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The Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Formula

by Robert Dave Johnston

Intermittent fasting is becoming an increasingly-popular way to lose weight quickly without having to commit to long-term diets. By cutting out some foods from your diet and then practicing periods of fasting...

The Alcohol Illusion: 7 Secret Reasons to Stop Drinking

by Mr Craig Beck

Alcohol is a drug that has achieved the ultimate illusion. It has managed to convince the western world that it isn't a drug at all, but rather a harmless social pleasantry. A product that does none of the things...

Detoxify Your Body, Lose Weight, Get Healthy & Transform Your Life - Volumes 1-3

by Robert Dave Johnston

This book is a compilation of Volumes 1-3 of the series 'Detoxify Your Body, Lose Weight, Get Healthy & Transform Your Life.' Volume 1- The 10-Day 'At Home' Colon Cleansing Formula - Details a simple yet very...

Aphrodisiac Foods

by Director Camilet Cooray

APHRODISIAC FOODS All food we eat has their own unique natural quality in them. Are all of the food you consume gives you some power to enhance and influence your sexuality? Are they helping you to feel confident...

The Permanent Weight Loss Diet

by Robert Dave Johnston

The Permanent Weight Loss Diet is Volume 1 of 7 of the series How To Lose Weight Fast, Keep it Off & Renew The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Fasting, Smart Eating & Practical Spirituality. This book provides detailed...

The Emotional Sponge - Quit Soaking Up Everyone Else's Problems

by M Osterhoudt

As an adult you have to deal with you own stresses, frustrations and depression in this difficult world that we live in. But often times, it is not only your problems that are consuming you. Sometimes when you...

Antioxidant Foods

by Director Camilet Cooray

ANTIOXIDANT FOOD Camilet Cooray Antioxidants are compounds in foods that neutralise chemicals called free radicals (unstable molecules), produced by oxidation in the human body. These chemicals have been linked...

2 Minute EFT Meridian Tapping Routines for Wealth Health Love Happiness and Everything Else!*

by Ellen Orman

This book contains easy-to-use tools that can transform your entire life! This book has been specifically designed to help busy people improve their lives as quickly as possible. Meridian tapping is a powerful...

How to Lose 30 Pounds (Or More) In 30 Days With Juice Fasting

by Robert Dave Johnston

Includes basic recipe and the author's Top 52 juicing recipes. Juice fasting is by far one of the most powerful weight loss and healing disciplines on the face of the earth. It is common to lose from half a...

Abs Workout

by Director Camilet Cooray

Abs Workouts This little books is written with intention of sharing most wanted information to reader, who is very much interested in having a better sexier and healthier Abs. Workouts are must when you are...

Food for Six Pack Abs

by Director Camilet Cooray

FOOD FOR SIX PACK ABS The rectus abdominis muscle, also known as the "abs" is a paired muscle running vertically making six packets of great muscles in your abdominal areal. Keeping and maintaining this Six...

Hula-Hooping - The Fun Way to Exercise, It's Not Just for Kids

by M Osterhoudt

Get ready to burn calories, tighten your abs and lose weight all while having FUN! Return to the days of your youth as you grab your hula-hoop and twirl to a thinner and fitter you. This ebook will guide you...

50+ Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

by Michael Cimicata

Being pregnant for the first time can be an amazing and scary experience; it would be extremely helpful to have a stack of tips at your side. This ebook provides you with exactly what you desire. It is filled...

100 + Foods for Diabetics and 55 Foods Not Allowed on the Diabetes Diet

by Ellen Orman & Claire Duval

Here's a concise, easy-to-use guide for diabetics! This book will explain exactly which foods you should be eating more of and which ones you should avoid. In addition to listing many diabetic-safe foods, this...

The Power of Forgetting: Six Essential Skills to Clear Out Brain Clutter and Become the Sharpest, Smartest You

by Mike Byster

An uncommon guide for accomplishing more every day by engaging the unique skill of forgetting, from the creator of the award-winning memory training system Brainetics

Is it possible that the answer to becoming...

How to Have a Better Butt

by Director Camilet Cooray

Every one love to have others attracted to them. Your Butt is one major point of attraction. If you maintain it better, then your dreams will come true - faster. I edited this book to share my personal experiences...

Daddy: A Simple Guide to Coping With the Loss of Family, Finding Peace and Setting Priorities as a Newly Single Father

by Thomas DiPaolo

The transition from a family life to being a single parent can be devastating for a man. The challenges seem insurmountable and the pain, endless. As a man you constantly question "why" or "how did this happen?"...

Body Building Secrets Revealed

by Rene Dillon

Body Building, Body Building Secrets Revealed. You Are Going To Get A Detailed Look At One Of The Most Significant Body Building Guides There Is Available On The Market Today It Doesn't Matter If You Are Just...

The Road Map to Senior Care

by Stephen Andriko

BOOK SUMMARY Senior Care can be described as a wilderness of interconnected family decisions. Often people find that they have crash-landed into that situation. They ask such questions as "What do I do? Where...

Pilates for Everybody : Introduction

by Director Camilet Cooray

Pilates for Everybody, is a book compiled to give a very transparent insight. This book is a foundation to those who wish to start Pilates Contrology exercises. How your physical exercises help toning up your...