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The Space Trilogy, Omnib

by C. S. Lewis

This one-volume edition marks the 75th anniversary of Lewis's classic science fiction trilogy featuring the adventures of Dr. Ransom on Mars, Venus, and Earth. It includes an exclusive foreword compiled from...

A Memoir of Patience

by Jessiqua Wittman & Memoirs of Life Publishing

Marna begins... for the first and last time.

The Great Wars loom on one side of this one-hundred-and-twenty-year old colony, the Occupation grips the other. Patience and her twin Patrick are in charge of a desperate...

A Memoir of Patience: Part Four

by Jessiqua Wittman & Memoirs of Life Publishing

Separated from Patrick, but integrated into the Hadadian tribe, Patience is pouring herself whole-heartedly into the mentoring of the chieftan's son, BenHadad. The chieftan himself is proving to be a challenge...

A Memoir of Patience: Part Three

by Jessiqua Wittman & Memoirs of Life Publishing

The end of the tracks have come for Patience and Patrick. They disembark from the train and enter a desert, still searching for a place to call home. This land is already settled though, both by other refugee...

A Memoir of Patience: Part Two

by Jessiqua Wittman & Memoirs of Life Publishing

Patience and Patrick's alliance with the DuBois is quickly dissolving. Traveling by train, through the Wasteland and under the Black Sea, brings on the Clash, a feud which will affect these two peoples for over...

A Memoir of Patience: Part One

by Jessiqua Wittman & Memoirs of Life Publishing

Patience and her twin brother Patrick are nearly sixty-year-old twins leading refugees and stragglers while escaping a Nuclear Winter. Their motley band of gang members, prostitutes, doctors, and genetically...

The Pycroft Particle

by Matthew E. Nordin

With her eccentric colleagues, her work will make teleportation a reality for everyone. Although she has the support of her Christian husband, the secrecy of her work threatens to tear their marriage apart.



by Randy C Dockens

The danger intensifies. Luke and his friends must decide what to do with the sixty-year-old banned artifact they have stolen from the secret vault of The Six. Luke almost regrets finding it, for it bothers him...

The Metal Within

by Len Gizinski

A breezy, smart apocalyptic tale that makes sequels look tempting. Kirkus Reviews

Within the dark shadows of a dystopian future, Jack is a street-smart pastor in an urban ghetto. But when the local street gang...

The Final Journey:

by Larry D. Horton PhD

It is the summer of 2016 and the possibility that a dark world exists in the future is a theory no one wants to become a reality. As signs of impending turmoil increase and a presidential election looms in the...

One Tempting Test

by Biji T. Kurien Msc Mphil PhD

In an impeccably indescribable and inexplicable place called heaven, Lucifer throws the gauntlet before God. He challenges God to pick someone for one temptation-filled test.

God needs someone like Job for this...

Song of Aenon

by Robert K. Stevenson

When one of the most significant events of human history occurs, the response is not unlike the first. There will be predictable bewilderment and confusion followed by outright unbelief and dismissal. This time...

Dream Stealers

by Suzanne O'Neil

What does a young Maori girl from rural New Zealand have to do with the residents of a beautiful futuristic City?

Through dreams and visions the girl experiences some startling glimpses into another world and...

Pleased to Meet You...

by Robert Roselli

I am everywhere yet I am nowhere. I dont exist yet I rule the world. I am known as The Great Geometer and Architect of the Universe yet I am the author of chaos. I have no name but I take after my mother, a...

Into the Tempest

by Eric Luppold

What if it were illegal for parents to share their faith with their children? Would you still do it? What if it meant risking custody of your children?

In the future United States created by Eric Luppold in his...

Survival Skills

by Theresa Alt

Christys first semester at college is even better than she imagined it would be. She has a new best friend and study partner, Ashley. Shes falling hard for the handsome and funny Scott Markham. She is doing...

Blow the Trumpet in Zion

by Rick Pietlicki

Author Rick Pietlicki in his first book Blow the Trumpet in Zion, of the Tribulation Chronicles series takes us on a fast-paced adventure of people and events that happen just before the Tribulation Period prophesied...

World Eternal

by Donna R. Wittlif

Picture it. The world is free of many of the major problems that plagued it for centuries. Hunger, homelessness, and natural disasters are no more. Theres no more disease. Who wouldnt want to live in such a...


by Patricia Robinson

In the twenty-second century, the GPC has convinced the government to severely cut budgets and programs, creating an underclass of many of its poor and working-class citizens. It is now the year 2108. The haves...

The Stuff of Dreams

by Q. Ulysses Chapman

The Stuff of Dreams is a story of choices, consequences, and Gods grace toward those of us who make the wrong choice. It is also a reminder that He gives to those He chooses the chance to choose again.