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The Introvert's Success Guide - Succeed in Business and Life!

by Hayley Mayer

Do you want change? If your life is such that you are perfectly happy with where you are at, then pass on this offer and we wish you well. However, if you feel that you are missing out on much that life has...

I Quit:   Some Thoughts On Retirement

by James Lynch

A fun read that will have you thinking in ways you never have before. Retirement planning isn't just about how much money you will need. I Quit explores various ways in which to spend your time that can also...

Better Focus Better Results!

by Barbara Cannell

Everyone, from children at school to people in every kind of enterprise, is finding it harder to make sense of their world and to achieve their goals. I believe that my ebook will show you some ways to cut through...

Empowerment - Creating Lives, Families and Organizations That Rock!

by Michael Shenker

Are you experiencing everything you wish for in life? The only saving grace is that you aren't alone. As the saying goes, there truly are people out there who live their lives in quiet desperation. Children...

Your Child's Party - The Easy Way!

by Martine Goodman

If you think a party for your child must be expensive or drive you nuts, you couldn't be further from the truth. When considering a child's party you might get a blinding headache just thinking about it! What...

Power Up Your People Skills!

by Jane Foreman

This book will be of the greatest help to people that find it very difficult to establish good relationships in their work environment or private life. But, the tips and strategies will also help the rest of...

No People Problems! - Better Outcomes for All

by Rob Orloff

Are you a "people person?" Are you one of those people who have natural charisma? You know what we mean. There are people who effortlessly attract others to them like a moth to flame. These kinds of people seem...

Creating Your Successful Future

by Annie Bushell

True success is not some illusive goal. Like so many other worthy aspirations success is CREATED. You can't inherit it although you may receive an inheritance. You can't buy it no matter what some gurus may...

Simple Steps to Writing Success - Achieve Your Writhing Dreams!

by Millie Harrison

If you want to write but have put it off because you just didn't know where to begin, that excuse no longer applies as we will explain in a moment. You may have heard the comment that there is a book inside...

Your Guide to Better Sleep - Insomnia & Other Problems

by Neville Amis

Help me to better sleep! How can I sleep? "This is a plain language guide by an average person who has started to reap the rewards from dealing with his own sleep problems." "I hope it will be as helpful to...

Make Your Vision Real! - Anything You Dream, You Can Achieve

by Barbara Wellington

Discover the Magic of Making Your Dreams Come True! 3 Things You Should Know! 1. The subconscious mind is much larger and more powerful than we realize. 2. It is constantly active. It absorbs and learns from...

Habits for Success - Start Today for a Better Tomorrow!

by Warren Davis

There IS An Alternative! Before we get into that, however, let's take a look at what most people do when they give up on their hopes and dreams. No one likes to admit failure so we tend to blame someone or something....

Dealing With Phobias - Facts to Reduce Fears

by Marion Udall

"Dealing With Phobias" is written as a practical guide to understanding different phobias and how to deal with them. Our author says, "doctors and researchers are not entirely in agreement about some aspects...

Talk to Impress! - Be Powerful, Persuasive and Popular!

by Ivan Maclean

"Public speaking" is one of the major causes of stress for many people, second only to an extended session in their dentist's chair. But, most of those people don't worry about "speaking in public" with one...

Fast and Powerful Writing - Save Time and Write More

by Alice Morgan

How Can You Become a Working Author? Ever wonder whether you could write a book? Or maybe just an article for a magazine? All it really takes is inspiration. Just a bit of an idea that takes root in your mind....

Walking for Fun and Better Health

by Jason Webb

Do you ever walk just for fun? Do you walk to become healthier? More importantly, are you walking exercise correctly? If you are someone who has discovered the benefits of walking you may have never learned...

Improve Your Life with E.S.P. - More Happiness and Success!

by Sybil Hurley

What Is E.S.P? E.S.P. is an abbreviation for Extra Sensory Perception. We all have "sensory perception." Nothing mysterious about that. It's the "extra" in E.S.P. that piques the interest. Extra pertains to...

How to Be a Master of Ceremonies - Make Any Event a Success!

by Gene Berryman

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Make Any Event Successful? How to be a mc at a wedding? How to be a master of ceremonies? It's a simple and easy guide. Most of us who have a problem with speaking...

How to Win Any Fight Without Training - An Easy to Read Guide to Survival in Any Combat Situation, and With No Formal Training Needed to Understand

by Thomas DiPaolo

This book is a unique, and different approach to self defense. Most self defense books focus on complex techniques which are difficult to understand and largely ineffective. Usually these are designed for experienced...

Riding the Short Bus: A Parent's Joy-Ride with Autism

by Laurel Duncan

Riding the Short Bus honestly describes the heartbreak and humor (believe it or not) that comes with having an autistic child. Written by a human parent -- not a superhero -- for other overwhelmed parents, it's...