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Latvian-English Dictionary

by Leonard Zusne

This unabridged work includes a previously distributed DICTIONARY OF LATVIAN PROVERBS, making it unique and more attractive than similar publications.

A translating dictionary, like this one, is a practical...

From Modern Theory to a Poetics of Experience

by Grzegorz Grochowski & Ryszard Nycz

The volume From Modern Theory to a Poetics of Experience contains a wide selection of essays, which were published during past decades in academic journal Teksty Drugie and were widely appreciated as significant...

Glorious Outlaws: Debt as a Tool in Contemporary Postcolonial Fiction

by Izabela Morska

This book addresses debt in postcolonial fiction: financial, social, historical, and cultural. The author examines how literary characters including servants, fallen women, and cultural outsiders pay or refuse...

Dimensions of Sociolinguistic Landscapes in Europe

by Mikko Laitinen & Anastassia Zabrodskaja

The articles in this volume investigate everyday textual material of sociolinguistic landscapes in the early 21st century. Sociolinguistic landscapes reflect societal change, and they enable observers to map...

Structural Aspects of Bilingual Speech

by Elena Gasser

The goal of the present study was to identify, describe and account for bilingual (Russian-Hebrew) varieties spoken in the Russian immigrant community in Israel. In order to achieve this complex goal, an interdisciplinary...

Facets of Linguistics

by Anne Ammermann, Alexander Brock, Jana Pflaeging & Peter Schildhauer

This volume aims to represent the breadth and depth of current linguistic research of predominantly young linguists and thus to produce a snapshot of topical linguistic issues and trends. Therefore, it presents...

Muhammad and the Formation of Sacrifice

by Gerd Marie Adna

Islam has a festival of sacrifice, id al-adha, which is celebrated each year in the month of pilgrimage. Simultaneous to the celebration and the sacrificial ritual in Mecca, during hajj, sheep, camels and cows...

Intensifiers and Reflexive Pronouns in English and Mandarin Chinese

by Lin Wang

The book is a study on intensifiers and reflexive pronouns between two languages (English and Mandarin Chinese) and the first one drawing a complete picture in this domain. It provides the full uses of self,...

Teaching Environments

by Roman Bartosch & Sieglinde Grimm

The essays in this collection seek to bring together current developments in ecocriticism and the pedagogical practice of teaching English at all levels, from primary schools to Higher Education. They cover...

Carminis Personae – Character in Roman Poetry

by Maria Grazia Iodice & Mariusz Zagorski

This volume contains a collection of papers by an international team of scholars covering the subject of literary character in Roman poetry. The list of authors discussed in the book includes the most prominent...

The Physician as a Rebellious Intellectual

by N. Peter Joosse

The medical section of the Kitab al-Na?i?atayn or Book of the Two Pieces of Advice by the medieval author cAbd al-Latif ibn Yusuf al-Baghdadi (1162-1231) challenges the idea that Arabic-Islamic medicine declined...

Cognitive and Pragmatic Aspects of Speech Actions

by Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka

This volume contains papers which reflect current discussions in the study of speech actions. The collection was inspired by the papers presented at Meaning, Context and Cognition, the first international conference...

Chinese Medical Concepts in Urban China

by Martin Böke

Popular assertions proclaim a tradition of Chinese medicine spanning several thousand years. But is this really important for today’s China? Is Chinese medicine relevant for the modern, cosmopolitan urban...

Poisoned Cornucopia

by Ryszard Wolny & Stankomir Nicieja

This volume explores the notions of excess, intemperance and overabundance in cultures and literatures of both the English- and Chinese-speaking worlds. It concentrates on some aspects of literary and cultural...

Germans in Tonga

by James Bade

Germans in Tonga is the culmination of an eight-year research project in which the author and his team of researchers gathered biographical material on Germans in Tonga. There are four main sources: the British...

Space and Location in the Circulation of Knowledge (1400–1800)

by Marion Eggert, Felix Siegmund & Dennis Würthner

In response to the recent surge of interest in studying epistemic transfers and changes, this volume assembles an interdisciplinary range of articles that look at the production, consumption and dissemination...

New Insights into Slavic Linguistics

by Sylwester Jaworski & Jacek Witkos

This volume presents a number of contributions to the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistics Society held in Szczecin, Poland, October 26–28. The largest number of articles address issues related to...

«Bis dat, qui cito dat»

by Christian Grandl, Kevin J. McKenna, Andreas Nolte & Elisabeth Piirainen

Bis dat, qui cito dat – never has a proverb more aptly applied to an individual than does this Medieval Latin saying to Wolfgang Mieder. «He gives twice who gives quickly» captures the essence of his entire...

Language Proficiency Testing for Chinese as a Foreign Language

by Florian Meyer

How did the (old) Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers of Chinese? What inferences can be derived from HSK test taker scores, especially from Western test takers?...

Multilingualism and Mobility in Europe

by Kristine Horner, Ingrid de Saint-Georges & Jean-Jacques Weber

How do individuals experience multilingualism and mobility in the context of Europeanization and globalisation? The contributors explore language-in-education policies and family language policies, as well as...