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The Six Archetypes of Love: From Innocent to Magician

by Allan Hunter

Addressing the need to understand the role of love in life, this compendium of startling insights relates love to the spiritual development in each of six universal archetypes. Attempting to answer such questions...

Stories We Need to Know: Reading Your Life Path in Literature

by Allan Hunter

A combination of therapy and expertise in literature, this book explains the six archetypes derived from 4,000 years of literature and how they may guide unhappy people seeking meaning in their lives. Holding...

Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness

by Suzanne Somers

Life-Altering Secrets from Today’s Cutting-Edge Doctors and the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Ageless

Today’s most trusted advocate of anti­aging medicine, Suzanne Somers, deepens her commitment...

Dream New Dreams: Reimagining My Life After Loss

by Jai Pausch

A remarkably frank, deeply moving, and inspiring memoir by Jai Pausch, whose husband, Randy, wrote the bestseller The Last Lecture while battling pancreatic cancer.


"Jai is such a giver that she often forgets...

The $100 Startup

How It Feels When Parents Divorce

by Jill Krementz

In this immensely moving book, nineteen boys and girls, from seven to sixteen years old and from highly diverse backgrounds, share with us their deepest feelings about their parents' divorce. By listening to...

How It Feels When a Parent Dies

by Jill Krementz

18 children from age 7 - 17, speak openly of their experiences and feelings. As they speak we see them in photos with their surviving parent and with other family members, in the midst of their everyday lives....

How It Feels to Be Adopted

by Jill Krementz

19 boys and girls, from age 8 - 16 and from every social background, confide their feelings about this crucial fact.

Positive Discipline for Single Parents, Revised and Updated 2nd Edition: Nurturing Cooperation, Respect, and Joy in Your Single-Parent Family

by Jane Ed.D. Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin & Carol Delzer

A Positive, Proven Approach to Single Parenting!

As a single parent in our complex world, you face the challenge of doing alone a job that was meant for two people. In addition, self-doubt and guilt may dampen...

An Alternative Medicine Guide to Arthritis: Reverse Underlying Causes of Arthritis with Clinically Proven Alternative Therap ies

by Ellen Kamhi & Eugene R. Zampierson

This indispensable reference features the latest alternative approaches to diagnosing, treating, and preventing arthritis. It also details how to pinpoint the underlying factors leading to arthritis and includes...

Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement

by Kay Wills Wyma & Michael Gurian

Is Your Home Out of Order?


Do your kids expect clean folded clothes to magically appear in their drawers? Do they roll their eyes when you suggest they clean the bathroom? By racing in to make their lives easy,...

Mother Rising

by Yana Cortlund, Barb Lucke & Donna Miller Watelet

Different from a baby shower, where gifts are lavished upon the soon-to-be-born child, a blessingway ceremony honors the mother-to-be and creates a circle of support that will cradle her as she prepares to give...

The Cheat to Lose Diet: Cheat BIG with the Foods You Love, Lose Fat Faster Than Ever Before, and Enjoy Keeping It Off!

by Joel Marion

How many times has this happened to you? You start a new diet with every intention of sticking to it, cutting out all of your favorite foods and eating exactly what the diet tells you to. At first, you’re...

The Chase

by Oscar Joseph & Susan Joseph

How to Keep Her Once You've Married Her.

This book is a quick reading handbook for guys who want their marriage to stay great for both them and their wives. It explains one need that wives have and how husbands...

The Power to Stop: Any Out-of-Control Behavior in 30 Days: Stopping as a Path to Self-Love, Personal Power and Enlightenment

by Karen Bentley

The Power to Stop is for everyone who wants to use the power of non-romantic love to stop an out-of-control behavior, bad habit or addiction.  It's revolutionary because it teaches stopping as a set of four...

What Shall the Redeemed Wear?

by Simon Schrock

"You're not wearing that, are you?" Such questions often lead into quarrelsome conflicts. Dad wants his son to look more decent and Mom is not happy with her daughter's wardrobe. One way to stir up strife is...

A Woman by God's Grace

by Anna Mary Byler

This is Anna Mary Byler's third book. She writes from the great reservoir of her rich walk with God. She has needed the grace of God in her life in the challenges of raising a godly family as a minister's wife....

Vera's Journey

by Judy Yoder

"Our family thoroughly enjoyed your family story! We love to read and are very grateful for books with good moral and historical lessons. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." -This was written on a card received...

The Perfect System

by Syd Kessler

By the time he was 30, Syd Kessler was a millionaire many times over, the epitome of the poor kid making good. But inside him, a hollowness was taking hold, and later, in middle age, he fell seriously ill. In...

Power Source for Women

by Susan Sommers & Theresa Dugwell

"The authors show it is never too late to become the strong, powerful, authentic woman you want to be. The key is fitness; once you feel it, it translates into every aspect of your life." -KATHRINE SWITZER,...