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A Promise Made

by Janet Lee Barton

When Emma Hanson's young friend, a single mother, dies and leaves baby Mandy to Emma's care, the town of Roswell takes sides. Most of the men say Emma can't manage - after all, she has a restaurant to run -...

Angel's Roost

by Janet Spaeth

Tess Mahoney owns Angel's Roost, a shop which specializes in angelic items. When Jake Cameron, the owner of Panda's, a popular coffeehouse across town, visits Tess's shop for the first time, he buys a large...

High Plains Hearts

by Janet Spaeth

Travel to the plains in three North Dakota romances where dreams grow big and hearts are drawn to love. When coffeehouse owner Jake shows interest in Angel’s Roost gift shop owner Tess’s angelic wares, Tess...

The Innocence of Father Brown

by G. K. Chesterton

"He thought his detective brain as good as the criminal's, which was true. But he fully realized the disadvantage. 'The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic,' he said with a sour smile,...

The Gabon Virus: A Novel

by Paul McCusker & Walt M.D. Larimore

In the face of a new plague that threatens the world, our forensic heroes investigate the past to save the future— studying evidence from when the Black plague decimated a small english village eyam, pronounced...

Dark Horse: A Political Thriller

by Ralph Reed

At the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, California governor Robert Long got robbed.

It's a tight race between Long and Senator Salmon Stanley for the Democratic nomination for president. When Stanley...


by Marie-Bernadette Dupuy & Kyle Mooney

The Epiphany, 1916. On an unforgivingly cold winter’s night in Val-Jalbert, Lac-Saint-Jean, a twelve month-old child, wrapped in furs, is discovered by a nun from the convent school. The discovery of this...

Sadie's Secret

by Kathleen Y'Barbo

From bestselling author Kathleen Y'Barbo comes Sadie's Secret, the third book in The Secret Lives of Will Tucker series. These historical novels capture the romance of the South mingled with adventure and laced...

The Quaker and the Rebel

by Mary Ellis

Bestselling author Mary Ellis presents The Quaker and the Rebel, Book 1 of her brand-new Civil War historical romance series, which tells the stories of brave women in times of testing and the men who love them....

The Devil Is a Lie

by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

All that glitters isn’t gold in this new compelling tale of love, money, and divorce gone wrong from award-winning and #1 Essence bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley.

Most people think that money...

Blood on the Forge

by William Attaway & Darryl Pinckney

This brutally gripping novel about the African-American Great Migration follows the three Moss brothers, who flee the rural South to work in industries up North. Delivered by day into the searing inferno of...

The Unfinished Gift: A Novel

by Dan Walsh

Set at Christmastime in 1943, this nostalgic story of forgiveness reminds us of the surprising things that affect powerful change in our hearts.

Blood Bayou: A Novel

by Karen Young

To Save a Victim, Camille St. James May Have to Become One Herself.

Seven years ago, tragedy ended the troubled marriage of Camille and Jack Vermillion. Now, as head of the Truth Project, her life safe and...

Yesterday's Embers

by Deborah Raney

On Thanksgiving Day, Douglas DeVore kissed his beloved wife good-bye, unaware that it would be the last time he'd see her -- or their precious daughter Rachel. Left with five kids to raise on his own, and already...

Salty Like Blood: A Novel

by Harry Kraus

David Conners, M.D., is on the fast track to creating a perfect life when his seven-year-old daughter disappears. David's all-consuming quest to find her -- dead or alive -- threatens to destroy everything he...

Katt's in the Cradle: A Secrets from Lulu's Cafe Novel

by Ginger Kolbaba & Christy Scannell

When you're in the trenches, sometimes you're up to your neck in mud. That's the not-so-glamorous life of a pastor's wife.

Felicia's family is...complicated. That's putting it nicely. Now they're flying in...

The Billy Fidget Letters

by Nick Battle

Billy Fidget is a feckless, foul-mouthed, forty-something, father of three who spends his life selling fast cars and seducing even faster women. When he is caught in the back of an Aston Martin DB7 with the...

A Girl to Come Home To

by Grace Livingston Hill

Rodney Graeme, a war hero wounded by love, returns home to face the aftermath of a broken engagement. . .only the past won’t fade without a fight.


Beowulf: Explosives Detection Dog

by Ronie Kendig

Beowulf-a hulky, brindle-coated bullmastiff-is the only "boy" for Timbrel Hogan. And she has a history to remind her why. But when Timbrel, a handler at A Breed Apart, embarks on a mission to detect WMDs in...

Unpretty: A Novel of Suspense

by Sharon C Rogers

The city of Lehigh, West Virginia, faces the insidious threat of a sadistic cult bent on eliminating all "unpretty" things in the world.

A bomb goes off at the Conklin Art Gallery, killing eight people associated...