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Win at Poker

by Jeff Rubens

Lucid coverage of poker fundamentals, subtleties: draw, stud, variants; card-counting; betting strategy; more. Includes quizzes, sample hands; appendix on poker laws; more.

Bridge for Bright Beginners

by Terence Reese

Common terms, fundamentals of offensive and defensive bidding and play made clear. 130 bidding hands, 18 sample games. Summary of bidding.

Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations

by R. C. Bell

This encyclopedic volume provides the rules and methods of play for more than 180 different games: Ma-jong, Hazard, Wei-ch'i (Go), Backgammon, Pachisi, and many others. Over 300 photographs and line drawings....

Win at Checkers

by Millard Hopper

Former Unrestricted World Checker Champion introduces you to the game and lets you in on championship secrets. Shots and traps, opening "blitzkrieg" moves, end game, more.

No-Limit Texas Hold'em

by Angel Largay, Amanda Storm & Eva Everything

?Thousands have paid big bucks to learn winning poker strategies from Angel Largay - one of the world's most consistent winners in maximum buy-in no-limit games. Now, Largay offers a wider audience his poker...

How To Play Solitaire

by Tim Ander

Improve Your Solitaire Play and Discover Fun New Variations!

Click the READ MORE button to learn more about this beloved pastime…

Do you want to know more about Solitaire? Would you like to enjoy this popular...

How to Play Whist

by Tim Ander

Master the High-Society Game of Whist!

Click the READ MORE button to explore the world of whist.

When you read How to Play Whist, you’ll be whisked away to a time of luxurious private clubs inhabited by 19th-century...

How To Play Euchre

by Tim Ander

Master Euchre, Win More, and Have Fun with Your Friends!

Click the READ MORE button to discover more about this exciting card game!

When you get your copy of How to Play Euchre, you’ll discover all the basics...

How to Play Rummy and Gin Rummy

by Tim Ander

Master Rummy and Win Big around the Card Table!

Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited and let the games begin.

When you read How to Play Rummy, you’ll enter an exciting world of strategy, cunning, and...

The Secret of Blackjack

by Huichuan Chen

This book explains why and how blackjack player cant win on blackjack card game table at casino.

Standard Methods of Contract Bridge Complete

by Dk Acharya

The book Standard Methods of Contract Bridge Complete comprises of a methodical study and critical analysis of bidding, play, defence and other strategic instruments of contract bridge. In order to make a clear...

The Essential Hand & Foot

by Harry Wastrack

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Canasta was all the rage. Fast forward forty years or so. Canasta is still played, though mostly by people who learned the game more than a generation ago. However, somewhere...

Blackjack Made Easy

by Doug Costantino

Blackjack Made Easy shows readers a simple way to play Blackjack for fun and greater rewards while taking far less risk. This revolutionary approach provides a distinct eye-opener for players of all skill levels....

Cribs for Winning at Video Poker

by Helen Capone

Four years ago I started playing videopoker. As a lark I started to analyze hands and came up with my crib notes which I am sure help to get a winning hand. But unfortunately the machine has the last say. I...

1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors

by Glen Wiggy

Why is there a twelve on the cover of this blackjack book instead of the usual twenty-one? No blackjack author in their right mind would put a hand of twelve on the cover. Glen Wiggy didhe is full of surprises...

Alterman Big Club

by Dr. Stanley B. Alterman

Bridge is one of the few games you dont have to play for money to enjoy. Its a fun game played by people who want to have fun, but often hide that fact with a serious face and demeanor. Bridge, like good love...

Playing with the Masters

by Blackjack Jeff

My name is Jeff Friend I have 33 years experience in playing the game of blackjack. I think of this game as a sport, and being a good team player. Having good manners and respect for others is so important....

Choir Practice

by Ray P. McCord

Choir Practice is not a how-to-play manual for poker. Rather, author Ray P. McCord explores the origins of the game and how it quickly became the modern American phenomenon it is today. He considers the complex...

To the River

by Sam Habash

The exciting and challenging game of Texas HoldEm Poker is gaining more followers dailyboth young and oldwho enjoy competing, bluffing, and most of all, winning. In this guidebook for both novice and experienced...

Twenty-Five Absolute and Undeniable Truths About Texas Hold’Em

by John Belori

Limit Texas HoldEm is a simple game when learned and played by rote. This concept is contrary to a general notion that the game is too complex for such a system to be successfully developed and implemented....