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Latin Grammarians on the Latin Accent

by Philomen Probert

Latin Grammarians on the Latin Accent offers a fresh perspective on a long-standing debate about the value of Latin grammarians writing about the Latin accent: should the information they give us be taken seriously,...

Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook

by William D. Mounce

This expanded and updated workbook is designed with the student in mind and intended for use with the standard-setting Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar textbook, now in its fourth edition.

Two optional chapters...

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar

by William D. Mounce

Clear. Understandable. Carefully organized. Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar by William D. Mounce is the standard textbook for colleges and seminaries. Since its initial publication in 1993 its integrated approach...

Runes and the Origins of Writing

by Alain de Benoist

In this wide-ranging yet concise study, Alain de Benoist brings his incisive intelligence and wide erudition to bear on the fiercely debated subject of the mysterious origin and practical and magical functions...

Lelamour Herbal (MS Sloane 5, ff. 13r–57r)

by David Moreno Olalla

One of the three most important medical herbals composed in Middle English, both in terms of physical length and for the number of species treated, and regularly quoted not only by the editors of the Oxford...


by Sanjay D

Spoken Tamil for Absolute Beginners is the most comprehensive English guide for Tamil Language on the market for Absolute beginners: This book is a structured and systematic approach to teach yourself spoken...

Ancient Myths in the Making of Culture

by Malgorzata Budzowska & Jadwiga Czerwinska

The reception of Mediterranean Antiquity heritage is one of the dominant research areas in contemporary classical studies. This issue has constituted the scope of the conference Reception of Ancient Myths in...

The Monstrous World

by Julia Doroszewska

Revenants, oracular heads, hermaphrodites, sex-changers, human-animal children, multiple pregnancies, births, body features … This is just a sample of subjects that Phlegon of Tralles explored in the 2nd century...

Introduction to Kalophony, the Byzantine «Ars Nova»

by Konstantinos Terzopoulos & Gregorios Th. Stathis

The anagrams, or more generally, the mathemata and morphologically related kalophonic forms of Byzantine melopoeïa, constitute the artistic creations by which Psaltic Art is known in all its splendour and becomes...

Landscapes of Power

by Maximilian Lau, Caterina Franchi & Morgan Di Rodi

This volume contains selected papers from the XV International Graduate Conference, highlighting the latest scholarship from a new generation of Late Antique and Byzantine scholars from around the world. The...

Occupying Space in Medieval and Early Modern Britain and Ireland

by Gregory Hulsman & Caoimhe Whelan

This collection offers a range of interdisciplinary viewpoints on the occupation of space and theories of place in Britain and Ireland throughout the medieval and early modern periods. It considers space in...


by Malcolm Scott

This reassessment of Chateaubriand’s literary and political achievements, offered as an intellectual biography of the writer, is centred on the concept of change and Chateaubriand’s emotional suspicion of...

Jesuit Chreia in Late Ming China

by Sher-Shiueh Li & Thierry Meynard

Used by Classical and Medieval Western schools to teach rhetoric, a chreia is a brief moral story attributed to a famous historical figure. In Late Ming China, the Italian Jesuit Alfonso Vagnone, also named...

The Alexandrian Tradition

by Juan Luis García Alonso, María Paz De Hoz & Luis Arturo Guichard

This book is the outcome of the conference «Imperial Alexandria: Interactions between Science, Religion and Literature», held at Salamanca University in October 2011. The conference convened a group of experts...

Two Studies on Pindar

by Arlette Neumann-Hartmann

The late Bruce Karl Braswell worked on Pindar for decades. Besides many smaller contributions, his research resulted in fundamental commentaries on Pythian Four (1988), Nemean One (1992), and Nemean Nine (1998),...

Verbal Aspect Theory and the Prohibitions in the Greek New Testament

by Douglas S. Huffman

The end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries have involved much discussion on overhauling and refining a scholarly understanding of the verbal system for first-century Greek. These...

The Most Precious Possession

by Eliezer Segal

Finding a precious object – a gem, a ring or a coin – inside the belly of a fish is a favorite motif in western literatures that can be traced back to the Greek historian Herodotus. In Herodotus’ account...

The Shaping of English Poetry – Volume IV

by Gerald Morgan

This fourth volume of essays under the title The Shaping of English Poetry consolidates the work of the previous three volumes on the great subjects of English literature in the Medieval and Renaissance periods....

Reading Voices

by J. Andrew Foster

This book is a study of Theocritus’ narrating techniques, intertextual practices, and the relationship between them. By a close, careful description and analysis of these features as particularly deployed...

Greece in British Women's Literary Imagination, 1913–2013

by Semele Assinder, David Holton & Eleni Papargyriou

Greece in British Women’s Literary Imagination, 1913–2013 offers a comprehensive overview of British female writing on Greece in the twentieth century and beyond. Contributors cover a vast array of authors:...