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Unveiled - The Secret Submissive Within

by Michelle Fegatofi

This is an in-depth, comprehensive guide for submissives new to the lifestyle and for those just wanting to broaden their knowledge more. It starts with 'what a submissive is', moves to 'common terms in Bdsm',...

Her Turn

by Tom Tame

Christine and Tom had a deal. Christine submitted to him for a year as his slave. Now it's Tom's turn, but what Tom couldn't count on was how far Christine was willing to take him. He knew she was a brilliant...

Answers Included

by M Osterhoudt

Motivate! Inspire! Heal! Renew! Succeed! Laugh! Be Happy! This encyclopedia of top selling motivational, relationship related and inspirational ebooks are sure to provide healing, motivation, laughter and inspiration...

Fitness by Penis:  Build Your Muscles While Enlarging Your Penis!

by Peter Pandore

Fitness by Penis is an original and a healthy method specifically designed to use your penis as an effective and elastic tool for both body workout and penis enlargement at the same time. Both your muscles and...

Long-lasting Erection: A Quick Guide for Men

by Ted W. Won

No more delayed erection. No more losing erection during sex. No more waiting a long time to regain erection. If you wish to have quick, long-lasting and strong erections at any moment, then this quick guide...

Multiple Orgasms Technique: A Quick Guide for Men

by Ted W. Won

A multi-orgasmic man is able to have the pleasure of several orgasms during several minutes or hours without any ejaculation and losing semen. By reading this quick manual, you will learn how to have several...

My Mother's Daughter

by B. J. Mink

Daughter learns she's more like her mother than she thought. As her urges grow she finds it impossible to resist.

BDSM Basics for Beginners - A Guide for Dominants and Submissives Starting to Explore the Lifestyle

by Michelle Fegatofi

You have been drawn to the world of BDSM, but searching for one book to give you an overview of both Dominance and Submission. This book provides you with descriptions of all roles, different BDSM relationships,...

Sinful Secrets

by Andrea Jones

The exciting sequel to Living In Sin brings more drama and heartache for Angela. She lost her married lover and now that she has moved on all of her secrets are about to be exposed. Angela and Kenneth Miles...

The Secret to Understanding Men: The Secrets Men Won't Tell You and the Hidden Truth on How You Can Capture and Keep Your Alpha Male

by Thomas DiPaolo

This book will share the secrets that men would never discuss and would always deny but are very real and is intended to change the way men are viewed by the opposite sex. Understanding the way men really think...

Key Secrets to Online Dating Success

by Deedee Moore

You Don't Have To Be Rich. You Don't Have To Be Good Looking. But You DO Have To Have These Success Keys At Your Finger Tips To Get The Love Of Your Dreams! In "Online Dating Secrets" you will learn the "Ins"...

Online Dating for Women - Proper and Effective Choosing Your Mr. Right

by Deedee Moore

This ebook is about Online Dating for Women, It's your guide to properly and effectively choose your Mr. Right. Millions of people all over the world choose to participate in online dating because it is fun,...

10 Ways to Your Ex Back

by Deedee Moore

Remember you are into a race against time. One Week is what you need to get your ex back. Plan your strategy carefully and implement it. Best of Luck!!!. The ebook will help you!

How to Be Romantic and Make Her Toes Curl?

by Jack Moore

Females are born with a gene that allows them to just "know." Romance is what every woman wants out of a relationship, and most feels they don't get enough of it. But, romance is a tricky thing many men know...

How to Be Seductive? - 30-Second Seduction Secrets

by Jack Moore

Start seducing her from the moment she meets you. Then how to meet women? How to be seductive? It will tell you...

How to Attract Women? - Get Her Thinking Dirty Thoughts About U

by Jack Moore

5 Tricks to get her thinking dirty thoughts about you, But They'll Never Tell You. So... you'd like to get a woman to start thinking naughty thoughts..."dirty" thoughts... sexual thoughts... about you. Yes,...

How to Date a Girl

by Deedee Moore

This eBook provides methods of how to successfully dating women, and help you to show your charm and win the hearts and minds of the beauty. And there is more information for you: Do you know what women want?...

For Whom the Collar Bell Tolls

by Deborah Ford

A chilling tale that will alarm delicate sissies everywhere. Terrance accidentally locks himself inside a maid's outfit. His sexy attire consists of constricting corset, chastity belt, sky high heels and, worse,...

Adult Baby Memories

by Colin Milton

Two accounts of the infantilisation of an adult male. The first, his first exposure to another lady. Mummy's friend arrives to visit the new baby and enjoy his humiliation. The second story describes a typical...

Memoirs from the Underside

by An American Casanova

You can't easily tell a lover: "I'd love it if you'd order me across your lap, pull down my pants and spank me, very hard!" You must trust them not to leave thinking you strange, that they're doing it freely,...