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The Secret of Blackjack

by Huichuan Chen

This book explains why and how blackjack player cant win on blackjack card game table at casino.

Blackjack Ko with Table of Critical Running Counts

by Bj Analyst

Traditional blackjack card counting wisdom is that the selected count should be balanced and if side counts are kept they must be separately tracked by rank which rank is not included in the primary count. This...

Ko with 45M79c

by Bjanalyst

This book is a supplement to KO with Table of Critical Running Count. The 45m79c (Four, Five minus Seven, Nine count) is included as a side count to be used with the primary KO count. Traditional blackjack counting...

Blackjack: How To Play Blackjack: A Beginner to Expert Guide

by Steven Hartman

After pumping dollars into the slot machine and staring at a screen, you get up and notice the table games section of the casino. Brightly lit from can lights shining downward and the crisp green felt of the...

Knock Off

by Rhonda Pollero

Hold on for a rollicking, wickedly fun new mystery series from USA Today Bestselling Author Rhonda Pollero. Shopping, murder and romance all in one book? What a steal!

Meet Finley Anderson Tanner. FAT to her...