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by Becca Sinh

Will wasn't happy when he learned that his hated father had suffered a heart attack. But like it or not, he was duty-bound to go take care of the old man. Despite his protests, Carly insisted on going with him....


by Becca Sinh

Byron and his young wife, Carly, were blissfully happy, until she got word that her grandfather had suffered a heart attack. She insisted on accompanying Will to Illinois to care for him. But before she left,...


by Becca Sinh

Hawke had been living alone for so many years that he'd almost forgotten how incredible sex could be. Now he wasn't alone anymore-not since he'd found a ragged little runaway hiding in his barn, and realized...


by Becca Sinh

Peter was going so crazy from listening to his horny neighbors having sex that he was just about ready to explode! But he never expected pretty Joyce to catch him beating off in the hallway...or to be so horny...

The House Sitter

by Becca Sinh

Rory was in for a surprise when he came home early from a business trip-the sexy girl he'd asked to mind his house was splashing around in his hot tub, and watching a really hot porn movie on his big ceiling...

New Beginnings

by Becca Sinh

Adam had lusted after Brenna for years. But he'd never realized that she wanted him, too...and most of all, that she wanted him to be her first lover. He was trying to be strong...but how could he resist when...

Christmas Crossover

by Becca Sinh

Carly and her best friend, Samantha, were perfectly happy banging Will and Byron. They were both sexy, energetic, inventive, and full of stamina. But it was Christmas Eve, and they'd decided that a little variety...


by Becca Sinh

Father Andrew hadn't meant to break his sacred vow of celibacy with pretty Sara Gardner...and he was trying really hard to keep from straying into temptation again. But Sara's father believed that he'd be a...


by Becca Sinh

Jerry was plenty popular with the local girls, but he'd never even considered having sex with pretty Jenny-until he caught her skinny-dipping in the pond, and she enticed him into a ball-busting blowjob! Now,...


by Becca Sinh

Steve ached right down to the core to seduce pretty Bess, and teach her the wondrous joys of sex. Then he learned that she'd been brutally raped several months ago. Was it only pity that made him want her even...


by Becca Sinh

Tom lived for the two months every summer when Sabrina came to visit him. He'd watched her grow into a gorgeous young woman-but he'd never realized that she ached for him to be her first lover! ~ Book 6 of "The...

Frailties of the Flesh

by Becca Sinh

Carly had seen Will whacking off before the barn before, but this time she'd been fascinated enough to try it herself...and wow! It had really felt good! So she figured that maybe they should try it together...

Carnal Pleasures

by Becca Sinh

Father Andrew had lusted after Sara from the shadows for years. But he'd taken a sacred vow, and he didn't intend to break it. No matter how much he might want her--and no matter how many times he might stroke...

Wild Kat Journals

by D. Kelly Yannucci

Adult Content. These are the journals and life of Katherine Cotton Connelly. It begins when she's almost 16 and becoming increasingly frustrated about being a virgin. She's also a self proclaimed mini-nerd as...

Little Secrets

by Catherine LaCroix

After two weeks of hot days and steamy nights spent with his mysterious new lover Lilith, Tristan begins to wonder what really makes her tick. His curiosities begin innocently enough, but the secrets she keeps...

Summer Camp Surprise

by Becca Sinh

Stephanie had learned about hot, steamy sex from Ashley and Emory...but it was Bryce, her childhood enemy, who taught her the true meaning of passion...and love.

The More, The Merrier!

by Becca Sinh

Sunny and her husband wanted lots of children-but there was one little problem. Clay couldn't have kids. So every time Sunny was ready to get pregnant again, she had to go searching for a lusty man who would...


by Becca Sinh

Why hadn't Byron realized that mischievous tomboy Samantha had grown up into an exquisitely gorgeous young woman, or that she was eager to experience the delightful wonders of sex...with him? ~ Book 2 of "The...


by Becca Sinh

Cassandra couldn't figure out why Hollywood superstar Aristotle Gardan seemed to find her so fascinating...but she wasn't going to question her good fortune! Little did she know that Ari burned to be her first...

Preacher's Runaway

by Becca Sinh

Luke was furious when he found a pretty teenage girl stowed away in his truck! But Grace was a fascinating enigma...and the more he learned about the creepy religious commune where she'd lived, until she'd managed...