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Death Takes a Ride: A Novel

by Lorena McCourtney

Once again private investigator Cate Kinkaid finds herself in more danger than her pay grade should allow when a straightforward case of attempted robbery turns out to be so much more.

Blind Trust: A Novel

by Sandra Orchard

When amateur sleuth Kate Adams investigates a small-time counterfeit operation, she discovers a sinister corporate conspiracy and uncovers shocking family secrets.

Stuck Together

by Mary Connealy

They may be the last two single people in Broken Wheel, but Vince Yates and Tina Cahill are determined not to end up stuck together!

War of the Heart

by Greg Allen

Greg Allen's stirring novel, War of the Heart, follows the amazing journey of a young, adventurous American, Jonathan Freed. Growing up in the Deep South under the hardships of the Great Depression, Jonathan...

The Tree

by Ford Katherine Auhtor

From the time she was five years old, she saw the tree through her father's eyes, and that colored her world. But it was in the early sixties that her story truly began. The "twist" was the new dance craze in...

Under His Wings

by Maxine Johnson

Things were supposed to be better coming west! Why? Why? Why did the Almighty One do things like this? Why was I left all alone? Katie Kurtz doesn't know whether she wants to live or die. She finds herself completely...

The Memoirs of an Angel

by Lyle A. Way

Desmond said, "At that, there was a great whirling noise in heaven. Michael laid hands on Satan and physically dragged him away from the temple. Satan struggled and wrestled with him, shouting the most horrible...

Why Am I Treated This Way?

by Harriet Scott Lee

Throughout life, we see people hurt others or get hurt by others for absolutely no cause other than they fall in love. How stupid of them. What were they thinking! Imagine loving someone and wanting nothing...

The Swords of Allah: Book One - The Sons of Light and Dark Series

by Bruce Bowers

"He checked his breathing and calmed his hands. There behind his weapon, he became the highly trained killing machine that his country needed." Marine Corps Major Jarod Stone's warrior spirit serves him well...

God and Princess Kiah

by Veronica Loman

Princess Kiah is a beautiful princess created in heaven by God. She was sent to earth to help, save, and teach Gods people about the good things he wanted them to do on earth. Princess Kiah had her special Bible...

Once a Long Time Ago

by Kay G. Jay

Two people who survive by maintaining a wall of protection around their hearts are thrown together in a life and death struggle against a cult of terrorists who claim their origin from the dawn of civilization...

The Hand of Refuge

by Anthony Carter

God does not always do the expected. In fact, it is usually quite the opposite. When newspaper editor Cassandra "Cass" O'Neal gets the opportunity to write her first article, she is over-the-moon excited. For...

Timetrap: Some Things Are Better Left Alone: Second Edition

by Dennis Stafford

There's not much mankind can't accomplish given the proper motivation and enough time but even so some things are better left alone. Some things lie in the hands of God and rightfully so. This lesson was becoming...

99.999: The Most Daring Attempt Ever to Save the Human Race

by Kathryn J. Baird

From the author of Strangers in the World comes a breathtaking story of a young girl destined to save the world. Erin Hamilton has the highest IQ of anyone ever born. The secret organization of the GSO (Global...

Till Heaven Then Forever

by Linda Heavner Gerald

Till Heaven Then Forever is a story about an older man and a younger woman. Deeply entrenched in the world, surrounded by wealth, they 'had it all.' Or did they? Their desire was to remain together until death,...

A Shepherd's Story (Novel Version): Novel

by W. Hugh Henderson

What happened to the shepherds that saw and heard the angels that night near Bethlehem as they announced the birth of the Messiah? "Two eyes, two ears, nothing special about this baby. Why would angels announce...

Death Has No Hold: An Unbroken Circle

by Rebecca R. Brown

Being queen of Teylia Island did not satisfy Lucienda Vaneesia Lamont's lust for power and glory. She took pride in controlling and manipulating lives. Anyone who opposed her was punished. Four individuals in...

Christmas at Goldstone Inn: Goldstone Inn, Volume 4

by Marilyn White

Lucy had tears in her eyes as the spotlight revealed four white-robed angelic figures at the front of the Lighthouse Church on Christmas Eve. Raising their faces to the light, the countenance of her beautiful...

Thorns and Thistles

by Joshua M. Fagin

"And God said to Adam, '...I have placed a curse on the ground. All of your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it. It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains. All...

Darkwood: Second Edition

by J. Landon Ferguson

From the beginning of time, evil forces have plagued mankind. One particular dark entity, in the form of a giant tree, makes its way through the history of man, invoking evil, a faceless supernatural force that...