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Strength for Their Journey: 5 Essential Disciplines African-American Parents Must Teach Their Children and Teens

by Paulette Dr Stanford & Robert L. Dr Johnson

The result of more than twenty years' collaborative work focusing on the heart of successful parenting, the acclaimed five disciplines program developed by Drs. Robert L. Johnson and Paulette Stanford has helped...

Understanding Abortion: From Mixed Feelings to Rational Thought

by Stephen D. Schwarz & Kiki Latimer

A stunning compilation of the strongest pro-choice and pro-life arguments brought together for the first time in a single work that allows for meaningful comparisons and intelligent dialogue. This gives the...

Where Should I Sit at Lunch?: The Ultimate 24/7 Guide to Surviving the High School Years

by Karen Unger & Harriet Mosatche

Everything teenagers need to know about surviving the four most dramatic and difficult years of their lives

Written especially for teens aged 13-17, this is the ultimate all-in-one survival guide for today's...

Get Over Yourself!: How to Get Real, Get Serious, and Get Ready to Find True Love

by Patti Novak & Laura Zigman

True love doesn’t just happen, notes professional matchmaker Patti Novak. You have to work for it–and want it. Forget eight-minute speed dates or online dating sites with twenty-page questionnaires that...

The Trouble with Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School, and What Parents and Educators Must Do

by Peg Tyre

From the moment they step into the classroom, boys begin to struggle. They get expelled from preschool nearly five times more often than girls; in elementary school, they’re diagnosed with learning disorders...

Your Last Diet!: The Sugar Addict's Weight-Loss Plan

by Kathleen Desmaisons

From the bestselling author of Potatoes Not Prozac–this is the first diet plan specifically designed for people who are sugar sensitive.

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun only to watch your weight...

Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot: Unleashing Your Brain's Potential

by Richard Md Restak

In Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot, eminent neuropsychiatrist and bestselling author Richard Restak, M.D., combines the latest research in neurology and psychology to show us how to get our brain up to...

Baseband Receiver Design for Wireless MIMO-OFDM Communications

by Tzi-Dar Chiueh, Pei-Yun Tsai & I-Wei Lai

The Second Edition of OFDM Baseband Receiver Design for Wirless Communications, this book expands on the earlier edition with enhanced coverage of MIMO techniques, additional baseband algorithms, and more IC...

Kidnapped: A True Story of an American Family Held Hostage by the US Embassy

by John Evans

When John & Kerri Evans discover their son, Kameron, has a biological sister who is an orphan in Cambodia, they seek and receive permission from the US Government to adopt her and bring her home to the USA....

Straight from The Onion Vine. Book 3 Lasting Past

by Jody Scottsmith

'Lasting Past' is the third book in 'Straight from The Onion Vine' trilogy. Author Jody Scott-Smith, from her daughter's friends, realizes not everyone grows up in a home with two loving parents. Main character...

All About Me Teenage Edition: The Story of Your Life

by Philipp Keel

All About Me: Teenage Edition

Being a teenager is never easy. These special years are often challenging, but also full of wonderful surprises. With questions about wishes and fears, memories and beliefs, secrets...

An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn

by Sally J. Rogers & Geraldine Dawson

Cutting-edge research reveals that parents can play a huge role in helping toddlers and preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) connect with others and live up to their potential. This encouraging guide...

Relationships in our 50s, 60s and beyond - How yours can survive and thrive

by Sandra Kimball

Life in our 50's and 60's is a time of great change. It can be both wonderful and challenging for any relationship. This book helps you to take the steps to resolve issues that stand in the way of your happiness....

The Change Your Life Book

by Bill O'Hanlon

Making dramatic life changes can be difficult. The true secret to life-long transformation, according to certified professional counselor Bill O'Hanlon, is to take baby steps; small, subtle changes will yield...

Learning to Love Yourself, Revised & Updated: Finding Your Self-Worth

by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

We all come into this world full of promise and possibility. For some, when born into a healthy and highly functional family, the journey is quite easy, with guideposts and directions given freely. However,...

Growing Happy Kids: How to Foster Inner Confidence, Success, and Happiness

by Maureen Healy

Every parent wants his or her child to be happy and grow into a productive, fulfilled adult . . . and according to parenting expert Maureen Healy, the secret to that success is in providing a foundation of...

The Mandates: 25 Real Rules for Successful Gay Dating

by Dave Singleton

How do you win the dating game if you’re a gay man?

After many years of serial monogamy, Dave Singleton went to the front lines to find out, exploring the lives of other gay men who found themselves on the...

The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It: Over the Edge and Back with My Dad, My Cat, and Me


Geneen Roth’s legions of fans have always responded to her humor and honesty, her warmth and savvy. Those qualities, so present in The Craggy Hole in My Heart and The Cat Who Fixed It, take us deep into the...

How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt: The Perfect Husband Handbook Featuring Over 50 Foolproof Ways to Win, Woo & Wow Your Wife

by Craig Boreth


LADIES: At long last, a practical guide to help your man become the perfect husband. How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt is your salvation, with simple, easy-for-a-guy-to-follow...

Zia's M.A.P. to Men's Skin Care

by Zia Wesley

You can look better, feel better and perform better through skin-care. It's a secret women have known for years.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and ninety percent of how others see you occurs...