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Compassionate Cities

by Allan Kellehear

Written by a leading academic this groundbreaking text presents a radical approach to death, ageing and public health that will be essential reading for anyone working or studying in those fields.

Healing the Mind through the Power of Story: The Promise of Narrative Psychiatry

by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D.

SELF-TRANSFORMATION / PERSONAL GROWTH ""This wonderful book is deep, moving, honest, educational, and will open your mind to the power of storytelling to heal and know more intimately the vastness of our beings....

The Whey Prescription: The Healing Miracle in Milk

The Water Prescription: For Health, Vitality, and Rejuvenation

The Big Fat Mystery

by David Reavely

If you've tried every diet going but still can't achieve your ideal weight, then this book is the solution you've been looking for! Nutritional expert David Reavely believes that everyone has the potential to...

How to Live to 110: Your Comprehensive Guide to a Healthy Life

by Brian Kirby & Tim Kirby

From eating healthily to avoiding accidents, this no-nonsense guide based on current science explains the best ways to live a long and healthy life

 Doctors and health scientists agree that people can...

Steve Miller's Slimming Secrets

by Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a hugely successful life coach, motivational speaker, presenter and author. He has a wide-ranging audience in the UK through presenting the Sky 1 and Sky Living series "Fat Families", which has...

The Detox Mono Diet: The Miracle Grape Cure and Other Cleansing Diets

The Meat Fix: How a lifetime of healthy eating nearly killed me!

by John Nicholson

For twenty-six years, John Nicholson was a vegetarian. No meat, no fish, no guilt. He was a walking advert for healthy eating. Brown rice, fruit, vegetables, low fat and low cholesterol – in the battle of...

Healing Foods, Healthy Foods: Use superfoods to help fight disease and maintain a healthy body

by Gloria Halim

Cutting out processed and junk foods from your diet and introducing the superfoods listed in this book will help you boost your immune system, fight illness, and increase your energy levels. Superfoods are rich...

God's Diet: A Short & Simple Way to Eat Naturally, Lose Weight, and Live a Healthier Life

by Dorothy Dr Gault-Mcnemee

Dorothy Gault-McNemee is a medical doctor who had tried every diet she could find to control the weight gains that had plagued her throughout her life. As the founding physician of a busy health clinic, she...

American Heart Association No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

by American Heart Association

By now, you’ve heard of (and maybe tried) them all: the low-carb diet, the grapefruit diet, the miracle diet . . . the list goes on and on. Fad diets may promise a quick fix, but few deliver lasting results....

The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry-The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success

by Alisa Bowman & Louis J. Md Aronne

Tried diet after diet and still can’t lose weight? It’s time to call the expert. In The Skinny, Dr. Louis Aronne, America’s top weight-loss specialist, shares the plan that has worked so well for his many...

5-a-day For Kids Made Easy: Quick and easy recipes and tips to feed your child more fruit and vegetables and convert fussy eaters

by Karen Bali & Sally Child

This is a practical recipe book to help parents get their kids to eat more fruit and vegetables. It contains recipes children will love, many of which include well-hidden vegetables, as well as meal planners,...

Don't Fall Down! Fall Prevention 101 for Older Adults

by Kelly Ward

Falls are the leading cause of accidental death and non-fatal injury for people over the age of 65. The graying of America is causing these accidents to quickly become a public health concern due to the financial...

God, Health, and Happiness: Discover Wholeness in Body and Spirit

by Dr. Scott Morris & Susan Martins Miller

Health care is much more than X-rays and pills—and Health Care You Can Live With shows the close relationship between your physical health and your spiritual well-being.

Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight by Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism

by Scott Isaacs

First published in 2002, this guide pioneered the idea that hormones play a key role in weight loss and weight control. Writing in clear, simple terms, Dr. Isaacs profiles each hormone system, discussing what...

Natural Foot Care: Herbal Treatments, Massage, and Exercises for Healthy Feet

by Stephanie Tourles

Keep your feet healthy, strong, beautiful, and feeling great with targeted massages, luxurious creams and soaks you can make yourself, easy strengthening exercises, at-home pedicures, and specific herbs and...

The Fat-Free Truth: Real Answers to the Fitness and Weight-Loss Questions You Wonder About Most

by Suzanne Schlosberg & Liz Neporent

In The Fat-Free Truth, Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg cut through the noise, synthesize the literature, and get to the truth by providing 239 accurate, straight-shooting answers to America’s most pressing...

Sharing Sadhana: Insights and Inspiration for a Personal Yoga Practice

by Victoria Bailey

Practicing a personal daily yoga practice, or sadhana, has many physical and mental health benefits, but developing that practice can be challenging and confusing at times. Here, the author offers experienced...