectable lives. But these model citizens still yearn for...

The Red River Ring

by Randy D. Smith

An Old West adventure set in the rugged Palo Duro Canyon of Texas, The Red River Ring is the story of Pommel McMurphy, a successful pioneer rancher, Confederate soldier, and trail boss.

McMurphy returns to...

Kiowa Trail

by Louis L'Amour

Kate Lundy, owner of the Tumbling B, and Conn Dury, her foreman, told Tom the rules: men from the cattle drives are forbidden on the north side of town. People appreciated the money the cowboys spent but thought...

Slocum #398: Slocum and the High-Rails Heiress

by Jake Logan

While escorting precious cargo to Salt Lake City, Slocum meets a stunning heiress with a mysterious chest. Pursued by roughnecks, he finds himself caught in a deadly mix of beauty, bounty, and bullets.

Longarm #401: Longarm and the Night Raiders

by Tabor Evans

Longarm helps out a former Texas Ranger with a gold claim. When raiders come under cover of night with guns and torches, Longarm's waiting to make short work of them.

Thunder Valley

by David Robbins

When a railroad baron sends hired guns to clear the farmers out of Thunder Valley, Roy Sether befriends the notorious Rondo James to help protect his family.

Slocum #399: Slocum and the Meddler

by Jake Logan


Slocum’s having trouble sleeping in Abilene. The town’s overrun with rowdy, drunken cowboys, but what’s really got him wide awake is Mac, the man who just shot open his hotel room...

Longarm #402: Longarm and the Hell Creek Lead Storm

by Tabor Evans


Deputy U.S. Marshal Custis Long’s got no stomach for yellow-bellied killers—but when a gang of outlaws takes to decapitating deputies, it’s Longarm who loses his head....

Midnight Rider

by Ralph Cotton

Hired to help steal $50,000 in gold bullion, ex-Pinkerton Avrial "Rock" Rochenbach must earn the trust of some of the West's most notorious outlaws-while protecting his true identity as an undercover U.S. Secret...

Longarm 359: Longarm and Lovin' Lizzy

by Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Duel at Low Hawk

by Charles G. West

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.


by Rosemary Nourse

Twenty-four-year-old Jane Marshall is unattractive, poor, struggling to educate herself, and living in a deteriorating city with her hopelessly alcoholic mother. Despite Jane's circumstances, she has goals that...


by Chris Scott Wilson

When a bible-punching bounty hunter caught and hanged one of the Benson Gang, his weakness for women made him cross the line.

He was hunting the outlaws responsible for holding up the westbound train of the...

Lovell's Prize

by Randy D. Smith

US Deputy Marshal Don Lovell works the Indian Territory "on the scout" out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 1878. He is known for a strong handshake and a firm disposition, and for making good his word. Women generally...