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This Ain't No Practice Life

by Micheal Burt

Micheal Burt has one goal in his interactions with his Clients which is transformation. He teaches skills to improve the current condition of the people and the organization. Through years of coaching, leadership,...

Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide

by Sheila J. Rogers

This welcome guide explains how to treat tics and Tourette’s syndrome using natural and alternative therapies, from nutritional therapy, behavioral and counseling therapies, EEG biofeedback, and homeopathy...

Cornucopia: Understanding Health Through Understanding Agriculture

by D. Patrick Johnson

Cornucopia explores the nutritional and economic implications of U.S. farm policy. Johnson questions whether current farm practices and the government programs that support them have contributed to the poor...

Confident Conversation: How to Communicate Successfully in Any Situation

by Mike Bechtle

Communication is an art, and anyone--whether shy or outgoing--can improve his or her conversational skills. Dr. Mike Bechtle offers a straightforward guide to making good conversation that works for any personality...

Name Book, The: Over 10,000 Names--Their Meanings, Origins, and Spiritual Significance

by Dorothy Astoria

A comprehensive book of 12,000 names, including their meanings, origins, and spiritual significance, with a supporting Scripture for each.

Bride's Handbook, The: A Spiritual & Practical Guide for Planning Your Wedding

by Amy J. Tol

Headed for the altar? The Bride's Handbook is more than the typical wedding planner. It shows you that preparing for marriage is more than guests lists and seating arrangements.

Empty Chair, The: Handling Grief on Holidays and Special Occasions

by Baker Publishing Group

Sensitive counsel on grieving and honoring a lost loved one on holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

30 Days to Simplify Your Life

by Janet Rowland

30 Days to Simplify Your Life will help you identify and prioritize what is important to you.At the heart of simplifying is clarity. Once you have clarity about your priorities, the process of simplifying is...

Mad Scientist Muscle: Rest/Pause Training

by Nick Nilsson

Think changing your physiology is impossible? THINK AGAIN...

With Mad Scientist Muscle: Rest/Pause Training, you'll use science-based training techniques, like "controlled overtraining" and "structural" training,...

Mad Scientist Muscle: Time/Volume Training

by Nick Nilsson

Think changing your physiology is impossible? THINK AGAIN...

With Mad Scientist Muscle: Time/Volume Training, you'll use science-based training techniques, like "controlled overtraining" and "structural" training,...

Make This Your Lucky Day: Fun and Easy Secrets and Shortcuts to Success, Romance, Health, and Harmony

by Ellen Whitehurst


Let’s face it: Most of us think Feng Shui is synonymous with moving furniture. But Feng Shui specialist Ellen Whitehurst has updated this ancient art form...

Frank Bettger's How I raised myself from failure to success: A modern-day interpretation of a self-help classic

by Karen McCreadie

Frank Bettger's momentous decision to undergo a complete personal transformation by putting enthusiasm into everything he did helped him achieve legendary status as an insurance salesman. First first book published...

Robert Collier's the Secret of the Ages: A Modern-Day Interpretation of a Self-Help Classic

by Karen McCreadie

After overcoming an illness through what he felt was subliminal means, Robert Collier became fascinated with the power of the mind and how to use it to create success in every area of life. Collier believed...

Voice of Influence: How to get people to love to listen to you

by Judy Apps

This inspiring book by leading voice coach Judy Apps shows you how to awaken the energy of your authentic voice to speak from head, heart, gut and soul. Bringing together knowledge from voice training, NLP,...

The Little Book of Big Stuff About the Brain: The true story of your amazing brain

by Andrew Curran & Ian Gilbert

Designed as a cover to cover read which leaves the reader with a working knowledge of the human brain from its first evolution 2 billion years ago to the present day. A light-hearted look at the brain aimed...

Maintaining Long-Distance and Cross-Residential Relationships

by Laura Stafford

This thought-provoking volume offers an innovative and intriguing approach to the study of long-distance relationships. Author Laura Stafford examines romantic long-distance relationships and then expands the...

A Suitable Case for Treatment: The NHS and Reform

by Norman Warner

The NHS is a national icon that spends a lot of taxpayer's money, sometimes wastefully. This is an account of a Labour Health Minister's involvement in reforming a reluctant NHS. It assesses Labour's stewardship...

What If It Really Is...?

by Mary Ratcliffe

A compelling, easily understandable, down-to-earth and often humorous look at the subconscious mind from a totally different and refreshingly positive angle. Written in a light-hearted style that sheds a clear...

Zen Body-Being: An Enlightened Approach to Physical Skill, Grace, and Power

by Peter Ralston & Laura Ralston

In this inspiring guide, Peter Ralston presents a program of "physical education" for anyone interested in body improvement. Using simple, clear language to demystify the Zen mindset, he draws on more than three...

Reclaiming Our Health: A Guide to African American Wellness

by Michelle A. Gourdine & Catharine L. Love

According to the federal Office of Minority Health, African Americans "are affected by serious diseases and health conditions at far greater rates than other Americans." In fact, African Americans suffer an...