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You Can Do It!, in a Job or Your Own Business, Make Your Life a Success

by Gareth Bill Neuman

You Can Do It! is the inspirational story of how one man accomplished his goals and realized his dreams. Writer and CEO Bill Neumann shares the secret of his success so that you too can realize your potential...


by Lamont Prospect

Synopsis: CONTROL is all around us - between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, parents and children, teachers and students, and bosses and employees. Even though LaMont Prospect earned a Bachelor's...

How To Have More Confidence In Your Life: A Metaphysical Insight

by Lynn Merrin

Synopsis: How to Have More Confidence In Your Life is the first of four volumes in the series of How To Have More In Your Life books that takes the reader on a journey of consideration beyond the physical, expanding...

Kind: Kids Independent, Not Dependent

by Melodie Dupuis

Synopsis: KIND: Kids Independent, Not Dependent is a vibrant book, packed with information and examples to help parents understand human development and use this understanding to raise confident kids. Author...

The Two Martini Diet

by Jerry Sorlucco

Following arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, Jerry Sorlucco faced a choice: Lose weight, or face artificial knee replacements. His surgeon laid it on the line; to avoid the knife he would have to lose a...


by Christine Ezekie-White

Synopsis: I THINK SO is a revolutionary self-help book which takes positive thinking into a new dimension. This book explains what the universal laws of positive thinking are, what they mean, and then teaches...

The Power of Feng Shui

by Sophie Boswell

"While searching for another dimension in an attempt to sort out her life, Sophie, an Australian woman, inadvertently comes across a Feng Shui guru. While Sophie thinks that she is open minded about most things,...

Life Happiness: The Secret of Life Language

by Matthew Jarrett

"Learn what "Life Language" you truly speak." "Life is a creative experience, and it is important to understand where the real meaning lies, the chosen goal and process of realizing the outcome. You have everything...

Got It! Twenty-One Communication Tips for Busy, Impatient People

by Joan Craven

"If you desire to communicate with honesty and purpose in an enthusiastic and committed manner, Got It! delivers. Got It! will inspire you to catch Joan Craven's infectious ability to incorporate constructive...

A Humanistic Approach to Coaching Wrestling

by Ed Onorato

Ed Onoratowas inducted into the Pennsylvania Wrestling Hall of Fame and The Behrend College Hall of Fame. He coached one Catholic State Champ at Lancaster Catholic High School. At Penn State Behrend, they won...

I Have to Get It Off My Chest: I Have to Tell My Truth

by Inguna Brazil


Post-Soviet Latvia in the 1990s was a place of political upheaval and societal turmoil. Such is the setting for I Have to Get It Off My Chest - I Have to Tell My Truth; the story of Lolita, a young...

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine : Is Modern Medicine Helping You?

by Derrick Lonsdale M.D.


With its expansive empire, boundless wealth, glorious architecture, and advanced military, Rome was the apex of civilization in the ancient world. However during its very height, many of Rome's leading...

The I Ching: The Book to Turn to for Wisdom

by Hurn Michael

Synopsis: Everyone needs guidance at some time in their life. In today's busy world, your usual sources - family, friends, church, etc. - may not always be available to help. This is where The I Ching (the book...

On Gratitude: The Journey: A Photo Recovery Book Part 8

by Ma Lpc Caciii Jean-Marie Manthei

Synopsis: On Gratitude is the adventures of a schizophrenic recovering from tobacco who, ironically, is a chemical dependency counselor. This photo recovery book playfully works with recovery issues like unemployment,...

The Spirit of Freedom: Why We Are Here

by Tom Richards

Synopsis: This book is a real-life adventure that explores the Human Spirit's desire to be Free. Using thoughts and ideas from prominent thinkers and writers, an imaginative approach is taken to describe some...

Returning to the Land of Oz: Finding Hope, Love and Courage on Your Yellow Brick Road

by Ph. D. John a. Tamiazzo

Synopsis: The Wizard of Oz is not just a charming children's book or highly entertaining film. Within the storyline of this seemingly simple tale, L. Frank Baum gave us one of the greatest resources for personal...

Through the Eyes of a Dove: A Book for Bereaved Parents

by Suzanne Gene Courtney

Synopsis: The tragic, sudden death of their 25-year-old son left the Courtney and Sayre families devastated. --- Grief-stricken and searching for answers, his parents, siblings, other family members and friends...

The Female Vulture Perspective

by M.D. "Dorsal" Finn


A totally REAL, women's guide to a happy, successful life. No time wasting, no BS - a straight down the line manual to live your life by.

About the Author:

M.D. "Dorsal" Finn has over 20 years experience...

What's Next? A Search for Hope

by Clark Douglass, Ed.D Dr. Bonnie


Gospel singer George David Priest and his wife, Bonnie, were married just seven weeks when George was diagnosed with terminal malignant melanoma. In this remarkably poignant and heartfelt narrative,...

The Vulture Perspective: A Real Man's Guide to a Successful Life

by M. D. "Dorsal" Finn

Synopsis: If you are a man and you are not entirely happy with your life at the moment, then this book is for you! --- The Vulture Perspective: A Real Man's Guide to a Successful Life is a self-help book for...