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From the sweet spot to the G spot

by Karina Velasco

Awaken the passion in your days and nights

Get ready to enjoy From the Sweet Spot to the G Spot while you healthily feed your physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Get acquainted with subjects such as:


Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum: A Practical Resource of Play Ideas for Parents and Carers

by Julia Moor

This book is not just a collection of play ideas; it shows how to break down activities into manageable stages, and ways to gain a child's attention and build on small achievements. Each chapter covers a theme,...


by Dorianne Laux

Laux weaves the warp and woof of ordinary life into extraordinary and complex tapestries.

My Journey to Healing

by Bev Weirather

"My Journey to Healing" reflects the author's miraculous journey from sickness to health. Within these pages are the strategies to unlocking the supernatural power of God to change whatever unwelcome diagnosis...

The Creativity Book: A Year's Worth of Inspiration and Guidance

by Eric Maisel

Whatever you do, says Dr. Eric Maisel, creativity helps you do it better. Creativity encourages the artist to paint more frequently and authentically. It allows a busy executive to see her options more quickly,...

Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life

by Linda Martinez-Lewi

Combining clinical analysis with psychological profiles of famous narcissists, here is an indispensable guide to recognizing, coping with, and ultimately overcoming the destructive behavior of narcissists.


I Want to Stop Smoking...So Help Me God!: A Christian Based Approach to Use When Quitting

by Judy Murphy Simpson

The purpose of I WANT TO QUIT SMOKING, SO HELP ME GOD, is to assist smokers using a Christian-based approach. Judy Murphy Simpson, having worked with thousands of smokers, has found that including Christian...

Eight Questions You Should Ask about Our Health Care System: (Even If the Answers Make You Sick)

by Charles E. Phelps

Charles E. Phelps provides a comprehensive look at our health care system, including how the current system evolved, how the health care sector behaves, and a detailed analysis of "the good, the bad, and the...

How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too!

by Sal Severe

Dr. Sal Severe established himself as a leading childcare and parenting expert with his phenomenally successful How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too! Now he focuses on raising children between the ages of...

The Language of Sycamores

by Lisa Wingate

Karen Sommerfield has been hiding from life-immersing herself in a high-powered job-until the day the company downsizes her out of a job and the doctor tells her that she may have cancer. It's a double blow...

Infertility Survival Handbook

by Elizabeth Swire-Falker

After seven years of tests and more tests, treatments and more treatments, Elizabeth Swire-Falker understands what it means to struggle with infertility. In this frank, reassuring, and thoroughly researched...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption, 2nd Edition

by Christine Adamec

"A beacon through the often tangled and varied paths to parenting through adoption."- William Pierce, President, National Council for Adoption

Hailed as "an extremely valuable resource" by Jann Heffner, executive...

How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People

by LeslieT. Giblin

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Finding Our Families: A First-of-Its-Kind Book for Donor-Conceived People and Their Families

by Wendy Kramer & Naomi Cahn

The first comprehensive book that offers invaluable step-by-step advice for families with donor-conceived children.

Wendy Kramer, founder and director of the Donor Sibling Registry, and Naomi Cahn, family and...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Walking for Health

by Erika Peters

You're no idiot, of course. You've been meaning to get on track to a happier, healthier life, and you've heard that walking burns the same amount of calories as jogging. But your path, while paved with good...

A Big Fat Crisis: The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic ¿ and How We Can End It

by Déborah Cohen

The obesity epidemic is a public health crisis. Ending it requires a fresh perspective and clear solutions.

Depression Workbook: A Complete & Quick 10 Steps Program To Beat Depression Now

by Heather Rose

For people under the influence of clinical depression, one of the main requirements for getting back to normalcy is a good support system. Family members and friends act as the first level of contact points...

Depression Help: Stop! - 5 Top Secrets To Create A Depression Free Life..Finally Revealed

by Heather Rose

Do you need depression help? Are you or someone you know depressed but do not want the hassle of visiting a doctor or you do not want other people to know that you are depressed? Are you wondering of where to...

Love in the Land of Dementia: Finding Hope in the Caregiver's Journey

by Deborah Shouse

Caregiver Shouse celebrates spiritual and practical lessons learned on her unscripted yet rewarding journey with her mother through Alzheimer's disease.


by Uuganaa Ramsay

"Exteremely interesting…emotionally engaging" (Stuart Kelly). Uuganaa is a Mongol living in Britain, far from the world she grew up in: as a nomadic herder she lived in a yurt, eating marmot meat, distilling...