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Advanced Auction and Contract Bridge Tactics for the Keen Player

by , H. Thornely

Bridge is played by millions of avid fans from around the world. This book is aimed at the committed player who wishes to learn the real tricks and secrets of the game from the 'eleven rule' to the common mistakes...

How to Win in the Chess Openings: A Noted Champion Reveals the Secrets of Seizing and Holding the Initiative

by I.A. Horowitz

In this classic chess work, I. A. Horowitz presents the study of chess openings in a logical, easy-to-understand manner, not beyond the grasp of the player who has learned little more than the rules of chess....

The Ultimate Dad's Army Quiz Book

by Nigel Freestone

Are you a fan of the classic British sitcom Dad's Army? Do you miss the slapstick humour and camaraderie of the well-drawn characters? Is this iconic TV show one of your all-time favourites? If you answered...

2012 - The Quiz of the Year

by Jack Goldstein & Frankie Taylor

2012 has been an eventful year. The London Olympics, the US Presidential elections, the prophecy that the world will end... all of these things have made the news. But do you remember the details? Featured in...

1D - One Direction: The Ultimate Quiz Book

by Jack Goldstein

Are you the world's biggest Directioner? Do you know everything there is to know about Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn? If so, then prove it by taking The Ultimate One Direction Quiz! In this book are 200...

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Ultimate Quiz Book

by Mike Dugdale

The Deep Space Nine Quiz Book is a fun selection of original questions (and answers!), comprehensively covering all facets of the classic original series! As a fun family game it will separate the Bajorans from...

The Big Bang Theory - The Bazinga Quiz Book

by Mike Dugdale

Fully updated for season 7, the Big Bang Theory Quiz Book is a fun selection of original questions (and answers!), comprehensively covering all facets of the classic original series! As a fun family game it...

Canasta del Uruguay - Instructions and Rules, with Step-By-Step Explanations on How to Play Canasta

by , Cecilia Salinas

Canasta del Uruguay is know more commonly known as Canasta. This exciting card game was created in Montevideo in the 1940s and quickly became the most widely played game of its day. This informative introduction...

Chess Made Easy

by , C. Purdy

This book will teach you to play chess in two hours. Studied more carefully it can make you an average player. Both the authors have world-wide reputations as a chess player, writers and teachers. Many of the...

Mind Ticklerz Word Games: 700+ Scramblers, Anagrams, Acrostics, and more - for hours of entertainment

by Charles Timmerman

Word games are a great source of fun for word lovers of all kinds. In this new series, the word wonder himself, Charles Timmerman, offers readers a diverse selection of games that is sure to entertain. Readers...

The Awesome Book of One-Minute Mysteries and Brain Teasers

by Sandy Silverthorne & John Warner

Award-winning author Sandy Silverthorne and John Warner's first collection of one-minute mysteries has sold more than 100,000 copies, and now the two offer more fun thinking puzzles for super-sleuths of all...

The Liverpool Quiz Book

by Chris Cowlin

Is Liverpool your favourite football team? Have you watched every match? Are you an expert on all the facts, figures and fixtures that have shaped the club's long history? Then the time has come to find out...

The One Direction Quiz Book

by Chris Cowlin

Are you an expert on One Direction? Can you name all the band members? Have you followed every twist and turn in the amazing One Direction story from X Factor wannabes to chart topping supergroup? If you think...

The Complete Canasta - With the Official Rules and Play

by , Ralph Michaels

Canasta was created in South America in the 1930's to make a game of rummy more exciting in a gentleman's club. This is a helpful guide to the game for the utter novice and the seasoned player alike. Including...

The Right Way to Do Wrong - An Expose of Successful Criminals

by , Harry Houdini

Originally published in 1906, this early work by legendary escapologist Harry Houdini is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains a wealth of information on the methods and history of...

Hoyle's Rules of Games - Descriptions of Indoor Games of Skill and Chance, with Advice on Skillful Play

by , Albert Morehead

A well written and easy to follow guide to over 100 card and parlour games. Including all the rules and how best to beat your opponents. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s...

Amarillo Slim's Play Poker to Win

by Amarillo Slim Preston

In this new and completely revised edition, the first reigning World Series of Poker Champion gets down and dirty about how to win big. It's not just about cards. It's about the people who hold them, so you'll...

Annemanns Card Miracles and Annemanns Mental Mysteries

by , Burling Hull

A fantastic collection of the very finest card tricks and tricks of the mind to astound and astonish all around the dinner table. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before,...

The Losing Trick Count - A Book of Bridge Technique

by , F. Courtenay

Originally published in 1935, this is a detailed manual of Bridge technique, and would be an invaluable addition to the bookshelf of anyone with a passion for the game.

Bridge Endings - The End Game Easy with 30 Common Basic Positions, 24 Endplays Teaching Hands, and 50 Double Dummy Problems

by , Raphael Cioffi

This is a simple book, aimed at the average bridge player who has not yet learned to recognize and execute end plays. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now...