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Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets

by Susan Shapiro Barash

From the bestselling author of Tripping the Prom Queen comes a fascinating and provocative look at the reasons behind female deception. Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets reveals how society doles out mixed...

The Family ADHD Solution

by Mark Bertin, MD

In this accessible guide, developmental pediatrician Mark Bertin demystifies ADHD and offers advice to overwhelmed parents that includes clear explanations of:

  • Biological causes of ADHD, and the ins and outs...

  • Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage

    by Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D.

    Award-winning couples therapist Peter Fraenkel argues that most relationship problems can be traced to partners being out of sync on the powerful but mostly hidden dimension of time.  Differences in daily rhythms,...

    The Friendship Fix

    by Andrea Bonior, Ph.D.

    Had enough of that bridezilla? Feeling alone in a new city? Dealing with the trauma of the worst breakup ever—with someone you never even made out with?

    We’ve heard the path to fulfillment has much to do...

    The Family Guide to Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements

    by Deborah Mitchell


    • The most comprehensive, up-to-date information you need to choose the safest, most effective natural supplements for you and your family

    • A-to-Z glossary...

    The Complete Guide to Healing Arthritis

    by Deborah Mitchell

    ·The most comprehensive, up-to-date information available on Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Gout

    ·A-to-Z lists of prescription medications, herbal remedies, natural supplements, surgical treatments,...

    Nutrition Diva's Secrets for a Healthy Diet

    by Monica Reinagel

    Tired of trying to figure out what you should be eating for breakfast, or whether it's ever OK to eat before going to bed?  Want to know which type of milk, or cereals, or meats are best so that food shopping...

    The Boy in the Moon

    RBC Taylor Prize 2010, Trillium Book Award 2010

    by Ian Brown

    A New York Times Top 10 Book of 2011

    “[A]n intimate glimpse into the life of a family that cares around the clock for a disabled child, that gets so close to the love and despair, and the complex questions...

    The Good Divorce

    by Raoul Felder & Barbara Victor

    Raoul Felder, a take-no-prisoners divorce attorney, draws from his experience to show readers how to avoid an acrimonious divorce and move on with life

    There is nothing better than a good marriage. But when...

    Feed Your Face

    by Jessica Wu, MD

    Tired of wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive wrinkle creams, drying lotions, and zit-zappers that just don’t work? Well listen up, ladies. To really get gorgeous, you’ve got to change the way you feed...

    Baby Love

    by Norah O'Donnell & Geoff Tracy

    Finally, the must-have cookbook is here for the millions of busy parents who have taken on a healthier approach to eating—less processed, more organic—and who want to feed their little ones easy-to-make,...

    Lose the Fat, Lose the Years

    by James Lyons

    Fat is Not the Enemy!

    In today’s youth-obsessed culture, mixed messages about diet, exercise, and skincare are everywhere. But one thing is clear: fat is always the enemy. Right? Wrong, says James R. Lyons,...

    The Emotional Calendar

    by John R. Sharp

    A leading Harvard psychiatrist reveals how our emotional lives are profoundly shaped by the seasons, and how to recognize our own seasonal patterns and milestones

    In two decades of psychiatry practice, John R....


    by Claire Dederer

    The studio was decorated in the style of “Don’t Be Afraid, We’re Not a Cult.” All was white and blond and clean, as though the room had been designed for surgery, or Swedish people. The only spot of...

    Beyond Tears

    by Ellen Mitchell

    Meant to comfort and give direction to bereaved parents, Beyond Tears is written by nine mothers who have each lost a child.  This revised edition includes a new chapter written from the perspective of surviving...

    Bad Science

    by Ben Goldacre

    Have you ever wondered how one day the media can assert that alcohol is bad for us and the next unashamedly run a story touting the benefits of daily alcohol consumption? Or how a drug that is pulled off the...

    Emptying the Nest

    by Brad Sachs, Ph.D.

    In today’s rapidly changing world and challenging economy, young adults increasingly find themselves at a crossroads between financial and emotional dependence and autonomy. Drawing on Dr. Sachs' extensive...

    Get-It-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

    by Stever Robbins

    Want to conquer your e-mail inbox once and for all? Need help getting organized and staying focused? Start reading! Millions of people already benefit from the innovative, time-saving tips that Stever Robbins...

    The Connected Father

    by Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D.

    Parenting Expert Carl Pickhardt Shows How the Bonds Between Fathers and Teens Can Be Strengthened  

    Many fathers feel unprepared for their child's adolescence, in their denial, often times preferring to believe...

    Why Men Die First

    by Marianne J. Legato, M.D., F.A.C.P. & Marianne J. Legato, M.D., FACP

    It is a universal fact that men die before women. But the causes of this have long remained unexplored. In this trailblazing book, Dr. Marianne Legato--an expert in gender specific health--examines the reasons...