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Stating the Obvious

by C60

Stating the Obvious by C60 How are you going to ensure that your life is long and meaningful? What is the purpose of your existence? How are you going to influence the future of humanity and all life on Earth?...

The Simple Bedtime Routine Guide

by Jennie Graham

This is an informative guide that has lots of advice, tips and strategies to help your child get a bedtime routine so that your whole family ends up with a good nights sleep. With techniques right from the start...

Attractive Male Mindset: Open Your Mind, and Upgrade Your Dating.

by Matthew Seagrave

"Women don't like sex, they just trade it for relationships." "The asshole always gets the girl." "Attractive girls are always taken." Sound familiar? If you've ever had problems with attracting women, or would...

What Success Takes

by Garrett Pierson

In the pages that follow, you will read how I, and many others, have found success. What I want you to realize is that you are the definer of success. There is no true definition, for everyone has his or her...

Piece Of Mind

by Sandy MacGregor

This book is about :

1. Accessing the subconscious 88% PIECE of your mind to:

* Relaxation and Releasing Stress in 30 seconds

* Accelerating Your Learning

* Achieving Goals Faster

2. An Effective Technique which...

Born-Again Marriage

by Dr. Bonnie Libhart

Tony and Bonnie's marriage endured many storms...From their survival of the press box crash at the Indy 500 to their struggle to hold onto their lives in an Arkansas tornado. But the whirlwind of divorce wreaked...

Will I Ever Be the Same Again? Transforming the Face of ECT (Shock Therapy)

by Carol Kivler

Blessed with a loving family, a successful business as an executive coach and money in the bank, Carol Kivler was suddenly and unexpectedly brought to her knees by "The Beast" - clinical depression. The story...

Health For US All

by Dr Mary Zennett

The principles of health reform are actually simple, but remain formidable due to the size and complexity of the necessary implementation.The purpose of this book, in this era of health reform, is to educate...

Seachange @ Work: Discover What a Difference an Energised Day Makes!

by Linda M James, Simone Nunnen & Carolyn Uyeda

Seachange @ Work takes ancient wisdom and energy techniques to the business world in a way that workers, managers and executives can understand and use to make positive changes for their personal wellbeing and...

Healthy Moms Body Mind and Spirit

by Yolandie Mostert

Here it is, the Ebook you always wanted, 19 pages of very good advice on how to be a better mother,marriage partner, how to manage conflict with the kids, husband,friends. How to have a healthy relationship...

Understanding Black Mold

by Jason Hanginton

Black mold is also often referred to as "toxic mold". More often than not, black mold can be seen forming in areas around a home that has higher humidity levels(above 55%) indoors, or in places that have suffered...

Wisdom to Survive: 30 Messages to Help You Get Through the Month

by Julius A. Boatwright

Wisdom to Survive contains 30 messages to help you get through the month.

Amazing Miracle Foods That Really Work!

by Genevre Margand

Miracle Foods are a special category of foods found in nature. By definition they are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness goes. They are superior...

Understanding Anger Management

by William Krygar

Anger is an emotion experienced by kids and adults alike. When something or someone interferes with an individual in a negative manner, it can cause them to become angry. Anger is a normal response to such a...

Allergies You Should Know About

by Jason Jackson

It's estimated that 60 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy. That's 1 out of 4. It's the 5th highest chronic disease in America and the 3rd most common chronic disease in children. Many people...

How to Pay Back Your Student Loans Fast!

by Amelia Verte

Student loans are daunting. If you default on it, it can lead to bad credit scores that prevent you from doing many things in life like buying a car or a house on credit. It is best to pay back all of the student...

How to Live Happily

by Kamran Hadiyev

Our modern culture can be a confusing mess sometimes. If you're getting tired of the high highs and the low lows that our media seems to encourage and are looking for something more stable and fulfilling, you...

How to Like Yourself

by Kamran Hadiyev

Liking yourself is one of the main keys to living a more fulfilling and happier life! It takes a bit practice and work to get there, but with some practical tips about cultivating self-acceptance and reframing...

Self Hypnosis

by Nancy Bacon

Self-hypnosis is a highly suggestible state wherein the individual can direct suggestions to himself. It is a powerful tool in any therapeutic process, and highly motivated subjects can parallel the success...

Mediterranean Diet - Super Slim Down Dishes

by Ayana Stamford

If you're looking for fun, flavoursome and fat reducing foods, then welcome to Ayana Stamford's "Mediterranean Diet -Super Slim Down Dishes". She'll show you how to like what you cook and drop a few dress sizes...