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The Long Way Home: The Powerful 4-Step Plan for Adult Children of Divorce

by M. Gary Neuman

How adults can heal the pain caused by their parents' divorce?from New York Times bestselling author Gary Neuman

Millions of adults were children of divorce?and while a few have found closure and healing, many...

When Diabetes Complicates Your Life: Controlling Diabetes and Related Complications

by Joseph Juliano

A valuable guide to improving your life. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for years, you’re at risk for developing complications such as eye disease, poor circulation, kidney disease, stroke,...

Your Self-Confident Baby: How to Encourage Your Child's Natural Abilities -- From the Very Start

by Magda Gerber & Allison Johnson

"At long last -- Magda Gerber's wisdom and spice captured in a book --what a treasure! Now parents and caregivers everywhere can benefit from learning what it means to truly respect babies."

--Janet Gonzalez-Mena...

Health Care Choices for Today's Consumer: Families Foundation USA Guide to Quality and Cost

by Families USA Foundation & Marc S. Miller

"Admirable . . . clearly written, well organized . . . easy and helpful." --Washington Post

"This is the surefire guide to making critical decisions about your family's health." --Dr. J. Larry Brown, Professor...

Heal Your Hips: How to Prevent Hip Surgery -- And What to Do If You Need It

by Robert Klapper & Lynda Huey

The first comprehensive guide to hip health Avoid injury, prevent deterioration, work out in water and on land, and understand the entire range of surgical options Once considered a natural consequence of aging,...

Getting Pregnant the Natural Way: The 6-Step Natural Fertility Program Integrating Nutrition, Herbal Therapy, Movement Therapy, Massage, and Mind-Body

by D. S. Feingold & Deborah Gordon

The Wiley Women's Natural Health Series brings together mainstream, complementary, and alternative medical approaches. These unique books offer advice and support on a wide range of topics of concern to women,...

Managing Your Gestational Diabetes: A Guide for You and Your Baby's Good Health

by Lois Jovanovic-Peterson

Here, the author clearly guides you through the necessary steps to controlling your gestational diabetes and reducing the risks for both you and your child.

Forgiving the Unforgivable

by Beverly Flanigan

"A clearheaded study of what life can do to us and possible ways to begin again." --Carl A. Whitaker, M.D., author of Midnight Musings of a Family Therapist and coauthor of The Family Crucible Women and men...

More Chinese Brain Twisters: 60 Fast, Fun Puzzles That Help Children Develop Quick Minds

by Baifang

Get your family's brains going with 57 more creative calisthenics for the mind

In China, for centuries it has been acknowledged that early childhood training supports lifelong intellectual growth. For generations,...

Type 2 Diabetes in Teens: Secrets for Success

by Jean Betschart-Roemer

Get a handle on your diabetes and get on with your life!

If you're a teenager who has Type 2 diabetes, you're not alone. More and more people your age are being diagnosed with Type 2-and most of them also struggle...

The Heart Disease Breakthrough: What Even Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Preventing a Heart Attack

by Thomas Yannios

What even your doctor may not know about the real heart attack risk factors and what you can do to prevent heart disease now.

You count your cholesterol, monitor your fat and sodium consumption, and get regular...

The Mother of All Toddler Books

by Ann Douglas

Your baby's growing up! The joys and challenges of parenting a toddler are many, and you may be wondering how best to prepare for this exciting time. The Mother of All Toddler Books provides the skinny on what...

Staying Power: Maintaining Your Low-Carb Weight Loss for Good

by Michael R. Eades & Mary Dan Eades

The ultimate 365-day lifestyle planYou've done the diet. Now find out how to maintain your optimal weight and health--for life!With their 4-million-copy bestseller Protein Power, the Eades were among the first...

Born Beautiful: The African American Teenager's Complete Beauty Guide

by Alfred Fornay

"When I read Born Beautiful, I thought ' finally, a beauty book that addresses the unique needs of black teens.' I highly recommend this book to all parents for their beautiful daughters."

-Terrie Williams, author...

The African American Woman's Guide to Successful Makeup and Skincare

by Alfred Fornay

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Makeup and Skincare for Every Woman of Color Who Wants to Look and Feel Her Best

* A complete listing of cosmetic products, tools to use, and professional techniques to design...

Smart Guide to Healing Back Pain

by Carole Bodger

Smart Advice on the leading causes of back problems and the best ways to relieve the pain

Smart Ways to stretch, exercise, and strengthen the muscles in your back

Smart Tips on how today's leading medical techniques...

The Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Guide: Peak Performance for Everyone from Beginners to Gold Medalists

by Lisa Dorfman

Exercise, train, and compete at your best on a vegetarian diet.

Few segments of the population are more mindful of their food intake than athletes and vegetarians. This book combines the unique demands of sports...

Weight Management for Type II Diabetes: An Action Plan

by Jackie Labat & Annette Maggi

Take control of your weight--and your diabetes. Managing your weight is critical when you have diabetes. In fact, losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds can improve diabetes control. With this innovative book,...

What You Can Do to Prevent Diabetes: Simple Changes to Improve Your Life

by Annette Maggi & Jackie Boucher

An upbeat, balanced program that can help you prevent diabetes and lead a healthier and happier life.

Do you have a family history of diabetes? Are you overweight? Don t exercise much? You could be at risk of...

The Complete Fertility Organizer: A Guidebook and Record Keeper for Women

by Manya DeLeon Miller

A handy resource for creating your own conception plan

If you are one of the millions of women facing the challenges of infertility, you know that gathering and keeping track of all of the information involved...