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Four in the Garden: A Christian Fantasy about Spiritual Growth and Transformation

by Rick Hocker


“This book definitely inspired me to trust more fully in God.”

—Pastor Doug McCoy, Pleasant Hill, CA

An unusual retelling of the Garden of Eden story, Four in the...

Oriel in the Desert

by Robert Harrison

Moses and the dramatic exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, as told by Oriel, the archangel with admin skills.

The Book of Love

by Andrew M. Greeley & Mary G. Durkin

Love. Of all the virtues that have been passed on to us through the ages, from the great poets to the saints and scholars, throughout history and literature, love is the one virtue that we as a society cannot...

THE SQUIRE OF LOW DEGREE - Book 4 from the Stories of the Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser & Retold by Mary Macleod

FREE EBOOK – “The Squire of Low Degree”, also known as The Sqyr of Lowe Degree, is an anonymous late Middle English or early Modern English verse romance. Originally published as a poem as the fourth part...

The Bridal Changing Room

by Lisa Michelle Hartell

Men, women, and youth love The Bridal Changing Room - a 45 minute visual and compelling reading experience. It's an eye opening allegory giving you a glimpse into the invisible, to see the world in a way you...

The Feather

by A.J. Dudley

The Feather, the first book of the Raven Crest Series, begins the epic tale of Nicholas Monitari, the son of a royal tutor, and of young Arabella, Princess of the Isle of Man, in the early sixteenth century....

Bride Tree:

by Jp Robinson

The year is 1789. France is reeling under the impact of a civil war between its social classes. When a secret agent from Rome joins forces with a vindictive politician bent on revenge, the stage is set for an...

Tales of the Seer

by aldivan teixeira torres

Tales of the Seer is a collection of the best stories published by the seer. The objective is to gather in a text the necessary help for a life analysis and positive replacement even in the face of casualties...

The Contemporary Testament

by aldivan teixeira torres

This is the book of God. Does this seem contradictory to you?

”This is the book of God. Does this seem contradictory to you? Taking notes here and there, it was written through the greatest force in the universe...

Hinds' Feet on High Places

by Hannah Hurnard

Hinds’ Feet on High Places remains Hannah Hurnard’s best known and most beloved book: a timeless allegory dramatizing the yearning of God’s children to be led to new heights of love, joy, and victory....

Shame on You

by Elizabeth F. Christensen

The next day, the women woke up at noon. They were still talking about the wonderful party. They had arranged with the kitchen to serve leftovers for brunch in a picnic basket.

They decided to eat in the garden...

Shepherds Find Their Shepherd

by Jan Hill

What did shepherds see and hear on that fateful night when God sent his Son to earth? We only know for sure the thumbnail biblical account. What was it like to hear heaven's armies confirm the most wonderful...

Is He My Mother’S Child?

by Ginny Johnson

An intriguing story where the maternal identity of a young boy is uncertain; the paternity unheard of or unquestioned. Red, the accused mother, seems to live a life on trial as she struggles to raise a house...

The Losers

by Alexa Winter

Jane is 37 years old with a run-of-the-mill life marked by mostly fair weather. That is until the perfect storm hits. Now, her mom has died, her husband has left, and she has been forced to give up her career....

Can I Do This Alone

by Sarah A. Steed

Young writer Sarah A. Steed takes you through the eyes of a young girl; Susan Douglas. She is a follower of Jesus Christ and knows about the second coming of Christ. She is brave enough to follow Gods plan and...

You Can Begin Again

by Suzan Bonita Thompson

This allegorical tale provides a contemporary spin on the biblical story of The Woman at the Well. The reader is taken on a journey with Samaris, who experiences the turmoil of losing her father, losing her...

The Weeping Tree

by Barbara Hassell & Janet Utley Wimmer

This book is the first in a series of Christian Nature Books for Children. The book teaches children not only about various kinds of trees but also poignant life lessons about prejudice and unkindness. Moreover,...

A Tree in Paradise

by James R. Varner

This world we live in is not at peace. We experience the result of greed, the desire to control others, wars, and rumors of war. From my travels, I realize that most people would like to just live their lives...

The Book of Told

by K A Gunn

You have a combat position in the battle of words between a master authorand his rival. An inconceivable setting. A discovery. A betrayal. A war. A forfeit. A modification. An unimaginable battle. From ancient...


by Dionna Dibble

I call her Adah. Shes the nameless woman from Scripture who met Jesus at the well, and hers is a story that details the pain of rejection and the deep scars of betrayal, as well as the miraculous healing and...