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Different Loving: A Complete Exploration of the World of Sexual Dominance and Submission

by William Brame, Gloria Brame & Jon Jacobs

A breakthrough in sexual literature, this work is a complete, comprehensive user-friendly guide to and tour through the world of alternative sexual lifestyles. While the topics are exotic and erotic, the authors...

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

by Nicole Daedone

The truth is: Most women do not have satisfying sex lives. SLOW SEX can change that.

Better sex is about one thing: better orgasm. This life-altering guide teaches men and women how to use the practice of Orgasmic...

If It Feels Good: Using the Five Senses to Enhance Your Lovemaking

by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

The popularity of books such as The Sensuous Woman, My Secret Garden, and Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, as well as the author's own Nice Couples Do, proves that there is a growing market for books...

The Little Bit Naughty Book of Blow Jobs: A Step-By-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of the Lemonade Diet

by Lainie Speiser


• Tips and skills for maximizing pleasure

• Best positions for your comfort and his thrills

• The secret for making it smooth and wet

• Tricks for using your...

Taboo Sex: An Erotic Writer's True Confessions

by Franki McAllister

Since 'true confession' stories are all the rage these days, I thought perhaps it was time I wrote mine. This is the real story about how I was inspired to write award-winning erotica--by losing my virginity...

Dinos Are a Girl's Best Friend (Dinosaur Erotica)

by Tani Fredricks

Shanna had been sent back 66 million years by the CenCon scientists to prospect for immense raw diamonds...but she found more than she'd ever expected when she rescued a baby T-Rex and named it Timmy. Who could...

The Soul-Eater's Seduction

by Becca Sinh

Once a year, Leitha reveals her true self to the world to find a lover with enough energy and stamina to send her spirit soaring. Last year was such a disappointment...will this year's spell be potent enough...

Sex Positions 101: Illustrated Collection of Steamy Positions to Enhance Your Sexual High

by Kyle Civet

Ever felt the need to study again? This time to study on how to achieve sexual satisfaction? Funny isn't it? We're not kidding though! Yes you can study to achieve sexual satisfaction! Isn't it more interesting...

Fountains of Youth

by D'Anna Duquesne

Hoping to unite their families, Leland Bale invites Simone St. John and her daughter, Rhiannon to join his family for a ten-day vacation at an historical mansion in Nyack, New York. His 30-yr old daughter, Kirsten...

Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable

by Stefanie Iris Weiss

Join the Eco-Sexual Revolution


Leaving a smaller carbon footprint in the bedroom is easy with Eco-Sex, a green sex guide that will inspire both sexual and ecological excitement. Renew your passion for the environment...

Fruits of Philosophy: A Treatise on the Population Question

by Charles Knowlton, Charles Bradlaugh & Annie Besant

Though you might not suspect it from its misleadingly dry title, Fruits of Philosophy caused quite a stir in its day. Rather than being an august treatise on the works of Aristotle and Socrates, this slim volume...

Schoolgirls Caned

by Cathie

A few excerpts: 'Crack' the Head's hand landed. The Head released my wrists and helped me stand upright. "Bend over Wright, and place your hands on the seat of the chair." "Come along girl, I haven't got all...

The Sex Instruction Manual: Essential Information and Techniques for Optimum Performance

by Felicia Zopol, Paul Kepple & Scotty Reifsnyder

At Last! A Comprehensive Guide to Sexual Intercourse!


Sex is as old as human civilization—so why, after all these years, are the secrets of a rewarding sex life so elusive? Fortunately, The Sex Instruction...

How to Be Confident With Women: Confidence Is Everything

by Mr Craig Beck

In 'How to Be Confident with Women', a world-renowned confidence expert Craig Beck, shows you the secrets to attracting super hot women, easier than you ever dreamed possible. You will discover the most common...

Dare: What Happens When Fantasies Come True

by Tracey Cox

Just about everyone has sex fantasies - and there are lots of reasons why. In fantasy land, there are no rules and you are in charge of the action. But there's a second type of fantasy - one that won't leave...

Have Mind-Blowing Sex: Flash

by Paul Jenner

Do you want to be have better sex but don't know where to start? Get a kickstart with this little book which will give you just enough to get you going...

Amazing Sex the Tantric Way: Flash

by Paul Jenner

Do you want to discover the joys of tantric sex but don't know where to start? Get a kickstart with this little book which will give you just enough to get you going...

Get Intimate Tantric Sex: Teach Yourself

by Paul Jenner

Have you ever wanted to enhance the spiritual aspect to your sex life? Would you like to learn a new dimension to love making? Discover how tantric sex can teach you to be a better lover as well as changing...

Have Great Sex: Teach Yourself

by Paul Jenner

Have Great Sex: Teach Yourself is a straightforward and non-sensational introduction to improving both the physical and spiritual dimensions of your relationship at all levels. Ideal for those seeking a mature...

Wild Sex for New Lovers

by Graham Masterton

Every new relationship begins with learning period, during which you and your partner figure out what you enjoy and how to make sex the best possible experience for you both. With Wild Sex for New Lovers, Graham...